Chapter One: The Bear Family

It begins in outer space with the stars and a planet being approached by what appears to be a giant fireball bound to hit the planet. As soon as the ball reached the atmosphere, it came

crashing down and hit a village but did not destroy any homes. A group of creatures came out and saw the crash and they found what hit the planet but no idea what it is.

Meanwhile, a big brown bear named Banjo walking around Isle O'Hags towards his mole friend Bottles' house. Bottles comes out acting all surprised.

Banjo: Well, this doesn't sound good.

Out of his blue backpack comes his Breegul friend Kazooie.

Kazooie: Well, if Gruntilda's still alive, I'm not tagging along today.

Banjo: Kazooie!

Bottles: Banjo, thank god you're here!

Banjo: What is it, Bottles?

Bottles: There's something you gotta see.

Bottles' kids start running around.

Kid: Give it back, you retard!

Bottles: (hearing that and pointing) Hey! We do not use the "R" word in this house! Junior, give Carl back his toy.

Junior gives Carl back his toy. Mrs. Bottles approach.

Mrs. Bottle: Banjo! Kazooie! Would you like some tea?

Banjo: Thanks, but we're good.

Kazooie: But I wanted tea.

Banjo: Not now, Kazooie.

Banjo and Kazooie follow Bottles to the backyard and find it filled with a lot of junk piled.

Bottles: Some of these are more different than what we've seen in this world.

Banjo: Such as?

Bottles: Different scraps, different parts for a vehicle.

Kazooie: Who drives a vehicle here anyhow?

Bottles: I drive a helicopter sometimes. When I'm in the mood.

Banjo searches all around. Kazooie jumps out his backpack to stretch her legs and takes a look around the junk. She then finds a mirror.

Kazooie: (to herself) Who the hell would throw away a mirror? Bottles, are these for sale?

Bottles: I can only say they're free. I didn't pile all this crap in my yard.

Banjo: Well, somebody did.

Kazooie: Maybe, skull did it.

Banjo: You're not funny, Kazooie!

Banjo then sees what appears to a giant strange red and blue tank. He walks up to take a look at it.

Banjo: (called) Hey, Bottles.

Bottles give him his attention.

Banjo: What kind of tank is this?

Bottles: You know what? That's the first time I've seen this one.

Kazooie sees the giant tanklike thing.

Kazooie: (assuming) Okay, that's got to have been one of Gruntilda's vehicles.

Banjo: (noticing the flames painted on the tank and speaking sarcastic) I don't remember her being obsessed with flames.

Banjo notices a door handle and so he pulls it and pile of giant bullets spilled out the moment he opened it.

Banjo: (shocked) What the hell?

Bottles: What is it, Banjo?

Banjo shows him one of the bullets.

Bottles: (confused) Is that a... bullet?

Banjo ignores the question when he noticed a lot of round holes in it and took a look at the bullet in his hand.

Banjo: Bottles.

Bottles: Yes?

Banjo: Can you check if this thing can run?

Bottles: I'll try my best.

Banjo: I think I can take care of this one.

Kazooie: Whoa! We are not keeping that tank on our property!

Banjo: (glaring at her) Got idea better ideas?

Kazooie: (sigh) Fine.

Meanwhile, Banjo's little sister Tooty takes a walk straight home. She checks for mail and nothing for her.

Tooty: (sigh) Great.

She walks to her bedroom and sets her stuff on the bed and gets out a book to read. She prepares to sit on Banjo's recliner when she noticed her big brother coming home. She smiles and walks toward the door

and she notices the giant tank they're dragging along.

Tooty: What the hell?!

Tooty runs outside while Bottles lowers the tank hanging from his helicopter toward Banjo.

Tooty: Banjo! What the hell is this giant thing?

Banjo: (as he hears her) We do not use fowl language on this property! And this is a tank... well, we think it is.

Bottles: All right, Banjo. She's all yours.

Banjo: (waving) Thanks for everything.

Banjo walks Tooty back in the house.

Banjo: So, how was school?

Tooty: Awful! I hate all my friends! Nobody wants to come to my birthday party this weekend!

Banjo: (setting his backpack down) I'm sorry. Maybe, they just had different things to do.

Tooty: (upset) No, Banjo. You don't understand. They just laughed at me when I gave them the envelopes! For no reason! It's like they hate me!

Kazooie: Don't worry, Tooty. I'll be here. I'm on your side.

Banjo: Kazooie, stay out of it!

Kazooie: I have a right to stay in this conversation, thank you very much!

Banjo: (sigh) Just don't interrupt us.

Tooty: Banjo, it's okay. Kaz is right.

Banjo: (sigh) You're right. I'm sorry. (standing up to walk outside) I'm gonna go work on that big tank.

Kazooie: I'll stay here with Tooty.

Banjo: Fine with me.

A couple hours later, Banjo continued doing some touches on the tank to try to get it running. The big holes were bothering his attention.

Banjo: (talking to the tank) I don't know what you are. But soon, I'm going to find out once I'm finished with you.

Voice: What bear doing?

Banjo recognized the voice and turned and it appears to be Mumbo.

Banjo: Hello, Mumbo.

Mumbo: What this thing?

Banjo: To be honest, I really don't know. It's some kind of tank of some.

Mumbo: Mind if Mumbo look inside?

Banjo: Sure, help yourself.

Mumbo hops onto the drivers side.

Banjo: Just so you know, it doesn't run yet. So you're safe.

Mumbo: Feel nice.

Mumbo notices a strange marking on the steering wheel. But it was covered in dust so he wipes it off and he sees what looks like a face.

Mumbo: Bear! Must come see!

Banjo walks to the drivers side.

Banjo: What is it?

Banjo notices the face marking.

Banjo: Wow. I never even looked inside the whole thing. This is a weird marking.

Mumbo: What bear think it is?

Banjo: Well, it's nothing I've heard of. That's for sure.