*Adv. World*

PB, Finn, and Jake stared curiously at each other then back at the four friends hugging. All of them asked in unison, "Do you know each other?" Maka unlatched herself from Soul and stated, "Yeah. This is my weapon partner, Soul. And Tsubaki is Blackstar's dark arms weapon."

PB looked at them skeptically and stated. "Weapon?" Maka smiled. "Well, you see-" Maka started to explain when a crash sounded.

All of them turned to see the Ice King coming through the window, knocking down a table. "ICE KING!" Jake and Finn yelled with alarm.

Maka calmly stated, "Soul." While Blackstar yelled out. "Tsubaki! Chain-scythe mode!" Then there was a brilliant flash of yellow and blue light as they transformed. There stood Maka and Blackstar with sharp bladed weapons in their hands. Blackstar asked Maka seriously, "What's his soul look like?"

Maka narrowed her eyes at the wizard while saying, "He somehow has a witch's soul that seems a bit human and he is very greedy." Ice King hovered toward Maka and said. "Ooh, another new princess." Suddenly, they all heard a soft thud and Blackstar yelling, "GET OFF OF ME!"

They turned to see Kid with Liz and Patty in their weapon forms on top of Blackstar with Beelzebub nearby. Kid looked around at everyone when his gaze stopped at the Ice King. He turned his head down when a dark aura surrounded him.

His head tilted up just enough for them to see the golden glow of his eyes and growled out, "You asymmetrical piece of trash."

*Soul World*

While Spirit was having his meltdown (in an emo corner), Death and Kid were still debating on what to do. "Father, allow me to go and find Camille." Kid stated.

Liz shivered with her arms crossed over her chest at the thought of finding the witch again. Patty was being her usual self and playing with a toy giraffe, breaking it's neck. "That's what you get for messing with Patty!" she exclaimed excitedly.

"Girls, let's go." Kid told them while walking away.

They were all riding on Beelzebub in the woods searching for Camille. "Where should we look now?" Liz asked as her face flashed onto her pistol form. Kid stayed stoic as he stated. "Let's check where the others disappeared."

As they floated over to the crater, they heard a high-pitched laugh. Kid turned quickly to see Camille standing right behind him. "Looking for me?" she asked with a mischievous look in her eyes. Kid growled as his eyes darkened. "Where are they?" he said lowly.

Camille suddenly smirked and tilted her head, "Why don't you find out for yourselves." She positioned her left hand on her hip while her right hand went to her left shoulder. "Bye." Then … it went dark.

*Adv. World*

"Asymmetrical?" PB questioned the new arriver. Kid growled, "Yes."

"Here we go," Liz's voice commented. Advancing towards the Ice King menacingly, Kid leaked a strong killing intent, golden eyes wild. Kid rose up the two Thompson sister pistols and murderously looked at the Ice King, pinkies at the ready.

The Ice King started to back away from the murderous Kid, sweat dropping all the while. "Do you honestly believe you could intimidate ME, the ICE KING!?" Despite the question being said in a nervous/shaky voice, Kid continued to approach the other without any response other than a slight increase in his temper. "Who told you that you could mess with a God?" Kid snarled back.

At this, the Ice King visibly shuddered, (which he would not admit to), and stepped back again. Kid stopped moving and took aim at him instead. "Now you, piece of trash, are going to die for that." In the next instant, many "bullets" (compressed soul wavelengths for those that don't know) shot directly at the so-called King of Ice.

Kid's victim let out a shrill scream, much like a little girl's actually, and tried to dodge as many as he possibly could, without much success. Trying dodge one of the attacks, the Ice King had jumped; unfortunately, causing the Ice King to trip and fall backwards, his turban flipping over his head and exposing his underwear or wrapping (whatever you want to call it).

Blackstar suddenly shouted.

"What the hell old man?! Tsubaki avert your eyes!" He nearly smacked his hands over Tsubaki's eyes, while Soul bursted out laughing, and Maka slowly increased to match Soul's level of laughter.

Patty flashed into the pistol's side, pointing and giggling. "He's naked~! Bet he'll be easier to beat than that giraffe that messed with me before. No one messes with Patty! No one!"

She flashed off after her rant full of giggles, and all seriousness toward the end. Ice King screamed. "WAHH!" He tried to escape out the window, only to have his turban get snagged by one attack from Kid.

Unexpectedly, Ice King felt a connection of a someone's foot with his buttox. Finn decided to sling himself, for more momentum, out of Jake. "Don't come back Ice King!"

Toppling out the window, only to catch himself in mid air, it had Ice King crying out in embarrassment and fear. Then his tunic ripped and he flew away with his beard, flapping away (flapflapflap).

"Bl-Blackstar, c-can you uncover my eyes," asked Tsubaki, whose eyes were being smoldered by Blackstar's hands. Blackstar kept them there. "No, he's still not decent." "He's gone, idiot," stated Soul. Blackstar laughed. "That's what you know-" "More than you apparently." Soul muttered.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY TO YOUR GOD!?" He screamed back, flailing his arms, letting go of Tsubaki's face. Soul let out an agitated sigh as Maka just kicked him in the shin, effectively shutting him up.