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This story was inspired by an Ask the Demigods

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"Hey Hazel!" Piper called as she strode over to where the Roman girl and her boyfriend, Frank, stood in the lounge-room of the Argo II. "Do you know what Facebook is?"

"Of course I do!" Hazel replied, slightly offended, she may have been born in the 1940's and had spent a few decades in the Underworld, but that didn't mean she didn't know what Facebook was! Percy, being a good friend, explained it to her.

Hazel took Piper by the hand and led her out of the lounge room, Frank, Percy, Annabeth and Jason following (they had been listening to the girl's conversation and were curious to see what would happen), once in the hallway, the group walked up to the deck, with Hazel in the lead; stopping once so that Hazel could grab a large, heavy book from Leo's room that was about robots, it was written in Ancient Greek, once they reached the deck, Hazel started to explain, "First, you need a book," she said, showing everyone the book she had borrowed from Leo's room, "Next, you need a friend." Hazel walked over to the front of the ship, where Leo was conversing with the Argo II's masthead, Festus.

"Hi Leo!" Hazel said, cheerfully.

"Hi Hazel." He replied, unaware of what was going to happen next, as he turned to continue his conversation with Festus, Hazel raised the book and hit Leo over the head with enough force to knock the boy out, as the book hit, a loud CRACK * was heard by the six demigods.

"You've been Facebooked!" Hazel screamed at the unconscious boy.

"I've trained you well young padawan." Percy said, imitating a jedi master.

"Thank you, Master." Hazel replied.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Seven stared in shock at their friend on the floor.

"Hades, Hazel! I think you cracked his skull open!" Piper said, bending over her unconscious friend. "Give me a hand Jason."

Jason obliged and together the boyfriend and girlfriend lifted Leo to the infirmary, why they needed two people to carry him was anyone's guess, it's not like Leo weighed much anyway.

"Perseus Jackson, you have some serious explaining to do." Annabeth snarled, stalking towards her trembling boyfriend.

"Well done cupcakes!" Coach Hedge said, appearing from below deck, "I saw the entire thing, though, Levesque, you should have hit him harder."

"Coach, no offense, but no-one asked for your opinion." Frank said.

" Oh, that's okay," the Satyr said, his enthusiasm disappearing. "I'll just go inside and watch some wrestling."

And, as Annabeth yelled at Percy because of his 'prank'.

Frank turned to Hazel, "I'd better explain what 'Facebook' is."

*Onomatopoeia, I love that word.

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