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Chapter 2: I'M STILL DREAMIN'...

Joey awoke with a start, sitting up in his bed. "Man, what a CRAZY dream I had last night! No girl could look that heavenly and be that dangerous. Owwwww!" When he got up, he found that his ribs were very sore.

Moving carefully, Joey gathered up his clothes and headed down the hall towards the bathroom. "What I need is a nice hot shower." He opened a closet and pulled out two towels and a cloth. Inside the bathroom, he took off the clothes he slept in and turned on the taps.

When the water was warm enough, he stepped into the shower and pulled the glass door closed. He reached out to pick up the soap and rub it onto the cloth when a sort of familiar voice said behind him, "I'll do that for you."

Joey turned to look behind him, and found he was gazing into the face of the female attacker from his dream. He looked down...she was still wearing the cat suit, but the fabric didn't seem to be wet from the spray of water falling down over them.

The girl's eyes slid over Joey's body. Joey blushed at her scrutiny. After a minute, she said, "Well, your body is strong and muscular." She was looking at his groin as she added, "Looks like there might be more to you than I saw last night during our duel."

Joey said to himself, "Allllright! I'm still dreaming. This is gettin' very interestin', so nobody better wake me up now!"

The girl took the soap and lathered her hands. Then she began rubbing it onto Joey's body. She knelt to wash his feet, then made Joey turn around so she could wash his backside. The girl's ministrations were having a definite affect on Joey's libido...he'd never had a dream quite like this one! He turned to face the woman and said, "Now it's MY turn. Lemme help you get undressed first."

"That won't be necessary. You do not need to bathe your servant. If you stop the water, I'll dry you off."

"Huh? You keep talking about a servant and a duel...that's not how you talk in THIS kinda dream. Whisper somethin' hott in my ear."

"This is no dream, keeper. You called my name and summoned me from the Shadow Realm. Whether I like it or not, I am now your dueling servant, 'The Elegant Vixen.'"

"Oh man, what is wrong with me...I can't even have a wet dream without a duel monster in it!"


Joey was sitting at the kitchen table eating toast with some orange juice. He was still having trouble accepting what the unbelievable creature sitting across from him was saying: everything that had happened to him since he left the arcade yesterday was no dream.

"I apologize to you, keeper. I should not have knocked you down last night. And I should not have teased you with a bath this morning. But after being trapped in the Shadow Realm for eons, I had so much excitement flowing through me that I couldn't contain it. I AM a vixen, after all! Pardon, please, keeper."

"Uhhh...yeah, sure. Look, you don't gotta call me 'keeper.' My name's 'Joey', ok? And I don't really need a dueling servant. We duel with cards and holograms nowadays. Although I must admit, you probably could knock any kinda duel monster on its kiester! You can go anywhere you want, you're free now!"

"But, keep...er, Joey, how can I? Everything here is so different from the Shadow Arena."

Joey considered her cat suit. If she went around town dressed in THAT, there'd be plenty of guys thinking she was a streetwalker...worse than he taunted Mai for her clothes yesterday.

"All right, I guess you can hang with me for a while...until you get used to how it is now. But we gotta get you some clothes, and a name...I can't be calling you "Elegant Vixen" in frontta everybody. And you shouldn't think of yourself as a dueling servant, just as a girl." Joey sat silently for several minutes, gazing at her face. "How about we call you Vicki Gant. That sounds sorta like your real name. It's a pleasure to meet you, Vicki Gant."

[End Chapter 2

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