Blue, Purple, Gray Beauty

Beast Boy POV

It's been two months, two months since Terra forgot who i was and my life came crashing down around me. Those first few days were the worst, I couldn't eat, sleep or get excited about anything, the team had to fight without me and it seemed like it was getting worse, until she comforted me. Pathetic i know, how does Beast Boy need to be cheered up and by Raven no less? But she did, she was the only one to understand the loss I was going through, having been through a similar experience with Malchior. Just one day, when the team came home from a battle she came to talk to me. Not to try to cheer me up but to be there and understand, this is when my surface feelings for her because something deeper. An emotion that intoxicates my entire being when I'm even in the same room with her, an emotion I could only dare to call LOVE.

After a week or so I got a lot better and fought with the team and slowly started to come back with my jokes (even they rolled their eyes). Even though my daily routine wasn't what it was before the Terra incident it could be decernable as normal. I played video games with Cyborg, pulled pranks on Robin and still to try to get Raven to smile (without much success). There was even many of times where i argued loudly with Cyborg about eating tofu and its health benefits. I looked normal, but i wasn't, Only Raven knew about the issues I was having and continued to talk to me every night in her room (Well almost everything, she doesn't know about the intense love i have for her but anyways). Even though I hang out with Cyborg all the time, Raven is my best friend, she has really seen me at my worst and wasn't scared by it. This is one of the many reasons why I love her she is not scared of anything (i guess defeating your interdenominational demon-father can do that) but she does have fear. As she has told me one of the many nights we talk, She has fear of never really being accepted by anyone, always being the third wheel (or fifth in our case), fear of giving into her demonic and become the evil she has been fighting with us. That revelation she shared with me made me realize that even though we started about talking to her about my problems with my emotions, every night has turned into a mutual expression of feelings and I never have felt closer to anyone.

Even though i feel close to her does not mean at all that i should reveal my feelings to her so, i can only express my feelings in this notebook (not diary) that Rae gave me the day after, the incident and i haven't been interested in writing in it until today because i feel like I'm going to explode if i don't express my deepest thoughts. If anyone should find this especially my Rae, I will surely die of embarrassment or she will kill me ( or send me to another dimension). But what can i say about her? she is intoxicating, most importantly her smell of lilacs, herbal tea, and old bound books in one is unique to her and her only. It is so strong i can always smell it within the tower no matter where she is except the roof. Her eyes are pools of amethyst and look like they hold a dimension within themselves, they are always so deep and filled with thought that i feel like i can get smarter by staring into them. My favorite part about them though is the two little circle shine marks on the surface, just giving her more complexity and i think is the white Raven showing herself in small amounts. Those sports are never sad or dark, but filled with life and happiness. On the rare occasions when she smiles, more than just her usual smirk, brings up an entire room and makes everyone feel better. The first time I saw it is when Rae and Cyborg were rebuilding his car after the fight with overload, i was looking from a distance and out of sight because Cyborg doesn't like me near his car and that's when I saw it, a full smile, and it made me smile. Her smile made me happy the rest of the day and it is forever etched in my mind as one of pictures i will have with me forever. And I Haven't even started on her body well its amazi

"Beast Boy, hurry up, I just got Mega Monkeys 5 and I need to whip you in it," Challenged Cyborg.

"I'm Coming, let me just change real quick," I yelled back.

"In the middle of the day?" He Questioned.

" Ya I slept in a little more than usual, i'm coming right now," I lied.

"Okay, Grass Stain, I'll be waiting," he responded.

"whew that was close and in the middle of my thoughts too," I said to myself angrily, "Oh well i finish my thoughts tomorrow."

I hurried to put my notebook in the secret drawer in my desk to make sure it was safe from prying electronic eyes and headed off. Following the scent of motor oil and (shudder) meat.

End Chapter 1