The plan was to get this before Valentine's Day of 2014, so it's almost Valentine's Day 2015 and I'm still debating whether to post it or not. Let me warn you guys, it's kinda cheesy, but what can I say, I'm kind of a romantic person myself and since TIVA just transmits me pure love I decided to give it a shot.

I can't help it but keep writing in my primitive way about our two beloved characters Tony and Ziva. In my opinion, these two characters became closest than ever in Season 10, to tell you the truth I've seen all the season but not Season 11, just the first 2 episodes for my sanity. So you might find some of this fanfic out of character however I'll try to stay as close as possible.

Valentine's mood…


It was the end of January and people were starting to feel that the temperature was finally getting a little bit warm. As always, Abby was in an excellent mood mostly because she usually is that way and because Valentine's Day was coming. A lot of things have happened with her so called "NCIS family" and all she wanted was to ease the mood a little bit and get some positive energy around them.

She's been thinking about a way to make everyone participate in some activities like exchange gifts, possible go-outs or whatever it takes to reach Valentine's Day in a good mood.

Finally she got an idea and all she needed was to go shopping in the afternoon, she also knew she needed a partner in crime, it was a hard position to fill since analyzing most of her coworkers, most of them were not the light mood type, however she knew who she could count on and there he was, Palmer was her guy, he was as caring as she was even with those weird comments in the crime scenes, he was a lovely person and also he has a beautiful wife who was as cute as he was, so maybe she could be a lot of help in this matter.

Abby called Jimmy and told him to meet her in the mall and if he could bring Breena it'd be great, Jimmy needed to ask permission to Ducky and all he could say was "Dr. Mallard, Valentine's Day is coming and before we don't have the chance to make some time to buy a gift, would you please let me go early to do so?" With that and those puppy eyes of him Ducky decided to give Palmer he afternoon off since there were no cases to work on.

Abby also needed to ask for permission in order to meet Jimmy and Breena at the mall, she only needed to ask Gibbs and knew he wouldn't deny it, so she went to the bullpen and talked to Gibbs "Gibbs, Gibbs, Gibbs, I need the afternoon free, I have some things to do" at what he just said "OK" and with that Abby rushed to the mall.

McGee, Tony and Ziva couldn't believe how easy for her was to just ask for a free afternoon, Tony tried to get the same treatment failing in his attempt "Hey boss I think we all could use a free afternoon since there are no cases to work in" of course he used his distinguish Dinozzo grin with Gibbs only finding a grumpy man with a killer look answering "really Dinozzo?", Ziva and McGee just looked at each other with a resigned look, it was obvious who was Gibbs' favorite.

Jimmy was able to contact Breena and both met Abby at the mall, Jimmy was intrigued because Abby never told him what was that about and so Breena, however Jimmy trusted Abby and knew if she was calling him and asking to meet him and Breena it would have to be important.