*Adv. World*

Tsubaki and Soul were walking out of the ice kingdom onto a grassy plain. Soul looked up at the sky and said, "Weird weather." Tsubaki nodded her head in agreement.

"Let's go that way," she said pointing at a forest that resembled a forest back when they met Camille. As they walked through the forest for a few minutes, they heard some crunching noise behind them and snapped their heads around. What they saw surprised them.

It was a giant walking and talking peppermint in a butler suit. It seemed to come up to either Soul's or Tsubaki's knees. It was bent down, picking up sticks, when it stood up and noticed them.

It gasped with wide eyes at them. Tsubaki brought her hand up to her mouth out of surprise while Soul just leaned in and stared directly into the big candy's eyes. "What the heck are you?" It looked at them and stammered with a thin line for a mouth, "I-I'm p-peppermint butler. I believe something is wrong, please come with me."

He hurriedly paced away without their reply. Soul looked to Tsubaki with a shrug as they followed after him.

*F-J House*

Finn and Jake stared wide-eyed at the two without responding. Maka and Blackstar yanked them up, and went inside. "Where the name of Death are we and why the hell did you try to attack us?" interrogated Maka, both sitting down as they waited for them to talk.

Finn shook his head, snapping himself out of his trance. "All I know is that there was a flash of light and you twos fell on our house." After he said this, Maka started to pace around the room with her head in her hand. Jake added, "Then we came up to investigate."

Blackstar literally jumped three feet into the air and yelled, "IT CAN TALK!" "MAKA CHOP!" Maka yelled as Blackstar suddenly hit the floor with a book sized dent in his head.

Then she stared down at the unconscious bluenette and said "Shut up idiot. I'm trying to think of what to do." Finn and Jake shared a look. "How bout we see PB? She's smartest person in Oo." suggested Finn. Then Maka turned with a sweat drop and stated quite embarrassedly.

"I've forgot to untie you guys." She proceeded to do so. Immediately after Maka untied them Blackstar hopped to his feet and exclaimed, "Why are you releasing the hostages before consulting your God?"

Maka flashed him a glare, raising a hardcover book before him. Blackstar took a step back raising his hands in submission saying, "I'll shut up. I'll shut up." quickly while sweating.

"So can you take us to this PB person?" questioned Maka. Jake then said. "Sure we can it's just at the Candy Kingdom, and also her name is Princess Bubblegum." Suddenly Finn jumped off the couch and yelled, "Mathematical! Fallow me." Both Maka and Blackstar raised a brow but followed them anyway.

As they walked toward the Candy Kingdom, Finn and Jake started asking questions. "So does it hurt when those blades come out?" Finn asked curiously. Both Maka and Blackstar looked at them oddly and stated, "Isn't it weird to have a talking dog?" Finn quirked his eyebrow and retaliated, "What are you talking about? He's my bro."

There was a long silence until Blackstar cut in, "I want a brother like that." "I hate to break it to you two, but it is physically impossible." Maka intervened. Finn just shrugged. "By the way, I'm Finn and that's Jake."

Blackstar puffed up his chest proudly and jutted a thumb at himself. "I am the Great Blackstar and this is my follower Maka!" "Blackstar …" Maka warned. Suddenly Blackstar yelled "WHAT'S THAT?!" and darted off to the left.

Maka, Finn, and Jake walked the way Blackstar had gone and saw him latched onto a yellow candy like wall by his teeth. "Blackstar what are you doing?" Maka said boredly. There was a muffled noise made by Blackstar as a response.

Jake stretched up to where Blackstar was just as Finn said. "Dude, stop trying to eat the Candy-Wall. Ya'll gonna get in trouble with the Gumball Guardians." Blackstar just huffed with his arms crossed as they all walked into the Candy Kingdom.

Blackstar and Maka's faces were filled with astonishment as they looked around at all the candy surrounding them, even the people. "We're here." Jake said as they approached the entrance of a castle with yellow walls. They all walked in with Jake and Finn in the lead. Finn suddenly yelled, "PB, YOU HOME?"

A girl with bright pink hair down to mid-neck with a bit covering one of her eyes and pale pink skin, wearing a spaghetti strapped bright pink dress that puffs out in layers from the waist down to just above her knees with pink sparkles on the front chest area, pink combat boots just below her knees, and a golden crown upon her head that had a green gemstone on it walked into the room.

"What do you two dingdongs want?" the girl asked. Jake said. "Princess Bubblegum, this is Blackstar and Maka."

"Maka?" A familiar husky voice questioned from the doorway. Everybody in the room turned to see an albino boy and a raven-haired girl with her hair in a ponytail in the doorway.

Tsubaki yelled Blackstar's name and ran to him, picking him up while hugging him. While that happened, both Soul and Maka ran and hugged each other.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! PUT ME DOWN, YOUR GOD COMMANDS IT; YOU'RE MAKING ME LOOK SHORT!" Blackstar yelled, struggling under Tsubaki's grip.