Ziva was in the same state as Abby, she didn't know what to think anymore, Tony had made it clear he was being serious and that scared the Mossad Officer / Federal Agent more than any criminal trying to kill her. She decided to have a word with Abby since she was the one starting this Valentine's Mood thing, so she went downstairs…

Ziva: "Abby!"

Abby: "Geez... Ziva why do you always has to scare me entering here without any warning?"

Ziva: "I am not a monster…"

Abby: "Oh I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to imply that, you're more like a cool kitty cat with ninja skills"

By then Ziva was smiling, she always found Abby so creative and energetic with her comments and way to see life…

Ziva: "Did you like the cupcake?"

Abby: "Oh my God, yes! I'm sorry and I didn't thank you, thank you by the way!"

Ziva: "Oh, you do not have to"

Suddenly Abby sensed Ziva wasn't just there to ask if she received the freaking cupcake, she was troubled and maybe she needed a friend to talk about, a female friend who can actually understand whatever was going on with her, so she decided to have a sit at the office inside her lab where they had a girls talk…

Abby: "Well Ziva, what's going on? You seem troubled"

Ziva: "I am not troubled, I am just curious"

Abby: "About?"

Ziva: "Well, we all know you are the one behind the notes, and the gifts and all this thing about Valentine's"

Abby: "Well, yeah! Everything has been sort of somber, dark, stressful and I thought that maybe lighten the mood a little bit we'll be wealthy for all Team Gibbs"

Ziva: "Of course! I guess I was just worrying too much… I am sorry for keeping you distracted I should go" with that Ziva was about to get up and leave Abby, but she wasn't willing to lose this opportunity of getting close to Ziva, she was very bottled up with her things and if she was being down there for apparently no reason, something was going on, so Abby didn't open the glass doors and signed her to sit again…

Abby: "Ziva, what's going on? You came here to talk, right? Let's talk, I have some things I need to share with a friend, a female friend, if you know what I mean"

Ziva was glad Abby was considering telling her, her deep thoughts and if Abby was willing to do that, so was she…

Ziva: "I think I know what are you trying to say to me in that note, it is about Tony, right?"

Abby: "Are you kidding me? You're trained by the one of the most accurate, smart and perfect office of intelligence in the world and mentored by the only one Jethro Gibbs in one of the finest Federal Agencies and you just figured out what I'm trying to say in the note? Oh my Gob Ziva, you're so in love!"

Ziva: "No, I am not!"

Abby: "You're totally in love with Tony Dinozzo and there's nothing you could say to deny it, let's not lose time and tell me what's bothering you"

Ziva: "Let's say I might be interested in explore more whatever we have for now but I don't know"

Abby: "What? He's totally in love with you! Have you seen him when you're dating someone, he freaks out, he becomes overprotective with you, he acts like a jealous husband towards you and don't get me started when he's dating someone, you lose your mind, ask Gibbs about him, like a mother caring for a child or a lover caring for its partner?"

Ziva: "We work together, I am his partner! I care! What can I say?"

Abby: "First, all the partner bullshit is out of the question, we all know you could give your life for anyone of us but he's special for you and you know it"

Ziva: "Abby, I do not want to hurt him and I do not want to be hurt as well"

Abby: "Maybe you should go with him for a walk and since he turns into serious Tony when he's alone with you, talk to him about your fears, insecurities, I'm sure he has too many for one walk at the park but at least you'll know both of you are in the same place"

With that, Ziva was comforted by Abby's words she was about to leave Abby's lab when she remembered the goth wanted to share also so she just stayed and asked her to talk as well…

Ziva: "So Abby, you actually wanted to talk"

Abby: "Uhm… yes! I might be having some issues with McGee"

Ziva: "I am all ears!"

Abby: "Well, I have some unfinished business with McGee. Long time ago we kind of date, actually we didn't but we did"

By the time Abby was explaining her complicated kind of relationship with McGee Ziva clueless of what was going on with them, Abby kept going on about if she would date McGee or not, what could that be, etc."

Finally, after twenty minutes of talking about McGee, Abby finally stopped and was waiting for Ziva's advice…

Ziva: "Abby, you should take your own advice into practice" with a shy smile Ziva signaled the glass door for Abby to open it and left Abby wondering what would the Israeli ninja intended to say to her.