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Rating: T

Summary: Emma is over her STD but not the Ravine.

She cannot deny the instant attraction. It was insane. Illogical. Wrong. She felt him unzip her pants. "Jay, we have to stop." She moaned as he let 2 fingers slip in. Oh, the heat of her clitoris in his palm as Jay too was undone. They did their dirty and he helped her back into school. She was watching her and keeping an eye on him. More like smoldering.

What is up with those 2? And the bracelets. She had seen those too! Manny decided to make her entrance and quickly wanted to exit. Jay kissed Emma hard and left her breathless.

"You're still going to the Ravine, aren't you!?"

Alex sat against his car when he went for a smoke. "You're with Greenpeace now?"

Jay: Can't say it hadn't been fun.

She had an insane look in her eye. "Let me tell you something ASS! While you were busy screwing me over, Amy told me a new secret! You want to know what that is...?" Jay looked uneasy. "She told me you gave her something else. What, you didn't think I wouldn't know...? Catch on...?" The baby. Shit! The blabbermouth!

"Yeah, congratulation for figuring it out!" "Alex, I told her to get an abortion."

Amy's stomach is now the size of a house. Ever since, she had been on lockdown and moved to Alberta.

She blamed Jay. He wouldn't leave her alone until she had sex with him. And not Oral. She kept taunting him about Alex but one thing led to another and they were in the Van.

She came out pregnant.

He didn't have a disease to carry and a baby.

She dialed Jay's number.

It was fun while it lasted. The sex. Partying. And minimal drugs. But now, that the high is gone, everything fell apart.

Emma stood next to her locker and ducked her head down low.

Jay: Em, I'm really sorry about all of this.

The Ravine is a constant addiction. She didn't know why she was here after he strictly told her he was dumping her. Maybe, there's still Aaron. He was gorgeous. H.O.T.T. Babe.

"Yo Greenpeace!"

Aaron knew Jay was protective of his girl but he couldn't help his desire for her. She was the picture perfect of innocence.

Jay didn't know and what he didn't know wouldn't hurt him.

"Come here babe..." And so, they were touching each other like wild animals. He had her pinned and she had her clothes torn off with her lips smacking his. They rolled around and he plunged inside of her.

He picked up his pace. Fast and her walls shook. She was crumbling in his hand like a puppet on a string.

Or was she a robot? She didn't know anymore and didn't care to elaborate.

It smelled like vermon. Manny wanted to turn back and hide.

That's when she found out.

"Let me explain."

"Explain what!?" She stood there fuming at her best friend. "How you couldn't tell me you'd been sleeping around!? With how many guys!? How many bracelets!?" She took a hold of each one, wanting to snap and break them off!

Each one had a significant meaning.

Blue: For Oral

Green: For going all the way

Red: For losing virginity

Emma had all three.

"How many times are we going to meet up like this," he chuckled. "We're just regular party people." He sobered. "Are you okay...?" "I haven't seen you for weeks, Jay..." She looked down at her feet. "I'm clean."

He got up and paced. "At least you weren't kicked out. Cause let me tell ya something Greenpeace, that ain't easy to deal with."

"Rick brought a gun to school," she said angry. She couldn't believe him after what 'HE' did. Along with Spinner, they are life ruiners.

"He was good enough when he came onto you but you wouldn't allow one little prank," he rose his eye.

She didn't say anything. Just went straight down to business. He was kissing up and down her neck, relieving the tension and she bucked underneath his fingers. "These are talented hands. Let me show you just how good I can be..."

Jay was pissed off. She ran away before he could finish. He pulled up his pants before walking out of the park by himself. A couple of his friends snickered.

And cornered her up the wall. "You embarrassed me tonight." "You smell like booze," she snapped back. "How did you think I was gonna be!?"

"Come on, you're too pure and innocent for this. Go on home..."

She seduced him. He can't get over the days spent in the Old Van with nothing but a dirty carpet to look at and misplaced beer bottles. He tried to forget her nude body writhing around, begging for entrance. He was a puddle of mud in her palms.

Amy: Wanna fuck some more...?

After he ended it with her, he messed around with Amy. She was a tease.

But the mood was gone with Emma Nelson. Damn. "I don't feel up to it tonight."

She glared at him with an insane look. "You wanted it!"

"Amy, nothing you do will make me want you!"

God, what a waste of a night!

Alex and Paige Michalchuk were making out. Alex and Paige Michalchuk were making out.

That's what was on his mind. It was Amy's hands that made him flinch.

"You know my number..." She slipped something in his hand. It was a white neatly folded paper.

"Call when you want to hook up."

Few months before the divorce, Spike began to get really messed up. She was taking painkillers, right? Well, she didn't just take them. She went full out. She looked up at the video tape and hit record. This was to be her video diary. Emma Nelson flopped on her bed. It was really her fault that Snake left. He hated her new lifestyle and people she chose to spend time with. They were all bad according to him and hated it even more when she brought one up to her room. They moved her to the attic when they couldn't control her anymore.

Rick would never leave her alone. It just made her rebel harder.

It was her fault. They cannot pin Jay or Spinner. She made it from the start. If she would have been a preventer of bullying instead of 'provoker', none of the mess would be happening. She didn't care if she Od'd on drugs. She wanted it to end her.

"Are you Miss Les Miserables today...?"

Manny. Toby. J.T. "I am fine. Nothing to worry about." That's what she would always say. None of them knew her home life. What happened to Snake.

The room felt smaller and smaller. She needed to get out of there before they caught on with the red eyes, puffy nose, and what screamed of: Drug Addict.

She had been stealing her mom's stuff and if she found her, she would be in BIG trouble.

Not realizing she'd take out the whip.

Spike was mad when she found a whole bunch of her cocaine stored in some of Emma's dirty laundry basket. She had to literally flip over drawers and beds but it was under the pile of clothes.

'That daughter of mine had been stealing and I have to teach her a lesson.'

"I'll fix it with the belt."

She came home to a surprise. "To the attic!" Oh no, that's where the punishments began. It always started in that attic. It was a jail.

"And Emma, you will be moving up there!"

She saw the bolted windows, the room was dark with one light for intoggeration.

"You will have no food tonight for what you did!"

She hated the dark. It was where no one realized you were there. You were just hanging onto its lonely company.

"What did I do, mama!?"

The belt smacked her cheek. She fell onto the bed. She tried to get up but Spike pushed her back down. "You stay down! You are not to move!"

"Mama," she gasped shocked. Every time, she hit her, a deep wounded scar was put there. Spike just locked her up.

She could hear the music of celebration. Spike was toasting to herself. 'What a victory,' thought Emma.