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"Stop aiming like a human. If you aim like a human then you're going to miss like a human," Alucard stood in the back of the Hellsing Agency Target Practice Range with his hands in his pockets.

Freya rolled her eyes wearing eye protection holding the handgun, "Master, I don't even know what I am doing. I never touched or shot a real gun before today besides that night I shot you. Honestly, I'm surprised I didn't miss."

"Shoot like you have another eye in your forehead. Aim from there," Alucard walks up next to his servant and pulls out a classical semiautomatic .454 handgun also known as the Casull.

"But I don't even see the target."

"I do," he aims. "One kilometer ahead," he shoots and hits the target right where a person's heart would be leaving a big hole in the paper.

"Whoa," Freya was amazed. "Bull's-eye." Alucard grinned while putting his gun away. Freya watched him go back to his spot in the room as she replaced the target paper like she was taught, "I hope I can become that good."

"Now aim like a proper vampire." She stood in front of the target and points the gun, "Relax yourself. Don't have your finger on the trigger until you are ready to shoot. Keep your arms straight." Freya took a few relaxing breaths trying to aim the gun, "Imagine the third eye in the middle of your forehead lining the target with your sight. Now shoot Goth Girl."

Freya focuses on the target and it appears to be closer than it actually is being able to see every single detail on it. She squeezes the trigger after taking a deep breath and the bullet rips through where the heart would be. She looks up in amazement, "I did it!"

Alucard smirks, "Good shooting."

Off to the side of the room sat Integra reading a newspaper slowly speaking to herself, "It's been almost ten years since then."

"Hmm," Alucard faced his master hearing every word, "My, that's a rarity. Integra's lost herself in memories."

She put the newspaper down, "Yeah. I'm not above such a thing. I was thinking back on what happened ten years ago."

Alucard rolled his eyes, "Oh, you mean then. You were still a little girl back then."

"Was… Still… Then? Pray tell, how do you see me now," she asked while putting the newspaper down curious to what the vampire had to say.

"Maybe like the women of steel," Freya turned her attention to the two wandering what happened the ten years ago. "Nah, more like miss nemesis face," she said under her breath.

"Our new blood sucking trollop's got quite a mouth!"

"Why don't you put garlic in her food from now on," Alucard suggested.

"Ahhh," Freya was hoping that he was kidding.

"Who do I look like Margaret Thatcher?!"

"Come on now, calm down," Freya did not know what to do.

"I think there's a passing resemblance," Alucard stated.

"Blooming idiots, the both of you," Integra picks the newspaper back up reading it again, putting it between her and the two vampires.

"Shoot again," Alucard commanded his servant.

"Yes master," Freya aims the gun to the target.

After about two hours of target practice, Walter rushed in and took a bow to Integra, "Excuse me Sir Integra but we just received word of a string of vampire attacks in the suburbs of Birmingham along route 17. Chief Malfas would like to bring you up to speed at the command post he has set up with several police troops."

Alucard grins while Integra stands, "Bring the car around, there is no time to waste."

Walter bows again before rushing out, "Right away Sir."


"My master."

"Take one of the armored vehicles and take Freya with you. Let us see how she can handle a mission," Integra heads for the door.

"Yes master."

"Oh, and Alucard, do not leave a single freak standing," she commanded as she left.

Alucard smirks, "As you wish."

Freya just stood not sure rather to be excited or scared. She had no idea as to if she was ready to go on a mission yet. She just hoped that she did not have to do much.

"Come along, Goth Girl, we need to get you a weapon with silver bullets," Alucard opened a cupboard and pulled out what looked to be a sniper rifle without the scope. He checked to make sure there was enough ammo in the gun, "Here."

Slowly Freya takes the gun, putting the handgun down after turning the safety on, "I'm not really going to be needing this am I?"

Alucard just grinned and went on his way to one of the armored vehicles that were just outside the target practice range. Freya quickly followed and found that the vehicle was unlocked as she hopped in the passenger side and Alucard on the driver's. He pulled the visor down enough to have the keys drop into his hand and put them in the ignition. Once the vehicle was started, he drove away from the range. Freya was surprised Alucard knew how to drive thinking that he could go anywhere he wanted on foot just fine and just as fast or faster.

After a silent drive, Alucard parked the car down the road of a home being able to sense the vampires, "They are here, the Bonnie and Clyde. Get on the roof and watch from above." He gets out and walks up to the home with his hands in his pockets.

Slowly Freya gets out with the rifle, "How am I to get on the roof without a ladder?"

Alucard smirks, "You'll find away."

With a sigh, Freya ran up to the building looking around to see if she could climb up somehow. No such luck. What was she supposed to do? What vampire myths are and aren't true? I could try jumping. Would I land quietly enough? I wonder if I could walk up the side of the house. Freya put a foot on the surface of the building to see if she could walk up but ended up falling on her back. She growled at herself as she got up and backed away from the home. Then, holding the rifle tightly, she ran towards the house and jumped feeling silly and having doubts. Surely enough Freya was able to jump high enough and landed gracefully on the roof. Surprised at what she just did, she looked down at her master to watch him.

At the front door, he rings the doorbell and waits. After a few seconds, he pulls out the Casull and begins to shoot at the door. Freya could hear another person screaming in pain who was on the other side. Alucard stops shooting and peeks through the big hole in the door smirking. He opens the door and aims his gun at the now injured vampire. The vampire quickly picks up his gun and shoots Alucard who puts his arms in front of himself for protection. The vampire runs out of bullets within seconds.

With mist or smoke coming from Alucard's gunshot wounds, he begins to heal, "No nobility, conviction, or rationale." Alucard walks over to the vampire, "You can't transform into mist or bats. You can't even recover the wounds you take. You kill women and children when you don't even need to feed. And lastly, you can't even fight once the bullets run out. You still think you can be nosferatu? What a disgrace!"

The vampire gets up and runs away from Alucard into the next room. Alcuard just walks with his gun following the vampire. With the vampire in sight, he aims and shoots at him several times. With the vampire now weak, Alucard lunges at him and rips his hand through him. The body bursts into blood over the wall and floor.

Alucard puts his gun away and hears a window creek open, "Don't let it escape Goth Girl. It's outside."

Freya could hear Alucard as if he was standing right next to her. No. No. No. Please no. She never shot anyone before and did not think she would be able to now. She sat on the roof with rifle in hand and began to panic.

Now standing in front of the house, Alucard orders Freya, "Hurry up, Goth girl! Fire!"

Freya gulps, "She's so fast and already so far away."

"Just shoot the way I taught you. Don't worry, you'll hit her."

"But master-"

"The heart. Take the heart out in one shot."

"But it's so dark and-"

Alucard levitated up to watch his servant, "Problems for a human. But you are not human anymore."

Freya remembers back to what she was taught about aiming and begins to focus. Soon she could see the girl vampire running as if she was directly behind her and it being light as day out. She aims and slowly releases the safety. Freya was panicking, not wanting to shoot at the girl even if she was a vampire. She could feel Alucard watching and his impatience growing. Freya closes her eyes and takes a soothing breath. She opens her eyes once again and with much hesitance, she squeezes the trigger. The girl vampire had the bullet rip right through her heart.

"Good job."

Freya blinked, shocked at what just happened. She just killed someone even if that someone was a vampire. Freya laid the rifle down and looked at her shaking hands. She slowly wrapped her arms around herself as she felt tears forcing themselves to her eyes. She did not want to move or be bothered. She now had blood on her hands and it made her feel so numb. "I think I'm going to be sick," she managed a whisper in such an emotionless tone.