She came walking out of the building, formally dressed with a man holding her arm, dressed alike. A group surrounded them, dressed in black pants, white shirt, black jacket and... a red collar? I looked over to Brandy, my second in command.

"Red collar?" I whispered. She shrugged.

"We take what we can get, right K?" She replied.

"I guess, but we never got a royal, much less the queen..." I said worrying.

"We can show them all that WE are the best, K!" said little Lilly, or as we call her Lil.

"Lil, I don't want to have the chance to lose any of you though" A small amount of fear shot through me, but the smell of their blood was too much. They saw it in my eyes.

"Come on, K! Let's go!" Jake whisper-yelled. The 4 of us, me, Lil, Brandy, and Jake sprang from our perch in the trees. We landed on some of the guards, instantly snapping their necks and killing them. There were still 4 more guards with the prize: the Moroi queen. Queen Vasilisa Dragomir. We first looked at the guards. There was one woman and 3 men. I sniffed the air and realized that the one who was holding her arm, now defensively in front of her, was another Moroi. "Lord" Christian Ozera. I knew 2 of the guards from stalking the queen for days. There was Rosemarie Hathaway and Dimitri Belikov. The last guard must have been one of the random ones meant to keep her safe. Well, I thought, he will fail. I looked at my group and nodded silently. Lil and Brandy jumped Dimitri while Jake ran on the random guard. I walked calmly over to Rosemarie.

"Hello Rosemarie. Nice to meet you. I'm here to kill you." I said with a ridiculously perky smile as I lunged for her throat. She was faster than I anticipated and got a good hit into my stomach. Thankfully, she didn't have the silver stake in that hand. When I felt a presence near me I turned my eyes to my left for a micro-second and saw Jake there. I turned my eyes to the right for a micro-second longer and saw the guard Jake was attacking lying there: dead. "Not bad." I whispered to him. He put a stupid smile on his face. That is when I heard Lil cry out. I snapped my head in her direction and saw Dimitri had a silver stake aimed for her heart. I ran over to her as fast as I could and knocked her out of the way as the stake came down. I felt the tip stab into my mid back, right below my heart. Thank god I lived I thought then jumped up as fast as I could. Brandy tackled Dimitri and aimed her fangs for his throat as I heard Rosemarie scream. "NO!" and ran over with her stake out, trying to save Dimitri. As I realized what she was doing, I snapped my hand out and grabbed Brandy off Dimitri before she could bit him. I threw her to the ground far away from him. Rose just stopped running and stared at me.

"Why did you do that?" she asked, mixture of fear, anger and thankfulness in her voice, making it lovely to listen to.

"You saw how I saved my own. You tried to save yours." I turned back to Brandy and ran to her. Since we run at an approximate speed of 20mph, it didn't take long at all, even though I threw her about 30 feet away. "You ok, B?" I asked her. She just groaned and cursed at me. I chuckled and looked at Lil and Jake. "She's ok." I said to them and they stifled laughter also.

Rosemarie, Dimitri, the Ozera and the Dragomir stared at us, as if they couldn't believe their eyes.

"What?" I asked with annoyance in my voice as I gingerly lifted Brandy's head off the pavement.

"I-I've never seen a Strigoi with emotion or care for others." The Queen said quietly. "I haven't seen many Strigoi at all, honestly, but the ones I have seen-"she looked slightly toward Dimitri and then looked back at me "the ones I have seen had no emotion but anger and hate, no care for others, only using them for power."

"Well," I sighed "I don't care about your stories, honestly. I'm starving. Let's go guys!" I said the last sentence at my rag-tag group, or as we joked, my 'pack'. We turned and got ready to run as I heard Rosemarie yell to us.

"You really think you are just going to run away and kill others? No way!" she said as she ran to us, stake out. I realized she was going for Lil. I screamed as I ran to her and pushed my pack out of the way, ending up with a stake in my stomach. I felt her rip it out of my stomach and aim for my heart while I didn't move. I looked at my pack and let joy come over my face. I died protecting them, my only family. In a second I remember everything I did to become this, this monster everyone thought I was. The one thing no one knew, we are half Strigoi, half Moroi. In the middle of our changes, we were rescued by some humans since the Strigoi who was changing us had left for a meal. I knew we would eventually die, even though I kept that knowledge from them, so I spent what life I had protecting these children I met, these three children turned into a monster with me, who I wouldn't let die while I was alive. As I felt the stake start to penetrate my skin, right over my heart, I felt, rather than saw, Dimitri put his hand on Rosemarie's and then the stake was drawn back into her jacket as she got off me. I looked at them, with hatred then with thankfulness. He pulled her over in his arms and I saw rather than heard him say something to her.

"She was about to die for her group. Let her live. There is life in her heart. I can see it beat, barely." He said as he pulled her away from us. Her eyes focused on my chest. I usually disguised my heartbeat with my breathing, and it normally worked, but her trained eyes saw how my chest moved when I didn't breathe at all. I looked at her and I hoped my eyes said "Please don't expose us to the Moroi. Please." She looked at the rest of us and saw the same thing. "Come on, Roza. Let's get back inside and deal with these deaths." Dimitri murmured to her and he walked to the Ozera Lord and nodded to him as they walked inside. I saw the queens eyes widen as she looked at my chest, seeing the heartbeat, before we all ran far, far away from them.