Chapter Twenty: Epilogue

Two weeks later, at Banjo's house, an bear that appears to have sports jacket on and appear to be Banjo's age. Tooty sees him out the window and gets a little nervous.

Banjo: Tooty. I told you to pick up your books in the living room.

Tooty sees Banjo and gets a little nervous.

Banjo: What is it?

Tooty: Look out the window.

Banjo sees the bear and prepares to go outside.

Banjo: Stay in here.

Banjo gets out on his frontyard and starts walking towards him.

Banjo: Can I help you?

Bear: Is Tooty home?

Banjo: It depends on who you are?

Bear: I just want to know if your daughter's home.

Banjo: Okay. First of all, I don't have a daughter. And second of all, I don't trust you around my 10 year old sister. How old are you?

Bear: 22.

Banjo: What's your name?

Bear: Kova.

Banjo: (telling him off) And it came to my understanding that you're going out with a 10-year-old cub who happens to be my sister. I'm 22 and I take great care of her. Have you touched her?

Kova: Well... yeah... but...

Banjo: (reacts) Say that again?!

Kova: I touched her...

Banjo: You touched her?!

Kova: I don't mean in whatever way you're thinking of.

Banjo: I don't care! You have no right to touch her, period!

Kova: I just respect your sister.

Banjo: Are you a pedophile?

Kova: No!

Banjo: How do I know you're not lying?

Kova: I just want to see Tooty.

Banjo: Look. I have a bird. And she is very vicious on strange bears like you and if you don't leave right now, she'll peck your eyes out and I'll bite your face off. SO GET OFF OUR PROPERTY!

Kova: Okay, okay! (walking away) I'm leaving!

Kova starts leaving.

Kova: Freaking psycho!

Banjo: That'll teach him.

Banjo comes back into the house and looks at Tooty.

Banjo: I met Kova.

Tooty: Are you mad?

Banjo: No, I'm not mad. (sitting) I'm just glad that you told me the truth and I knew one day that he would show up in our front yard.

Tooty: Anyway, can I go to Bottles' house and play with Carl and Junior?

Banjo: (sigh) Sure, but only for 4 fours, okay?

Tooty: Okay.

Tooty walks out the door. Kazooie comes out from her nap.

Kazooie: I just had a wonderful dream.

Banjo: Oh, yeah? What's it about?

Kazooie: It just brought the memories of the Autobots helping us save the world.

Banjo: (refreshing his memories) Oh yeah.

Kazooie: Do you miss Optimus?

Banjo: Yeah. I miss him. But he's Optimus Prime.

Kazooie: You're right. (just remembered) Oh, hey, do you wanna play Poker? Just me and you?

Banjo: Uh, sure.

Kazooie: I'll get the cards.

Banjo sits at the table and waits for Kazooie to get the cards and then they hear a loud crash outside.

Banjo: What the hell?!

Kazooie: Don't tell me the Decepticons are back.

Banjo looks out the window and finds something very strange and widens his eyes.

Banjo: Kazooie? You're gonna want to see this.

Kazooie joins Banjo to looking out the window and she gets very surprised of what they are looking at.

Kazooie: Whoa.

It appears to be a big blue box stand in the front yard of their house.

Banjo: Let's go check it out.

Banjo and Kazooie go out the front door and slowly walks towards the blue box they find a sign at the top of it that reads "Police Public Call Box"

Kazooie: A phone box?

Banjo: It could be a magic phone.

Kazooie: Very funny, Banjo.

The door opens. Kazooie gets curious.

Kazooie: Hello?

Out comes a man in a suit and a bowtie and spotting Banjo and Kazooie.

Man: Well, hello there! My! What a beautiful place this is!

Kazooie: Another human. Should we say hi.

Banjo: Well, not all humans are bad. (to the man) Hi, nice to meet you. I'm Banjo.

Kazooie: I'm Kazooie.

Man: (surprised and impressed) A talking bear and a talking bird. My. I never seen anything like this. Incredible.

Kazooie: (whispering) Is he on drugs?

The man takes out what appears to be a stick glowing a green light pointing it around the land and looks at the stick.

Man: Just as I thought. A planet with beautiful creatures. No human.

Banjo: Except for you.

Man: (laugh) No, no, no, no. You don't understand. I'm not really a human.

Kazooie: But you look like a human.

Man: You're right. I do look like a human. But I'm not.

The man takes his stick and points it at the blue box making it disappeared in thin air. Banjo and Kazooie get surprised.

Man: No one will notice it's there except me.

Banjo: Can people feel it? Because my sister will be coming home soon.

Man: Nah. She won't feel it. (stepping into the house) Now, what's for lunch? I am starving.

Banjo: (sarcastic) Come on in.

Man: Birdseed?! Pancakes?! I said lunch not breakfast! (finding bread, cheese, and bologna) Ah, here we are!

Kazooie: Sir, do you mind asking before you start raiding kitchens?

Man: (realizing) Oh, pardon me, Big Bird.

Banjo: (as the man walking to a recliner and sits in it) Sir. I did tell you my name and Kazooie told you hers so why not tell me what your name is?

Man: I'm a time lord.

Banjo: Good know but I just asked what your name is?

Man: I'm the doctor.

Kazooie: You mean like a witch doctor?

Man: No, I'm just the doctor.

Banjo: Doctor who?

Man: (smiling) Now that's more like it!

Banjo and Kazooie stare at each other in confusion.

To be Continued...