Hey guys almost done yay! I know a lot of you were like what, how, lol. Anyways those chemicals that he stole had importance in the story and you will see exactly what they do in this chapter. Isn't it Ironic that the whole time they were trying to save Raven and Beast boy gets captured. So lets see what happens next.

Chapter 14

I opened my eyes and saw the world tinted in orange, noticing this as a side effect as the chemicals, i try to get up and shake it off and try to realize what happened. I make a mental checklist of who i am, just to make sure i have no memory loss, lets see, I am Garfield a.k.a. Beast boy, sounds right. I continue to go down the list with such checks like I Can change into animals, Terra broke my heart, I am Slade's apprentice, The teen titans are my arch enemies, everything seemed to check out. Whew I have no memory loss, but why do I feel like the last two checks on my list are wrong somehow even though I know they're not, oh well it will pass in time. I turn to Slade to see him fighting with the Titans, which sends a scowl to my face, just as i'm about to get up, I feel a hand on my shoulder.

"Friend Beastboy, are you the ok?" Starfire asked me?

How dare my enemy ask if i'm doing ok, I yell and turn around and punch Starfire in the stomach sending her flying into the wall with a look of shock on her face. Like we weren't enemies and I wasn't a criminal, it was weird she looked at me heart broken as if i betrayed her even though we have been enemies for as long as i can remember. Why does everything seem off? My instincts say i'm fine but my mind is screaming at me that i'm not. But my instincts have never led me astray, its my mind that plays tricks on me, so i suppress that insecure feeling in my mind and trust my animal side. I throw myself into Starfire just as she was getting up and begin to claw at her.

"Please, Beastboy it is I, Starfire your friend," She pleaded between my claws barraging her.

"I have no friends, just enemies," I reply back.

A few of my cuts draw blood on her arms and across her stomach, causing her to yell out in pain, which earned a response from Robin who hit me with a flying kick.

"Beastboy what's wrong with you?" He said as he held a shaking Starfire in his arms.

"Nothing, what's wrong with you, why are you acting like you're shocked that i attacked her. You should be expecting the same thing," I say confused.

"What are you talking about?" Robin asked.

"Oh Robin don't play coy with him, don't you remember that he has been my apprentice for the past four years," Slade interjected towards Robin. I nodded in agreement with what Slade was saying.

"Beastboy what about all the video games we played with each other?" Cyborg asked me hoping to spark some non-existent memory.

"I don't play video games, don't have time so you're wrong," I responded.

"Exactly, now beast boy attack," Slade ordered me and I readily obeyed.

I turned into the Beast, my most powerful form and attacked the remaining three titans. I focus on cyborg first because he would get tired the easiest and is not as quick as Raven and Robin. I go on the offensive with him while taking time to block and counter Raven and Robin, i could tell that they were attacking half-hearted which gave me the upper hand. I slashed against Cyborg's chest leaving claw marks, I followed it up with elbowing his jaw and the while he was dizzy i bite into his arm and threw him into Robin who was about to attack me. Cyborg had enough and even though he could fight, he wouldn't make much difference, that left me with Robin and Raven. I attacked Robin next because he preferred close combat rather than Raven who uses magic from afar. Raven threw some mirror shards at me which i dodged and moved closer to Robin who prepared for an attack.

"You don't have to do this, we are your teammates," Robin pleaded,"don't tell me this doesn't feel wrong,"

He was right, half of me knew that this was wrong and I should be help him not harming him, but once again that part was in my human side, the part that is more easily twisted by outside influence. confirming my suspicions Robin use my lapse in judgment to kick me in the chest, which sent me into a steel bar to the head courtesy of Raven, which caused me to growl and trust them even less. I attack with more rage and put Robin on the defensive, he blocks all my attacks but he is getting overwhelmed and eventually i punch him in the gut and the face finally throwing him into the rafters of the ceiling. I now turn my Attention to Raven shifting back into my human form and begin to taunt her.

"Surely Raven you do realize that this is over, I won, game over, Jump city will belong to me and slade now," I look at her for any reaction and see a tear slowly glide down her cheek, I return to monologue like nothing happened even though i'm shakened to the core," You can retreat now and take the titans with you and leave the city and we will have no problems or we can do this the hard way, where i beat you to a pulp and forcing you to leave with a broken spirit, Your choice."

"Beastboy...please...don't…," Tears are now streaming down her face,"You have to remember something,"

"I remember fighting you guys for the past four years and never winning until now," I lied because to be honest i did remember some hazy images of Raven and us together, but that's impossible, we were never together.

"Look at your wallet," she said.

I did as she asked just out of sheer curiosity and i saw in the front pocket a picture of Raven asleep in the T-car with my arm around taking a selfie and it looked so peaceful. All of the sudden my vision started to flicker between orange and normal, it was so painful, it felt like my body was slowly being pulled apart from all directions. My body was trying to figure out what memory it wanted to accept, it seemed orange was going to win but then Raven entered my mind and i just focused on her, cliche i know but it works. her face took up my whole vision and i coughed up the orange fluid like a drowning victim. My vision began to clear and if I ever gotten drunk then i was experiencing the worst hangover ever. I look up at Raven.

"What happened?" I asked her.

She pulled me into a tight hug which is unusual for her,"You were being controlled by Slade to be his apprentice," She said with emotion?

"He seriously needs to give up the apprentice thing," I joked.

She chuckled,"Yes he does,"

"Wait? did you just laugh?" I asked.

She went back to emotionless," of course not your jokes are not funny," She said.

"That's what i thought," with both of us blushing.

"Well isn't that disappointing, once again my apprentice has turned on me, it seems i need to break your spirit before i train you," Slade said getting out of his chair.

I moved to attack him but Raven held me back, she stepped in front of me.

"You kidnap me, lead my friends on, set up a trap for them, and try to corrupt the person I love, You have beyond have stepped over the line," She floated into the air with her eyes glowing white, a purple Raven appeared behind her," Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!"

Black energy enveloped Slade and hit him against the wall and floors causing his mask to come off completely and his armor to become cracked in many places.

"This isn't over," He said once the attack was finished covering his face and disappeared in the darkness.

"well this place has held my two worst days of my life," I said out loud.

Raven turned and walked towards me," Lets see if we can change that,"

She put her hands on my cheeks and started leaning forward, I started moving forward and put my hands on her back to pull her closer. We were so close that i could feel her shallow breath on my lips, i couldn't wait anymore, I pulled her towards me with my hands and our lips touched. It was a very slow, passionate kiss that seemed like it lasted forever. she pulled away eventually and my humor came up before i could stop it.

"Well today isn't so bad anymore," I say with a cheesy grin.

She rolls her eyes at me,"We should help the others,"

"Uh ha sure just give me a second to do something,"

"Do what?"


I pulled her back in, kissing her again.

End Chapter 14

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