You want to know why this ain't gettin' no sequel? Kar became a part of my subconscious and I had to get rid of him. It's weird but yeah it happened. So unless people beg for a sequel. and a LOT of people. I'm not doing it. You couldn't bribe me to do it.

After a quick chat Kar and Luna went to the doors to leave… but couldn't for some reason. Assuming it was locked they looked around for a key or something. The place was empty except for the animatronics and furniture. Actually… the curtains were closed for the main stage. They already checked Foxy's cove. Nobody home there.

They walked over to the curtain. At first glance the brown and yellow didn't bring any red flags to mind. or any flags of any particular color or combination of colors for that matter. But after they could get a good look… they saw something horrible.

What did they see you ask

What they saw

Was Their own bodies.

and in between them…


Surrounded in blood.

And inside… Zach.