Green light and the screams of horrors I had only ever seen in nightmares - stories to frighten children, especially those of us with power. "Magic is a gift," the Keeper had said to those of us gathered around her on the grass. "But that doesn't mean it is without dangers."

Searing pain in my hand as I grip the unfamiliar staff, sending ice in all directions. Talons made of fury instead of flesh, singing the air as they swipe at my face. Dangers indeed.

I was drowning in shrieking chaos. I'm going to die.

Then thin fingers encircled my wrist, pulled me up, streamed power from the pain. A voice at my ear – a roar. Then all was still.

"My name is Solas, if there are to be introductions."

From the beginning, he was my calm in the storm.

And yet when I met Cullen, I couldn't tear my eyes away. His presence, his voice – everything in him spoke of strength. Command.

Corypheus had punched holes through the sky, through me. Missing memories. Running from horrors. I had no solid place to stand.

And there he was, giving direction, clearing a path, watching my back.

Order and peace.

I desperately needed both.