The silence was deafening as it all but consumed the four Penguins.

None where quite sure how to deal with this sudden twist nor their far too silent leader. As for Skipper, he was trying to make sense of what he had seen.


Slayer of Friends and Kin,

the Demented Dane,'

World's Deadlest Puffin,



Scum of the Earth-


The Puffin he had spent a majority of his life hating and hunting down for killing Mafradi and Johnson, for betraying his trust and playing with him like a fiddle was innocent.

It was a hard pill to swallow. And for the first time in what felt like ages, Skipper felt lost.

All this time and he didn't even know.

Hans had allowed him to blindly hate and torment him- no her- for things was innocent of. He had been aloud to bitterly hold his grudge for something that never happened.

Hans- Hansel this would take time to get used to- had never betrayed them.

Never slayed Kin or Friends.

Never fiddled him along.

No, if anything his own family had done that to Hans. First with his father: Sergeant - It was his own father that slayed his own family and friends. His father who had started it all, but why? - and now him.

Focusing himself to swallow the lump in his throat, Skipper quickly left the room. Turning the Damn machine off as he rushed by it for the door.

He had seen enough.

Private watched quietly as Skipper left the room in a blind haste.

A part of him wanted to comfort his leader but he knew the other needed time to himself right now. Instead he allowed his gaze to shift over a stunned Kowalski and a gapping Rico.

Finally his gaze moved to Hans, who glared Angerily at him the moment she noticed his staring. He couldn't blame her though, they had committed the ultimate crime and envision of privacy.

Though if he was bluntly honest he would acknowledge that they had just raped her mind of secrets she had kept for so long. Of things she Probally never wanted to remember or see again, all for the sake of knowing things a little faster- they still hadn't doubt what they were looking for.

It made Private sick to know he had played a part in it. That he had helped capture and strap her down, he may not have built or cut on the machine but he was far from innocent.

Feeling rather sick, he rushed for a trash can before emptying his stomach into it.

Yet even that couldn't rid him of the dirty feeling that clung to him like a second layer of skin.

Kowalski watched numbly as Private emptied his stomach and insides into their trashcan.

He couldn't blame the younger, he felt like doing the same.

While the scientist in him protest it was a necessary Scarifice, the moral and reason kept asking him:

When was rape, even if mental, necessary? Let alone for science?

Hans wasn't Hans but Hansel.

Madfradi and Johnson weren't dead but locked away in Sea World, a place they had escaped from nit that many years ago.

There was no Demented Dane, just a natural born Shifter doing what was necessary -instead of what was easy- to survive and hide away her secrets.

His science and reasoning had failed.

And for what?

Answers they still didn't have.

Rico observed his brothers quietly as they did a rather good job of mentally beating themselves into pulps.

They were upset and he could understand why.

They had broken their moral code to get information from an enemy that wasn't an enemy at all. They had forced their way into her mind, violently pulling anything to the surface as painfully as possible but for what?


They still didn't have answers concerning the matter at hand but rather answers to questions they never asked.

The truth hurt, Espically when discovered like this.

Now there was only one question:

Do they continue on -Knowingly harming an innocent They had mentally raped already- or did they give up?

No matter what they choose they all would be barring new sins on their souls for some time to come.