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Stone walls, stone floor, stone ceiling. That is where Freya was, a room of stone that was perhaps in a basement. She was lying in a bed in silky blue pajamas looking like she had just died peacefully. There was no sign of any bullet wound. The room was in complete silence that is until Freya jumps awake breathing heavily as if she had a nightmare. Once a little more calm, she looks around the room seeing some pictures, a couch along a wall with a lamp beside it, a table in the middle of the room with two wooden chairs on top of a giant red rug, an armoire along the opposite wall, a desk with two candles, a chair, and a mirror, and finally a dresser with some vases.

Where am I? Freya thought back to what had happened the previous night then put her fingers to her neck where she was bit by the supposed vampire Alucard. Nothing. No marks or irritation. Was it all a dream? She remembers being carried by someone that night before she had passed out yet again.

Freya jumps when she sees something red out of the corner of her eye. It was Alucard sitting next to her at the edge of the bed watching her. He smirks when he was finally noticed and stand turning to the girl. There was something different about him. He was not wearing his hat or sunglasses. His black hair was long for a man, shaggy, and parted to the left. Freya could see his face a lot better now that he was not hiding under his hat.

"So girl, how does it feel now that you're a vampire," Alucard asked.

Vampire? Me? Confused, Freya looked at the white sheets while she let her tongue feel along her teeth. She noticed her k-9s were longer and a lot sharper nearly cutting her tongue. Freya then brought a finger to touch her new fangs in disbelief. What? Slowly she brings her hand to her neck with a burning sensation. She found herself thirsty or rather hungry and it was not for human food. Freya takes a deep breath, "Where am I?"

"This is our headquarters. We are called the Hellsing Organization. We are the monsters that protect England from the other monsters," it was Integra Hellsing smoking her cigar. Behind her was an older gentleman with grey eyes who is tall and thin. He wears grey slacks, a white dress shirt with a purple tie and vest, white gloves, and a monocle over his left eye with his long black hair in a ponytail.

"The Hellsing Organization? England," Freya questioned.

"Given your condition, you'll be working for us now on," Integra spoke as the old man brought Freya some clothes.

"Working," Freya could not help but panic. If her heart was still beating it would be fast with the nervousness and panic.

"If I may Sir Integra but it seems as if the young lady is deeply confused. Perhaps we should give her time to herself," the gentleman suggested.

Integra looked over the girl then to Alucard who was still smirking while watching Freya, "Fine. Ten minutes. You'll know where to find me." She takes her leave and the man bows as she walks passed him.

Alucard closes his eyes smiling with his teeth showing, "I to shall go." He then walks through the wall as if it was nothing but air until he totally disappeared into it.

Freya was now wide eyed and frozen in shock, "D-did he just-?"

"Don't think about it too hard madam. In time you'll understand. Now if you'll please take the ten minutes Sir Integra is allowing to yourself. I'll be back," the gentleman slowly closes the door behind himself.

Freya just sat there then looked at the clothes the man had left. It was a blue uniform with the Hellsing logo on both the sleeves and the left upper chest with a blue mini skirt and black belt. The sleeves were short and had red cuffs. There were also long dark grey socks or stockings that came up to at least her mid-thigh and ankle fold black boots as well as white gloves.

Freya scowled, "Do they really expect me to wear these? They have to be joking!"

Freya slowly gets out of bed and began searching for the clothes she wore the night before. It look her several minutes but she finally found them in the armoire in a laundry basket. She lifted her tank top and saw how ruined it was with blood stains and the bullet holes. The blood made her stop and stare, almost in a trance. Her blue eyes changed to red as she felt her throat tighten and burn. Freya immediately snaps out of it shaking her head and then pulls out her black leather jacket and also saw it stained with blood and the bullet hole. She frowned with disappointment and went for her dark skinny jeans which seemed almost untouched besides a drop or two of blood. Her boots and studded belt were also good to wear as well as her ankle socks.

"Thank God," she sighed in relief. "Now I don't have to wear that skirt."

Freya changed out of the pajamas into her own clothes besides her jacket and tank top but instead put on the Hellsing uniform's top with the belt going around the top of her stomach. Freya quickly ran her fingers through her long wavy dark hair to give it a little brush. She was surprised to find her hair clean and went to smell it. Someone probably washed her up when she was unconscious. Freya left the skirt, gloves, boots, and stockings on the bed folded after she made the bed.

Once there was nothing else to do, Freya went to peek out the door. No one was to be seen. She did not know rather to leave the room or to stay. Heck she did not even know if she should trust this 'Hellsing Organization' or not.

She decided to leave the door open and started toward the couch when, "Oh, madam. I see that you're dressed. If you would please be so kind as to follow me, I am to take you to Alucard and Sir Integra."

It was the old man. Freya turned to him to see he was bowing to her. Why does he bow so much?

"Please, right this way," he gestured.

Freya nodded and began to follow him. They went up a set of stairs and into many different halls. The place was like a maze to Freya. She was starting to be glade she did not wonder off or else she would have gotten lost. The place was a mansion and had guards. There were portraits hanging on the wall of people Freya did not know.

Freya and the old man finally came to a stop at a pair of doors. Freya could hear a conversation going on between Alucard and Integra. "Why did you turn her into a vampire," Freya heard Integra. The gentleman knocked on the door, "Come in, we're ready."

He opened the door and gestured to Freya to go ahead. She slowly stepped into the dark room that looks to be an office. Integra was sitting behind her desk with her hands intertwined smoking. Alucard was standing next to Integra. Once Freya stood at the front of her desk she heard the door close and the man went to stand out of the way but still close by Integra.

Integra took a puff of her cigar, "I suppose we should begin with introductions. I'm Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing and I'm the head of the Hellsing family and run the Hellsing Organization. We hunt and kill vampires who try to violate the British Empire and the Protestant Church." She points over to the man, "That's Walter, Walter C. Dornez. He is an ex-vampire hunter and is now our butler."

"How'd you do," Walter bows.

Next, she gestures to Alucard, "and I believe you already met Alucard."

Freya looks at everyone and when her eyes set on Alucard, he smirks, "Well, hello I guess. Um, I'm Freya Brooklyn. Ah, what should I-?"

"You're not from here," Alucard interrupts and everyone looks at him while he just smiles.

"Well, yes, how did you-?"

Integra sighs, "He can read people's minds along with other abilities. Now where are you from then?"

Not believing what she is hearing Freya slowly speaks, "Actually I don't think I'm from this world or universe or dimension or whatever you want to call it. I don't know. May be I am and the world is a lot more mysterious than I thought. I'm from Toronto, Ontario, Canada."

"From another world? What do you mean," Integra asks.

"Well, last thing I remember was being in my room and I turned on this anime called Hellsing. There is a character in it that looks exactly like you, same name, and everything. I don't know. Maybe I dreamt it. I never got far into it. Maybe only five minutes then I fell asleep. Then next thing I know is that I'm running in this place with ghouls and vampires. It's really all confusing," Freya explained hoping she does not sound insane.

Integra and Walter stare at Freya. "Quite," Integra takes another puff of her cigar then looks to Alucard.

"How interesting," Alucard watching Freya's every move starts circling around her as she eyes him shaking.

"Alucard, if I may suggest that you don't scare the poor girl," Walter finally spoke up. "She's already quite uncomfortable.

Alucard looks up to the old man then goes back to his spot beside Integra, "She has more to fear than me."

"Nevertheless, she is here now and here is where she will remain due to her current state," Integra puts out the cigar. "How are you with guns?"

"Guns? I never even touched a gun before in my life. Well, that is until yesterday," the girl spoke quietly and innocently.

"Any sort of combat skills?" Freya shook her head almost embarrassed while holding her breath. "Well, I shall see to it that that will change starting tomorrow. We can't have a member of the Hellsing Organization running around who can't do their job especially when that member is a vampire," Integra stood. "Now what have you done to that uniform?"

Freya looks over her trembling self, "Oh, I don't like skirts or shorts especially when they are mini."

"I see."

Freya slowly gulps hoping no one had noticed her shaking. Her throat has been burning and she has been trying to ignoring it. The sensation of thirst has been getting stronger every passing second. Nothing she could do or anyone could do could keep her mind off it. She had not even realized Integra was still speaking to her. Alucard spoke but she could not make out a word either of them had said. Minutes seemed to go by but she just stood frozen. She did not even realize everyone was watching at her. She stares at the floor. There was a hand gripping her throat but whose? It was her own. When did she even move? She did not know. Freya fights to remain in control of herself but struggles badly. Her free hand clinches into a tight fist, so tight that her nails dug into her skin deeply making her hand bleed so much that blood was slowly dripping onto the floor. That only made the thirst even worse.

While trembling, she brings up her bleeding hand and stares. The blood looked so delicious to her and smelled so sweet that her mouth was practically watering even if it was her own blood. Freya slowly falls to her knees trying to fight the urge to attack the humans in the room, to drink every single drop of blood that their bodies had. What was she to do now?