Summary: Spike and Drusilla are on the run from Vampire Hell Hounds.

"Just end me now Buffy before I break a something of yours'. First you let Riley capture us and then, they gunned down Dru. Did you know that the gun was painful... That she would cease to exist because 'YOU' broke your promise."

He laughed darkly. "You let my grandsire down too." He can remember being shacked up with Angelus. It was a horrific experience but once finding out that he was on his way to rescuing them, he forgave him for all of his indegrities.

Yeah, he committed many crimes against the childers and had many faults as a sire. But he was close to the 2 in that cell. It was the first time in a long time, they took care of Dru together. Angel wanted his soul gone when the Initiative brought his group into this. And Spike got to know the little family he had in such a short time. He loved Fred so much. She was like his younger sister and Cordelia was the mother. Gunn and Wes were good brothers and Lorne, the wise crack. He began to struggle in his chains. The cell was so small and the air, so thick. His mouth was wide open in a scream.

"Now, I'll refresh your memory. Remember when you had me going to the Daraka's lair to retrieve the Eggs you somehow convinced me was real...? Well turned out to be a Tranquilizer dart waiting. Imagine my surprise when they captured us. Made us watch ourselves in another dimension. And then, it was real. We were there in flesh."

Buffy gave a once shudder. His look was cold, of a mad enraged Vampire.

"That's right, I'm hunting for you baby." "That is soo you Spike, you're evil." "Don't you make me a fiend! You let the First get out all because you wanted me out of the way! Well, I'm through being your broken toy!"

"Who needs you!? You raped me!" "You are a meer reek rank little girl in a world full of adults."

There were laughter and tears. Riley made them all sit in a row and one small Vampire was clearly having a fit. Riley came for her.

Spike tried to roar in rage but his fangs were still glued. The doctors performed a test. It removed his human teeth and attached his gums to his fangs. He sobbed as his love was taken prisoner.

Drusilla was refusing to eat. Anything they gave her was poison. Nasty little crocodiles.

"I will have your throats."