I looked at Adrian's face for one last time. "I'm sorry. It is happening as soon as I wake up, Adrian. I don't know where I am, so you can't help me. I'm so sorry." I felt slow tears fall down my face, a rare thing for THE Rosemarie Hathaway. The look of sadness on his face was painful for me. "Little Dhampir, please! I need to do something! I cannot just let them turn you with no way to help you." His pleading voice pained me. "Tell Dimitri that I love him and Lissa that she is my sister and is a queen to me. Tell Christian and Eddie that they are my big brothers. And tell my mom I love her. I love you Adrian, but like a brother. You will find someone good, and I hope I never see any of you again." He knew what was going to happen, but he didn't understand why I wouldn't want to see him. "Rose. Why not? We could help you..." he said, pleadingly. "NO!" my voice, too loud, made the fake animals he conjured up in this dream run from the nearby forest. "If I see you, I will kill you. I love you all too much for that." I said as I walked away. "ROSE! NO!" he screamed as I turned and ran. Then, the dream shattered.

I woke up and looked at Galina. She had kidnapped me when we fought 20 Strigoi. Dimitri, Eddie, Christian and I had fought greatly, but in the end, they got me pinned and drank from me until I was too out of it to fight. The last thing I remembered before waking up here was Dimitri. He had tears falling from his eyes and was running towards me. I remember him yelling my name, trying to reach me and save me, but he was too late. I woke up here with Galina leaning over me and she was yelling at me to tell her everything I knew about Lissa. I told nothing, so she decided that when I woke next time, she would turn me to get the information she wanted. That was the worst thing imaginable that could happen, because I knew that I would end up hunting my loved ones. As I felt Galina's teeth bite into my neck, I cried out in pain and the tears I was holding back fell as the bittersweet endorphin rush came and blood loss pulled me into sweet blackness of unconsciousness.