A/N: I do not know how often I will be posting, as I have school, and I am the biggest procrastinator in history and I have computer problems (stupid Chromebook). Also for those of you who think "Oh this is so easy, I could do this my self and finish in a couple of hours." NO. It took my three days to come up with this idea and plot's are harder to think up than you think. So enjoy, and I will answer any questions you have about the story. Also, 4th wall breaks aplenty, something that may become the norm with me stories

I was fat and smart at a young age, around 10, so obviously, I had few friends, and no real ones. So what did I do? Made a friend, with my own two hands. He started as a program until I could get some parts to make him a robot. Through the years, I upgraded him to make him a tactical,defensive, and protective friend. His name was Karote Cobra. And things were going pretty well. Until I really put the Noob in SuperPvPNoob. So we have 1% and it's 5 A.M. But before I get stuffed into a suit and Karote gets turned into spare parts…

"Aw man, really?" Karote said in a whiney voice.

"Yes Karote, now as i was saying, Lets have a flashback because that somehow keeps time from moving when the person is telling a story. And didn't you play this?"

~ Time jump: How it all started ~

I had been a student by day, and scavenger by night. Sneaking through a secret passage and looting whatever I could. Amazing what people would drop in the streets. Seriously, an A.I. chip was just in the grass, mint condition. He started his time as a computer A.I., who learned about human emotions and events, and moved on as a small, snake-like drone that could change into a bracelet, and scan for threats. Each year I evolved him, new forms and abilities.

He is a sleekly designed, anthropomorphic cobra with Tan coloring. And he can transform into my backpack, his animatronic state, a quad, a suit of armor, an armored hoodie, and a customizable transformation that Kar can choose, perfect for disguising and saving our asses.

Karote then interrupts me, "Then why didn't we do THAT?!"

"When I finish the flashback keeping us alive somehow." I said back to him, peeved off.

He can feel human emotions, which I can disable at any time (Made sure to disable love until we get through this), use a sleep ray, an EMP that disables any electronic items around other than Kar, scan for threats, break out a retractable bullet-proof shield, and when he wants or when I'm in on of his clothing forms, we can see thermal, night vision, and motion. he can also completely camouflage and communicate with any other device or animatronic.

"Why did you disable my love emotions again, and why not my fear? And why have I not tried talking to them?" Karote says.

"Because of Chica, and because It's unfair if you're not feeling what I'm feeling. And I don't want you to be all chill with them while I'm sitting here wondering if should have written a will before going to work. Dude, just let me explain it in this next flashback time jump to this morning.

~ Time jump: This morning ~

"Ok Kar, we really need to be prepared. I still can't believe it, that game was released 9 years ago and, BAM, now it's in real life. At least it's only the first one." I said, looking at our checklist.

"You got that right. How could we take on 12? And no doors too." agreed.

"You know, In FNAF 2, I actually felt bad for Vixen." I said, just to talk more

"Who's Vixen?" Karote asked.

"Mangle, Vixen is what Mangle's name is, why don't you look this stuff up? Sometimes I question how smart the computer brain is of yours." I replied, sounding as cocky as ever

"Because I never really need to know random trivia. And that's offensive." Karote justified.

"You know what Karote, I think the first night will be ok, but I'm turning off your love emotions so that you don't decide to date Chica, or if one of them are dating her somehow I guess, you won't get in the way." I said, still very cocky and smug.

But here we are, power's at 1% and we haven't even completed the first night. We are f***.

"Why did you think the first night would be easy?" Karote complained.

"No time for that now, flashback ended, time is proceeding regularly now, so hurry up and open your chest so I can hide, they'll probably think you're a new animatronic." I said in a panic.

"Then how are we escaping?!" Karote replied, poking a hole in my idea.

"OK, new plan, try talking to them and asking them why they're trying to kill us or something." I said, always having a plan B (No you didn't dude) GET OUT OF MY DOCUMENTS (ok sheesh, but it is true).