What's up guys as you probably know or guessed i'm almost done with this story my first story. I have about two chapters of epilogue including this one then i will be done. I might write a sequel to this story in the future but i'm not sure at the moment. i'm ready for fluff are you guys?

Chapter 15

Back at the tower

Cyborg hooked me up to the same machine that he used to locate slade's nanobots and eventually got rid of all traces of the orange chemical and took it to his room to analyze it. Being freed from the machine from Raven, both of us blushed the whole time we were touching each other. Robin apparently noticing, eyed with suspicion.

"Is there something going on with you two?" He asked

"No!" Raven and I said at the same time, which caused us to blush again. I took the lead however.

"No there isn't (not until i ask her out later today), trust me Robin you would be the first to know," I said.

"I better be, as leader i need to know everything within the team so i can do my job effectively," Robin almost demanded.

"Yes sir," I saluted Robin.

"Seriously, don't call me sir," He said with a smirk.

Robin left probably to hang out with Starfire and make kissy faces with her. As soon as he was out of the common room I turn around to Raven who was taking off her hood.

"Thank you Beastboy, i don't think i could have spoke to him without giving something away," Raven told me.

"No problem Rae, that was nothing," I dismissed the gesture.

"It wasn't nothing, as you already know, I'm not exactly good with emotions and i'm even less familiar with the emotion i'm feeling right now. I've only felt this emotion in small bursts and she is even threatening me to let her out more right now," She said very quiet, which she only does when she is serious or emotional.

"What emotion is that?" I ask stupidly.

"Not here," She looks around and sweeps me up in her cloak enveloping me in darkness. Knowing she was teleporting me, i relaxed and everything became clear again, showing me the roof.

"Love," She said so quiet i almost didn't hear her even with advanced hearing.

Instead of answering her, I hugged her, she tensed up at first but slowly relaxed in my embrace and hugged back. We stayed like that for a long time and she started crying on my shoulder. I tipped up her chin and looked into her tear filled amethyst eyes.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Nothing she said, my emotions are arguing over dominance right now, particularly, Love, brave, and happy. They are so loud i can actually hear them, but i'm crying cause i'm so confused." She answered.

"Confused about what?" I ask her another question.

"About where we go from here, I haven't exactly been in a relationship," She said.

"Well," I smile at her," Raven Roth, will you go to the Lecrae concert with me?" I asked her.

"You already asked me beastboy, last month," she deadpanned.

"Yeah but i asked you as a friend, i'm asking you now on a date as a boyfriend," I beamed at her.

"Oh," She blushed really hard," then yes i would love to go to the concert with you."

"I know its not the ideal first dateā€¦" I started.

"Its perfect," she interrupted.

"Awesome, i guess i'll pick you up or whatever tomorrow at 6," I said nervously.

"It's tomorrow?" She asked with concern.

"Yeah, you didn't know that?" I asked.

"No i didn't get out much recently," She said sarcastic.

I slapped myself,"Right, so i guess i'll see tomorrow,"

"See you tomorrow,"

We stood there awkwardly for a little bit until i told her goodnight, i began to walk toward the door back to the tower. Raven grabbed my arm and pulled me into her, getting the idea, i kissed her and began to move my mouth in harmony with hers. she pulled away after about 30 seconds, saying goodnight and stepped away to teleport to her room. After she was gone, i sat at the end of the roof just looking up at the dark sky over the city. A few minutes of me looking up into the sky with my thoughts a shooting star appears, taking advantage I make a wish. 'I wish that my relationship with Raven will last forever' i thought to myself.

"Well that's up to you," A voice said behind me.

I turn around to be ready to fight the intruder, I saw a woman who looked strangely familiar to Raven but had longer hair and wasn't pale. Not perceiving her as a threat i put down my hands and got a better look at her. she was dressed in a white robe, that seemed to be glowing and had the same red gems on her hands as Raven. I realize that she is an Azarathian, and began to question her.

"What do you mean, up to me?" I ask the strange woman,"And who are you?"

"I'm sorry about not introducing myself, I am Arella Roth, Azarath monk," She bowed with her hands together,"And i know who you are beastboy.

"Roth? Like Raven's mom Roth?" she nodded," how were you able to hear my wish when i didn't speak?"

"Well ever since my physical body died from Trigon I transferred my consciousness to Raven's mind and ever since you visited my daughter's mind about 4 years ago a part of me is implanted in you and Cyborg," She explained," And you only made the connection stronger by visiting her mind again recently."

"Ok, so how come you have never revealed yourself before now?" I asked.

"I have though," She said.

"No you haven't,"

"does this sound familiar,'Beastboy please save me I want this for us,'," She repeated.

I realize its a line from my dream/vision of my future kids,"But i thought it was Raven who said that,"

"Oh she did, but i was like the conduit for her message and I was the one who gave you the vision," Arella continued," I only can show myself when Raven is showing a lot of emotion and i haven't been able to do it since she heard the prophecy in the old library. You are a catalyst for her emotions, she feels more with you than with anyone else and a lot more recently which allowed me to manifest a full body to speak to you."

"So why did you want to speak to me?" I asked.

"To help you understand Raven," Arella looked off in the distance," My daughter can be difficult, even more so when she starts showing emotion, her emotions will cloud her judgement and she will jump to extremes the more often the more affection she shows for you. She will get worse before she gets better, eventually she will be able to control and show emotions but for now she can either control her emotions or express them with reckless abandon. I just want to know if you are going to be there for her through all of it?"

"Of course i will," I answered her.

"Saying and doing are two different things, she hasn't even jumped to an extreme yet. One day she will be completely numb to everything and then the next day she will feel everything especially strong emotions such as Rage and Lust." I gulped,"Are you prepared for that, is she worth it to you?"

"Of course she is, Raven is everything to me, I can't imagine ever leaving her in my whole life," I answered her.

"We will see," Arella answered," Hopefully you are the one because i like you. Goodnight beastboy we will meet again,"

"Goodnight," I said.

She faded into nothingness and i trudged down the stairs my mind going over her warning. I reach Raven's room and open the door, i look at Raven sleeping so peacefully and in that moment i decided that i will never leave her. I close the door and head to my own room. I jump on the top bunk and fall asleep to dreams of Raven.