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"Nanase Hiro, you are to wake up this instant!" Hiro's mother's stern voice woke him up.

'And I had been having a really good dream too...' His dream happened to be about him heroically saving Hana Kurokawa, who had been his crush ever since he entered middle school. But she was older than him, and way out of his league. Not to mention that she was always with the demon prefect and...him.

"I'm up," Hiro rolled out of bed, trying to ignore his mother's heated glare. Nanase Aiko was practically a drill sergeant- she was super strict.

"You need to wake up at seven 'o clock sharp. You're hopeless! I don't know what to do with you sometimes..." Hiro tried not to sigh, it was the same conversation every time. Aiko stiffly left the room and left Hiro to change. Hiro slipped on his uniform and headed to the bathroom. Not even bothering to look in the mirror, he started to comb his bed hair. If Hiro had one thing to be proud of, it was his hair. A creamy chocolate brown, with a streak of blonde hair that often got him weird looks.

But he was a 'total Ice King' as his rather tactless classmates had described him. He had never liked the title, but somehow, it had stuck and half the school called him that.

It really wasn't his fault that they found him to be a cold, unfeeling jerk. He just didn't like talking to people, and it was hard to get him to open up...In fact, most people considered it too tedious of a task to even strike up a casual conversation with him. Just two years ago, he had actually been an excitable, warm boy. But then when the incident happened, his personality did an 180.

'And,' He thought, tightening his comb, 'Mom threw herself into her job full force, and now I doubt she even knows what a break was.' Yes, after finding out her husband had been cheating on her for almost six years had shattered her heart. She rarely took breaks, and it was rather rare when she took the time to wake Hiro up. Her attitude had been rather awful, and it negatively impacted her son. And now, Hiro found it difficult to trust people. He would always put on an unemotional mask, showing no emotion. He was afraid of getting hurt like his mother, and he thought this was the only way to avoid it.

"Nanase Hiro you will come down here right this instant!" This was odd- he usually had more time than that to get ready. With his hair half done, he walked downstairs. There, in the foyer was his mom, who looked rather smug.

"Hiro, meet your new tutor. His name is Reborn." Hiro's head swiveled to the door, where he saw nothing.

"Hopeless-Hiro, my name is Reborn and I'm here to be your new in-home tutor." Hiro looked down to where the squeaky voice came from, and what he saw was a baby.



Hiro still didn't understand what was going on. A baby tutor who looked like he could easily kill everyone in this town? Not something that Hiro could easily comprehend. Also, why did he need a tutor? His grades were just fine. So maybe there was a .5 chance of him getting a 100, but what did that matter?

The damn baby was walking to school with him- Hiro remained silent. Hopefully the baby would get the hint that he had no intentions of becoming friends with him. This was just fine with Reborn, who kept a creepy smirk on his face.

"Nanase Hiro, age thirteen. Feels cold rage towards his mother, and holds a deep loathing for his father. Grades are average, but they could be much better considering he has no social life. Is described by his peers as cold and unfeeling, and therefore, was dubbed the 'Ice King.' Rarely shows facial expression as of a few years ago. Has a rather embarrassing crush on Kurokawa Hana." Hiro slowly turned his head to the baby- his smirk was even creepier now. How did he know all of this?

"Research." And how did he know what he was thinking?'

"I can read minds." Hiro pinched himself.

"This isn't a dream." Hiro wanted to go home and pretended that this day never happened. "Nanase Hiro, you have a crush on Kurokawa." Hiro managed to keep his blush down. The baby continued.

"Then confess to her." Hiro could't help but blush- him, confess to Kurokawa? Unthinkable. She was older, pretty, powerful, and she was always with those two. "You won't say anything." His wide eyes narrowed. "I can fix that. Die." The green chameleon on the baby's fedora- that Hiro pretended that it didn't exist for the sake of his sanity- transformed into a gun. Wait. What? Hiro watched in horror as the baby shot a bullet, which hit him right in the middle of his head.

'I'm leaving this world, but I have so many regrets. I wish...I had go screw himself...' It was an odd regret, but it was genuine. Hiro hit the ground, but he could still feel himself falling through darkness. Just then, he saw the light. It was beautiful, and he reached out towards it. He was almost there when-

"Then be reborn." The damn baby interrupted it, and the light disappeared. Warmth entered his chest, and determination surged through him. His eyes snapped open, now pure white. An orange flame was on his forehead.

"REBORN! TELL HIM TO GO SCREW HIMSELF WITH MY DYING WILL!" His uniform burst off of him, leaving him in only frog boxers. Hiro didn't care, and bolted in the direction of the school. Behind, stood Reborn, who stood there silently. He made a quick conclusion, right then and there.

'This student is going to be fun.'


Blasting throughout the streets, Hiro had a single objective. Tell him to go screw himself, something he had never had the courage to do! Yes, Hiro hit about two cars, and a weird motorcycle that flames on it. Outdated much? Who put cheesy flames on motorcycles? When he got to the school, he let out a ferocious roar- he was going to do this no matter what. Hibari was at the gate waiting for late comers. When he saw Hiro, he got into a ready stance. In most circumstances, Hiro would've rolled his eyes and taken the punishment. But now, in his adrenaline rush, he zoomed past the prefect. There was no time to waste.

"Herbivore, for public indecency I will-" Hibari never got to finish his sentence. In most circumstances, Hiro would've rolled his eyes and taken the punishment. But now, in his adrenaline rush, he zoomed past the prefect. There was no time to waste.

"...Herbivore." Hibari was at a loss.


Hiro was in such a hurry to get to his destination that he knocked over Kyoko Sasagawa and Kensuke Mochida, whom the latter angrily yelled after him. Hiro ignored him, never even bothering to say sorry.

Hiro ran up the stairs like his life depended on it. There, at the end of the hallway, was the Disciplinary Committee of the Student Council room. The name was rather odd, but it was the best compromise between Hibari and Hana.

Hiro threw open the door, and charged into the room. There, in all his short glory was Sawada Tsunayoshi, the president of the DCSC, and the student body. He basically ruled the school, and was Hana's best friend. That last fact alone made Hiro despise him. But he couldn't help but feel that the boy was familiar.

Tsuna looked up from his papers, "Can I help- oh no." Tsuna stared at the orange flame in horror. Hiro took a deep breath and screamed.

"GO SCREW YOURSELF, SAWADA TSUNAYOSHI!" For some odd reason, Tsuna looked deeply hurt at his exclamation. Hiro's flame died out, and he was left in only his boxers and an offended president. Not the best situation ever.

At that moment Reborn decided to appear, and for the first time Hiro was thankful to him. The baby barely spared a glance at the president, but Tsuna's eyes widened. His skin was chalk white, and his gaze was fastened onto Reborn's pacifier. After a moment, the baby realized this, and turned his curious gaze to Tsuna.

"What are you looking at?" Tsuna snapped out of his trance and started floundering for an excuse.

"I was- you were- there was lint on your suit, nice suit by the way. Hand tailored, I'm assuming? Ha, now if you excuse me, I'll be on my way to- run to a-a meeting! Yeah, a meeting! Have a nice night!" Tsuna bolted from the room.

"Did he just say have a nice night at eight o clock at the morning?" Hiro stared after the president.

"He's probably one of the worst liars I've ever seen." Reborn knew he would have to check this boy out more.


"Reborn... I need a new uniform."


When Hiro got to his classroom, the class broke out into snickers.

"He's a complete pervert." What?

"I hear he was trying to attract girls..." Hiro refused to blush at the comment.

"He totally knocked down Kyoko-chan and Mochida-kun. He should be ashamed of himself!" Did he run over some people? He wouldn't be very surprised if he bowled over a few innocent bystanders. Kyoko, the school idol, wasn't in his class. And he only knew that Mochida was in eighth grade. Hiro wasn't sure if he should say sorry- it would seem out of character.

When the lunch bell rang, Hiro was the first one out. He needed to get out of there just in case some jerks decided to tease him about his 'episode' from the morning. He was halfway to the roof- his haven- when Mochida himself grabbed onto his wrist.

"Hey, Ice King! You were the one who bumped into me and Kyoko today, weren't you. You big pervert! I bet you bumped into Kyoko because you have a crush on her, and you knew bumping into her was the only way to get her attention." Hiro stifled a sigh- this boy had absolutely zero logic skills.

"Really, now? And why would I bump into you?" His mask was coming back.

"Because you know that Kyoko loves me, and you hate me for it. You should really get someone who would actually love you. Oh, wait. That's only your mother!" The crowd that been forming 'Ooohed.'

'I'm surrounded by idiots who get off on drama and bullying. This school is ridiculous.' Hiro raised an eyebrow.

"That's nice." He shook off Mochida's hand and continued walking. Ignoring Hiro's obvious dismissal, Mochida grabbed Hiro's shoulder and slammed him into the wall.

"Listen," He seethed, sending spittle onto Hiro's face. "Kyoko is mine, and only mine! She belongs to me, not you! After school, I challenge you to a kendo match. The prize is Kyoko!" Hiro's face remained blank- but on the inside he was exasperated.

He slipped out of Mochida's grasp and stared at the kendo captain.

"Are you a fool? Do not treat someone as if they are an object to be fought over. It's disgraceful." His mask slipped- ire and annoyance showed on his face. Nobody bothered to stop him when he walked away.


Even though it had been a few hours since the confrontation, Hiro's bad mood hadn't diminished. When the final bell rung, Hiro stuffed all his books in his backpack. As he passed other students, he could hear some of them whispering about what a coward he was.

'They don't matter, they don't matter.' It had become his mantra when his fake personality appeared.

When he got outside, Mochida and his friends were waiting for him.

'Not this, not right now...' Hiro thought in aggravation. Mochida and his friends had cocky looks on their faces.

"Ready to fight, Ice King?" Had he already forgotten how Hiro had said no?

"Mochida-san, I said no, so leave me alone." He pushed past the first goon, but another clasped his hand firmly onto his shoulder.

"Well Ice King, let me tell you something. Nobody exactly cares about what you say. Let's get going. Hiro struggled, but his small body was no match for someone almost twice his size.


Hiro tried to keep a calm face, but inwardly he was about to cry. How did three-fourths of the school find out about the fight in the gym in less than six minutes? Hiro hated this school and its gossipy students.

He didn't get any equipment- just a sword that looked like it was two hits away from snapping in half. This whole fight was rigged, no doubt about it.

Mochida, who was across him, was gripped his sword in excitement.

'Does this guy get off on beating up defenseless underclassman or something?' Hiro couldn't help but cringe at his rather rude thought.

"Hey! Ice King! What's with the faces, are you practicing for when I beat you into the ground?" But instead of looking at Hiro, Mochida turned his head toward the referee. Hiro blinked- did his opponent just wink at the person deciding the match? He bit back a sob- he was done for.

"Ready, begin!" Hiro wasn't prepared for the first strike. He was too busy listening to the rules. One hit and he wins? Not a chance.

Mochida's sword barely missed him. The only reason it hadn't smacked him on shoulder was because Hiro stumbled out of the way in time. Mochida wasn't deterred- his sword swung at him again. This time, Hiro couldn't dodge and in desperation he dropped to the floor. Not his best plan, but it was better than getting hit on the head. From his position on the floor, his sight landed on the window where Reborn happened to be sitting. Wait- Reborn? Hiro opened his mouth- but Reborn beat him to it.

"Die." Hiro could hear him from all the way on the other side of the gym. Reborn's pet chameleon turned into a gun, and the baby pulled the trigger. Meanwhile, Mochida thought that Hiro was looking at him with pure terror. If only he knew that Hiro was looking past him.

The bullet hit him right in the forehead. That odd feeling came back- if only he had taken out Mochida- maybe then he could save Kyoko from him. She deserved someone that didn't see her as only an object. A feeling of intensity filled the pit of Hiro's stomach, and he popped right back onto his feet. His clothes also happened to pop- right of his body.


Reborn was annoyed that he had been surprised by the Vongola Decimo twice in one day.


Hiro picked up his sword- that he had dropped when he got shot- and jabbed his sword at Mochida's ribs.

"My point." Hiro glared at the referee, daring him to say otherwise. The referee hastily held up the white flag.

"W-white wins!"

Hiro then put the bamboo blade down, and walked out of the gym without another word. Reborn lowered his fedora, and jumped out of the window. At the back of the gym was a boy who wasn't impressed by Hiro's performance.

"Tch. He isn't worth crap." The boy knew he could easily take down this supposed, 'Vongola Decimo.'


"Reborn, why do you keep on shooting me? You need to stop!"

"What are you talking about? I'm just an innocent little girl."

"And why are you wearing a little girl costume and braids?"


Reborn was supposed to be a tutor, but most tutors didn't shoot their students when they got an answer wrong.

"Hopeless-Hiro, I haven't been here for even a day, and you've already disappointed me. Now, what is the answer to number eleven?" Hiro gulped at the dark aura his 'tutor' was emitting. He put down an answer, hoping it was correct.

"...Hopeless Hiro."

"Y-yes?" He would not show his nervousness, he would not show his nervousness.

"How do you put an answer to a history question, on a math packet." This was not a question, not at all.

"I was- my mind was wandering." Hiro was looking for an excuse.

"We'll have to make sure that doesn't happen again." Reborn shot at Hiro, and the boy had a sinking feeling that if those bullets hit him, he wouldn't enter Dying Will mode.


At school the next day, there was a new student.

"Students, let us give a warm welcome to Gokudera Hayato, our new transfer student!" The girls were gushing at the new boy, who was, 'A total foreign hottie.'

"Now Gokudera, you'll be sitting right next to-" Gokudera ignored the teacher and walked down the aisle to Hiro. The transfer student scowled and glared at Hiro, and kicked his seat.

Then he growled out a short, "Move." To the poor boy sitting next to Hiro. The boy squeaked and scrambled out of the seat as fast as he could. Gokudera sat down, oozing attitude as he did.

"Ah...Gokuder-" Gokudera glowered at the teacher, who wisely shut up. The class was hushed except for several girls who had dubbed him, 'A total bad boy.'

Hiro ignored the whole ordeal and continued to stare out of the window, oblivious to Gokudera's heated gaze.


At lunch, most of the school was buzzing about the new transfer student that seemed to have a rebellious streak. But every so often, someone would look at Hiro in either fear, respect, or both. Nobody had forgotten what had happened yesterday. And when Mochida passed, he gave Hiro a brief nod. It looked like Mochida wouldn't be disrespecting any girls for awhile. Hiro personally hoped it would be forever.

Suddenly, a figure blocked his view of Mochida. It was the transfer student, right? Hiro wasn't exactly sure, because he had spent the morning in a sleepy haze due his six hour tutoring sessions. He only knew that there was a new student.

"You aren't worthy to be Vongola Tenth! I won't allow you!" He passionately yelled.

"Excuse me, but what is a Vongola?" Hiro thought that it might be a fruit. Gokudera couldn't keep the disbelief off his face. Did he have the right person?

"...I challenge you for the position of Vongola Decimo! Today, after school!" Gokudera marched away, seemingly confident.

Hiro was starting to think that Vongola wasn't a fruit.

"Hopeless Hiro." A tree's leaves opened up to reveal Reborn. "I never told you because I had business to deal with. You are going to become a mafia boss, Vongola Decimo. Vongola is the strongest mafia group in Italy, and I am here to train you so you can become the tenth boss." Reborn knew it wasn't the best way to reveal it, but he had serious business to attend to.

"What the heck are you talking about? Are you crazy? Why is a baby telling me I'm going to become a mafia boss? Isn't the mafia basically crime? Are you going to kill me?"

"You have certainly become more talkative, and you're showing more facial expression. What is your true personality?" Hiro gaped. The damn baby had completely ignored his questions!

"Anyways, Gokudera is going to fight you for your position. You'll have to beat him, or be killed."

Hiro silently devised a plan. He would go along with the craziness, and then eventually distance himself from it. Maybe he would even run to a foreign country. Hiro knew it was a horrible plan, but Reborn had his gun out. Hiro also knew that it would be stupid to go against the damn baby, so he nodded slowly.

"You're taking this too well, Hopeless-Hiro. Do I need to beat you to get you to agree with me?" Hiro gulped- he needed to get away from this as soon as possible.


For the rest of school, Gokudera's eyes bored into the side of Hiro's head. Even this time, Hiro ignored it. He was too busy trying to improve his escape plan. This only riled up Gokudera, and the person behind him nearly started crying in fear.

When the school bell rang, Gokudera was out the door in an instant, with Hiro reluctantly dragging himself to the back of the school.

When he got to the place where they were supposed to meet, Gokudera was nowhere to be seen. This irked Hiro, because right now he could've been walking to the grocery store for snacks. After five minutes, Hiro grew impatient and started to walk away. After only taking six steps, there was a loud bellow from the north.

Gokudera was charging at him, looking like a crazed bull.

"I will become Vongola Tenth, and will make sure the fake perishes!" Gokudera took out several sticks of dynamite.

'What is this, a western cartoon?!' It was really hard to keep his blank facade in a situation like this. Gokudera lit three sticks with no lighter and sent them at Hiro. The sticks landed at Hiro's feet. Nearly screeching, Hiro stamped them out.

"If that's not enough, take this!" Gokudera sent out thrice as many from the first wave, and Hiro knew he was in trouble.

Right before the sticks reached Hiro, Reborn hopped onto a wall.

"If you can't put all of them out regularly, do it with your dying will." Hiro heard a trigger being pulled, and a bullet went right through his chest. Hiro fell to the ground, and popped right up. This time, his boxers were lavender. Hiro was relieved that he was wearing his least embarrassing pair.

"REBORN! PUT OUT ALL OF THIS DYNAMITE WITH MY DYING WILL!" Hiro extinguished the sticks in a second.

"W-well, take this!" Gokudera, being a one trick pony, pulled out enough dynamite to last a year. It seemed to be too much for him to handle, and he shifted his weight. This sudden movement caused several to drop out of his hands. Distracted he tried to pick them up, but the rest fell out of his hands. And all of them were lit. Gokudera realized that this was his end. He was destined to die as a nobody-hitman who never made up his sister. This was the wor-

"REBORN!" Hiro leaped at Gokudera and took out all of the sticks. Gokudera at Hiro in shock- most people would let him die.

"Y-you saved my life! Please let me serve you as your right-hand man!" Hiro, who had left deathperation mode, blinked.

Reborn smirked. Hiro had gained his first subordinate.

"That's not necessary." Hiro shook his head.

"Please, let me! You are one of the kindest person I have ever met! Let me serve you!" Gokudera kneeled in front of Hiro.

"Well, you don't have to serve me. But, you can be my friend. I-I've always wanted one of those..." Embarrassed, Hiro blushed heavier than he ever had before. Asking for a friend was something you did in preschool!

Gokudera blushed and averted his eyes. "I would like that too..." He had never a real friend before, and his sister didn't count. What was it like having one?

Reborn raised an eyebrow. What was this odd change of events?

Hiro then did something Reborn never would've expected. He smiled. A very tiny smile, barely any teeth showing, but a genuine smile no less. Gokudera had to take a breath at the sight.


"Friends!" Gokudera smiled right back at him.

Reborn narrowed his eyes at Hiro. What exactly was Nanase Hiro's true nature? He would be sure to find out.


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