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Chapter 1: THAT VOICE!

Joey and Tristan were involved in a little argument as they left the diner. Joey wasn't watching where he was going, so he bumped into someone passing by. Before he could offer an apology...

"Hey! Watch where you're going, you oaf! Oh, it's you Joseph...I should have known. Not only are you fashion challenged, your manners are pretty lousy, too."

Joey knew THAT voice. He turned around slowly, bracing himself for more barbed comments. "I was gonna apologize. What brings ya to this part of town, Mai?" Joey eyed Mai's skimpy black leather skirt and lavender tank top, hiding his interest. "Oh, I get it...ya gotta find some 'clients' so ya can pay this month's rent, huh Mai?"

Tristan elbowed Joey in the side, "Easy, Joey. Mai may be right about your manners. How are you, Mai?"

"Not too bad, Tristan, and what about you?"

"Glad to be outta school. VERY glad that we ran into you."

"I was gonna grab a sandwich in the diner, but they may not have anything left...I've seen Joey eat. He slaps barbeque sauce on anything that doesn't move and swallows it whole! Oh well, maybe they still have some iced tea. See you two later." Mai pushed the door open and went inside.

Joey and Tristan turned and began walking away.

"Isn't she ever gonna forget that I beat her and Rex Raptor at the Duelist Kingdom tournament? I try to be her friend, but all I get outta her is more insults. She's a girl, so I can't slug her to knock that chip off her shoulder."

"She just likes yankin' your chain. Gives her a rush when you get all worked up over the way she picks at you. Maybe if you just ignored her taunts, she'll get bored and stop it. Of course, you could always bone up on your manners and surprise her. Kill 'em with kindness, I always say."

"Nah, that'll never work! I'd just be killin' myself trying to impress HER. Enough about Mai...let's go to the arcade!"

- -

Later that evening, as Joey was heading home, Mai's insults started replaying in his head. He stopped and sat down on a bench under a street lamp. He tried to think of other things, but THAT voice kept breaking in. "Grrrr...that fire-breathin' hell-cat...that bossy shrew...nag! She's got a lot in common with her harpies!" Joey stood up and started walking again. He laughed to himself as he said, "Mai, the elegant vixen!"

Suddenly, the ground shook and there was a loud clap of thunder just ahead of Joey. He tensed up, ready to run in case it was an earthquake or electrical storm. Nothing else happened. Slowly, Joey relaxed. He was just about to start walking again when a voice cried out, "At last! After all this time, I'm finally free! HAHAHAHA!"

Joey whirled around, peering into the darkness, searching for the owner of the voice. "Hey, who's there?"

"You called my name. HAHAHAHA! You called my name and now I'm HERE!" The voice was very close to his left ear. Joey jerked, startled, because he still couldn't see anyone.

"Wha-huh? I didn't call for nobody. I dunno what you're talkin' about. Show yourself!"

"HAHAHAHA! Scared? Of sweet little ol' me?" Now the voice was near his other ear. Joey spun around, but he still couldn't see anyone.

"Hey, what is this...are you gonna try to mug me?" Joey raised his fists in a fighting stance. "Come on, I'm ready for ya! I never go down without a fight!"

Something fast and hard hit Joey in the stomach. He doubled over and his hands moved to protect his stomach from another blow. Something struck Joey on the back of his calves. He lost his balance and fell to the ground, landing on his back. Joey lay very still, wondering what his attacker would do next.

Someone moved nearer. Joey felt a little pain as the sole of a shoe was placed against his belly and its owner applied pressure to keep Joey pinned to the ground. His eyes widened in surprise...the shoe had a 4 inch stiletto heel! His eyes flew upward. Long, wavy, strawberry-blonde hair. Cat-like eyes of green. Gleaming gold earrings, necklace, and bracelets. A black cat-suit that hugged some sexy, womanly curves! The attacker was a...woman!? Joey decided that he was unconscious, this had to be a dream...no mugger ever looked that HOTT!

"I'd say you went down without a fight! You may have called me, but I won this duel so quickly, that I'm not sure if I should serve you."

Called you...duel...serve...ME? Yep, my brain's been totally scrambled!"

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