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Sawada Tsunayoshi in his first few years of life didn't have an ounce of caution. This deeply worried Sawada Nana, his mother, who had to rescue him from putting his hand into a blender for the third time that week. It wasn't as if the seven year old wasn't smart, more like he didn't care about consequences of his actions.

"But Mommy, anyone would be interested to see if their hand could become a smoothie!" Every time, that would be his only line of defense. Nana sighed for the umpteenth time that day. Someday his lack of caution would get him into trouble, and that stressed Nana out a bit too much. Tsuna's mother could only hope that he wouldn't get into too much trouble.


Mom had gotten mad at him for trying to make a hand smoothie again, so Tsuna sulked to himself. After getting scolded by his mother, Tsuna quickly left the house to go to the park. There wouldn't be a problem with this if it weren't for the fact that the boy didn't know how to get to the park. So Tsuna just wandered around aimlessly, hoping he would find something interesting to do. After about thirty minutes, Tsuna gave up and decided to go home. He looked at his surroundings, and to his horror he saw that he didn't recognize where he was. Tears started to well up in chocolate brown eyes, and he had no idea what to do.

Suddenly, a flash of inspiration came to the young boy. His mother had always told him to go to the nearest restaurant and ask an employee for a phone. Spying around, Tsuna spotted a noodle shop, and quickly started to run towards it. Opening to the door to the shop, Tsuna didn't check to see if anyone was coming out.

The seven year old slammed into a man, and found his behind planted to the ground.

There was a chuckle, and a hand outstretched to him. Tsuna carelessly took the stranger's hand and had himself pulled up. The man, Tsuna noted, had white hair with glasses that were slightly crooked, most likely messed from the collision.

"Hiiiee! I'm so sorry!" Tsuna bowed deeply to the man. There was another chuckle, and the man simply ruffled the boy's hair.

"It's okay, little one, mistakes happen." The man smiled, and he left the noodle shop without another word. Tsuna looked back at the mysterious man, and noticed that he had dropped something.

Whatever it was, it probably wasn't supposed to glow. Which it was glowing very brightly, in fact. Now, here is where a more cautious seven year old wouldn't touch a mysterious glowing object that they had never seen before. And nobody with even an ounce of sanity would refer to Tsuna as a cautious seven year old. Tsuna, in pure fascination picked up the object.

It was a smooth orange stone, with weird squiggly lines on it. The stone was attached to a simple leather string, and it had an odd gleam to it. Tsuna had a thought to return it the stranger, but decided to simply pocket it. He would return it if he ever saw the man again. Nana was right when she said her son's lack of alertness would get her son into trouble one day.


Kawahira was in a hurry when he ran into a young boy at his favorite noodle place. He was enjoying his noodles when he got a call from an acquaintance, regarding the Vongola. Kawahira helped the boy up, and in his haste didn't feel something slip out of his pocket. He was going to have to head for Italy, and be in the country within a day or two. Kawahira was on the plane to Italy when he started thinking about the mysterious stone, and potential owners for it. He knew whoever he were to give it to would have a heavy burden, but it was necessary. Kawahira dug into his pocket looking for the stone, but found nothing. Panic, the most panic he had felt in years, filled into Kawahira. He looked in all his pockets, and found old notes, papers, and even noodle coupons, but not a single stone.

It was on a plane that Kawahira realized he had lost probably one of the most important stones in the world. A beautiful stone that said in Italian, "Protect the Trinisette" Kawahira knew that he would probably not see the stone for at least a couple of years. That thought did not sit well with the white haired male.


Later that night, Tsuna was banished to his room for getting himself lost. He didn't care though, this gave him time to examine the stone closer in private. The stone was probably the most gorgeous thing he had ever seen, and the squiggly line made in seem even more mysterious. It was still glowing, and Tsuna had no idea how to make it stop. He started to get frustrated, when he heard footsteps coming to his room. Having nowhere to hide it, he put it around his neck and shoved the stoned down his shirt. His door opened without warning, and his mother's head popped in.

"Tsu-kun," she began, voice stern, "You should be ashamed of yourself! What if you had gotten abducted? Do you realize how worried I was when I couldn't find you?" Tsuna hung his head, making his mother upset was at the top of his list of no-nos.

"I'm sorry, mom! Please forgive me!" His mother sighed, and cracked a smile.

"I accept your apology, but do this again and I won't make you fried rice for the rest of the month!" Nana couldn't help but laugh at her son's scandalized face. "Now come on, dinner's ready!" Tsuna smiled softly, and felt content. He was happy with just his mom, and didn't need his no-good dad, who was a construction worker who only came home to get drunk. Yeah, he had a pretty good life, and he wouldn't trade it for anything. The boy checked the stone, and to his astonishment, the stone wasn't glowing anymore. Tsuna went downstairs, the aroma of fried rice drawing him in. Tsuna should've known right there that his peace wouldn't last for long.


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