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Chapter 2: Ascension

It is easy to despise the weak, simply because one can. They are helpless, powerless and voiceless. It always is and always has been to just crush them underfoot, watching them squirm is even more so. Why, do you ask? There has always been many a reason for such transgressions to happen, such as inequity, racism, prejudice, feuds, jealousy and pride. Although innately, we know this is wrong, that these thing should not happen to anyone, but yet we do it. Because we know, we needed to feel elevated, that we would be superior, strong, and invincible even...

That is all we think of...

That is all we care for.

We are selfish, self-centred, greedy and blinded by ambition; we convince ourselves that all of our intentions are noble and just, as they all seem to be, to the ones who conceived them, heedless of the cost and consequences that all such ambitions entail.

We forget that for every power, there is a cause to the rise of another to oppose it, it may not be immediately, but the seed of resentment and vengeance is always being sowed. And in time, we shall reap it in full. Will it be worth your satisfaction today, when the fangs of restitution shall bare and tear apart what you hold dear tomorrow?

For the time of the least to be great,

For those without power to gain it,

For those who were trampled to do the trampling.

The time of the mighty is gone; it is the time of ascension, woe to all who tried to hinder its rise, for they shall be the first to fall.

Listen all ye who hear, feel the earth tremble, feel your bones shake, hear the rolling thunder, and see your world crumble before your very eyes like a wave to a sand castle. See everything taken from you, see your victims tower above you, see them watch with gleeful delight as they watch you fall , as you crash, burn and get crushed into oblivion. See as they do to you what you have done to them a thousand fold.

For this is the time of the ascension... your nightmares have only just begun. And this time, there is no waking up...

Foolish humans, you are simply arming your greatest bane, you are just giving him all the more reason to do what he would have rather not. Oh, the sweet, sweet taste of irony. The purest of all succumbs to the darkness and becomes the blackest one of all indeed... Those are always the hardest to turn and change but even the purest and strongest have their limits. When all you believed in is false and hope has been sucked out, all that is left is the hollow shell of that person's being. Their primal instincts, their basest desires and the most cold-hearted machine of desire are born, or rather, ripping itself into existence.

And this is what the Dark King sees, all the possibilities of what this boy can be...

A puppet,

A tool,

A toy

And the Dark king is eager to play.

The One that shall bring the havoc of destruction, carnage, misery and pain.

But there seems to be a little issue with this little toy, something lacking...

Ah, yes... His heart is not lost yet.

So young, and oh, so naive.

But no matter... it shall only be a matter of time. But first, why not give him some toys of his own, so when all is ready, he will be able to play.

After all, it would be considered rude to be given a toy and not have fun with it. All he has to do is give his toy the means, and the game begins...

The Dark king can only wait in anticipation... soon, the game will be played and the world shall fall on its knees like never before, and perhaps never again.


Shall we play?

Hiccup wakes up to another day, but it's not just another day for him, this the day his life will change forever. This is the chance to get away from misery, from prejudice, from humiliation, from his tormentors, from his father, from Astrid, from Berk… at last.

He starts the day just as usual; wakes up to an empty house, shower, "sucking up" his breakfast, and go to the SFIT Science Fair. Where everything changes...

He packs his bag (since the clothes that actually fit him are not that many, not that his father really bothered to ask and/or care, yes, he asks but more of a roundabout way of saying what and how he wants things to happen, never mind anyone's opinion, let alone his own son … note the sarcasm.) and took off to San Faransokyo, with his EnSiDe, he mounts his scooter.

The scooter itself is probably the most thoughtful gift of the coach to his son. Sadly, not the type of thoughtfulness one would think. Coach Stoick bough this son the thing as soon as his son was old enough to ride it, since it eliminated the pick-ups and drop-off trips that are as comfortable as having a hungry python around your neck. It's also there for them to avoid the unnecessary contact between the two, after all, why would they talk to each other? It's not like they need it in their relationship. Nope, it's post-it notes, fridge magnets and the occasional call and/or text for them, it's worked before and there is no reason anything should be any different, thank you very much. It's good enough for them, no matter what others say. It's not like they chose each other to be parent and child, so it's not their fault their family is as dysfunctional as it can get, right?

They're just stuck with each other just because the universe finds it funny in a very twisted sense, so why would they have to make the other suffer their presence unnecessarily? No, this way is better, less pain for everyone.

And off he goes, and technically, he's not running away. He simply 'left the nest'. And not without provisions either, he always had a considerable fortune with him left by his mother, plus the wages that he earns at old Gobber's Elecr'ncs. He basically runs it alone too, being the manager, technician, salesman and janitor rolled up into one. The old geezer was even too lazy to check on the progress of the shop, all he does is hang around his bar 'The Forge', checks the money and inventory, calls when needed and lets the lad go on his work. Luckily, Berk is merely a small town, so work is not that much in urgent demand. Even if he is only a student with a full schedule, during the day when the old man is in the store, he would tell them to write down the trouble of the device, leave their number and leave Henry to fix and contact them while he goes on his merry drinking way. Although he gets paid a notch or two below standard, Henry gets paid for all of the positions he works on, making him much better paid than most folks, so who was he to complain?

Henry makes it to the convention centre, just as all the other entries were just setting up their booths and presentations. He then goes to work, testing, fine-tuning, calibrating, re-calibrating, adjusting and refining. This is his only shot; he cannot screw this up, not now. What most people don't know is that SFIT is a special school and enrolling by yourself would cost a fortune, unless you won the annual science fair, which is why he must win. He can't go back now, its sink or swim.

Pretty soon, his EnSiDe is as good as it can ever get with the current hardware and software, plus some durability features to survive being dropped, forced and manhandled, after all, who would want to invest in something so breakable?

He goes out of the building, gather his thoughts, wits and nerves, otherwise, he'd be a mess of stutters and incoherent words, and he cannot lose this chance.

Henry was contemplating these thoughts when he suddenly ran into a group of six people. "Offf!" "What the-" He bumped into what looks like the youngest of them, a kid around his age with black messy hair and a kind demeanour on his face.

"You ok Hiro?" asked one of them, he looks like to be of asian descent, in fact, disregard the slight angle on his face, and they can pass off as brothers, and by the looks of it, they most probably are.

"You know, it would be nice of watch where you're going next time kid. You could get hurt if you don't." commented a tough looking girl, she looks like the older guy's age, albeit her height, but more than makes up for it with her curves in all the right places and by the looks of it, like with Astrid, chances of survival would be favourable if you don't say that within her earshot.

"Yeah, sorry about that," Henry replied dejectedly. This is how his encounters with Scott's gang always starts, from a single glance to just about anything really, and bumping on to them is considered as a major offence. Just when he is preparing his body for yet another beating, one of them helped him up. It was a guy of Afro-American decent judging by his looks, he has short dreads for his hear and sports a headband to keep them out of his face. He was also quite muscular and would probably give Scott a run for his money in the physiques department.

"You ok little man?" The black guy asked, looking quite concerned, which somehow shocked Henry; no one was concerned about him back on Berk, not after Astrid. Astrid... the name and thought just brings back pain memories and 'could have beens'. He shakes the off just as quickly, and brought himself back to the current situation. He is still weary if he just made enemies before he could even start school, well, then again this is "The Hiccup" we're talking about here, chances are favourable it will happen just that because the gods of every culture and belief seem to make a sport of making him suffer. That's just the way it always has been. Nothing new there.

But it seems he is being proven wrong today when another one of them, another girl, started to fuss over him like a mother of a toddler who just fell down. This one much taller than the other one, and has the definition of geeky nailed down. She wears a floral skirt of sorts, complete with long flowing blonde hair and big full moon spectacles. What can be more noted is that energy and enthusiasm that seems to follow her everywhere. "Are you ok kid? Does any part hurt? Are you seeing double? Are you..." she was then cut off by the guy wearing the cap.

"Honey, I'm pretty sure he's not grievously injured, and if he is we can have Baymax have a look at him. Just calm down, you're scaring the poor kid..."

"Yeah man, and it's not like he was by a death ray or something." another guy piped in, he was sort of tall, lanky and wears clothes like he was a bum of sorts, plus a green beanie on his head. Reminds him of Tuffnut, only less mean and a lot cleaner.

"But then again," the beanie guy added, tapping a finger on his chin, thinking. "If he was hit by a death ray, he would be, like, dead anyway so no use of checking him after that..."

Everyone raised their eyebrows and gave him a single identical look, which the beanie guy absolutely missed.

"Thank you for summing that up."

The dry retort just spilled out of his mouth that by the time Henry realized it and tried to cover his mouth to stop it, it was too late. Cursing himself that he screwed up in making friends (again), he gave the group a weak, awkward smile; expecting them to walk away and leave him at that. But yet again, the group surprised him, and the tension broke in a chorus of laughter, and not the kind of laughter Henry was usually subjected to, since he was usually the joke instead of making a joke, and he found that he like the difference.

Recovering from the laugh fest, the cap guy wiped imaginary tears from his eyes from the amusement, studied Henry a bit before saying "That was a great one, I'm sure Freddie boy didn't expect that comeback." This earned a playful huff from the beanie guy who Henry assumes to be Freddie or just Fred.

"Anyway," the cap guy continues, "name's Tadashi," He says as he extends his hand toward the new boy.

"Henry." was the lad's reply, still surprised that these people are taking time to notice and talk to him, as he takes Tadashi's hand and shakes it.

"And these are my friends, my brother Hiro," he gestured to the kid Henry literally ran into earlier. The said kid nodded in confirmation, flashing a gap-toothed grin, similar to Henry's.

"Gogo" as he pointed out the tough-looking girl who responded with a curt nod, whilst blowing her pink bubblegum.

"Fred." to which Fred responded, "Whazzup dude?"

"Honey Lemon," Gesturing the enthusiastic nerdy blonde. That cleared a couple of things, for a second earlier, he was actually saying her name and not with some cheesy couple name. At least he won't feel awkward saying it too. The aforementioned blonde waved and smiled like an eager kid. 'At least someone is glad to meet me' he thought to himself.

"Wasabi," when he was suddenly cut off by the Afro-American A.K.A. Wasabi.

"Bro, I keep telling you guys, that was on my shirt one time-ONE TIME!" was the muscular guy's immediate reaction "Can you NOT embarrass me with that story every single time we meet somebody?"

"Well, you could always say that at least your name backs you up on any claim that that you are 'hot', get it?" Came Henry's voice to which he immediately cursed himself for, being overly familiar with some strangers just because the just took a time of the day to be civil with, in the very least... at least according to him, is quite overstepping boundaries. After a tense moment, Wasabi howled in laughter along with the rest of the group. This again surprised Henry, as he joined the merriment as well.

"Oh, man! Woah! Can we keep him Tadashi? Please?" Fred said, being the first to recover from the rest.

"Yeah we should, I'm liking this kid."

"Well then, we shoul-"

"Calling all participants of the SFIT Science Fair, please proceed to your respective booths, the exhibits will start in 5 minutes... Again, calling all..."

"Guess that's us then," Henry said, holding out his hand.

"…and may the best inventor win." Hiro finishes, taking his hand and both shake it as the two separate with respect of the other…but also knowing one of them will have to fail.

"So far so good…" Henry muses, with all the people coming to see that is going on and what they can see with his mysterious helmet should grab the attention of the school or maybe even some companies and he would be hired outright, that would be even better. Making his project a semi-mystery certainly appealed to the curiosity of the people and it seems to be working quite nicely.

He looks toward where Hiro and his friends are, and wrong as it may seem, he was somehowhat pleased that not many paid attention to him and whatever that's in those dumpsters. No matter, more chances that I would win this thing. Stupid sentimentality never helped me before, it sure as Hel won't help me now. After all, all is fair in love and war and science fairs…"

He suddenly spots Alistor Krei coming over; Henry knows that his break is finally here! Mr. Krei dons the helmet, when Henry notices Hiro is now on top of the stage, he tries not to mind, he has to keep Mr. Krei's attention, and he knows he can pull this off… and that was the case... until he hears that one word:


Great Thor's loaded breeches...

Right after Hiro concluded his presentation; any idiot would see who won the entire damn thing… no need to have it rubbed in his face.

So he runs. He runs to the rooftop of the convention centre, ideally, as the saying goes, if you don't want to see it, be on top, so that you can see everything except what is below your feet…a nice reflection, for all the good it would do to him now… but, what the hell, right?


Oh, who in all the 9 circles of Hell is he fooling? Huh? Himself?! Well he certainly is doing a crack of a freaking job at it. He lost his chance…

It's over… for him.

He did what any honest to goodness man can do, and it wasn't enough.

He gambled his all…

…his all…

…and he lost it all, to mister Microbots, to mister goody two shoes, mister "have friends and family to love me"… and he has it all.

And of himself? Henry has no one … nothing… anything really.

No friends.

No family.

He has lost it all and alone.

And it hurt so freaking damn much. He hates it, isn't it enough that the universe treated him like crap for the past fifteen years?! But NOOOOooooo… the universe obviously wasn't done toying with him… all the hard work, all the ambitions, the risks and all his dreams… and what has he to show for it? Nada, zero, zilcho, nil, absolute zero Calvin… oh, and a helmet that no one has an interest in and after that display from Mr. Microbot guy here… who even wants his EnSiDe?

He looks on the side of the lake, and spots two people talking. He realizes, it was Hiro and Tadashi, talking… Tadashi probably being the good big brother that he was, spurring Hiro, not that he needs it, after all, who need a pep talk after winning the scholarship? The possibility of a huge contract deal? A chance to fulfil dreams, of future projects and even fame and fortune… not that he needs the former, he'd rather be an unknown… until he sticks it to everyone's face of who it was that they hurt and belittled all those years…

But, it's over now…

He turns away from the sappy, happy family scene… it won't do good for him anyhow.

He decides to get back downstairs, get his stuff. And disappear, no one will miss him anyway, no one wants him, no one will even remember him… he'll just save them the trouble.

It's best for everyone after all, right?

It's what he's been told all his life, might as well get to it.

As he approaches his booth, he sees someone –Professor Calaghan?! What's he doing in here? And that suspiciously like…

What in the name of Loki's great golden-coated long-horn Helm, is going on?

Hiro's Microbots...

And if he's stealing it, it won't equate to anything good, no matter what formula you put that into.

He looks like preparing to blow the place up, probably cover his tracks… smart. So now the plan is to grab his EnSiDe, make a run for it, and maybe receive something once he gets out… if not, he'll live.

By Valkyries' scantily clad metallic bras, he's covering himself, this place is about to blow!

He need to find some cover, and instinctively dives into the nearest shelter: A Zorb-ball thingy, what good will that do? Yes, he is the paragon of positive vibes this cheery day… not.

But before he could snark himself more, the world burst into flames…

He's somehow moving… how?

And the answer comes easy… he's near the hallway, and the blast is acting like a chamber in a gun barrel and the door is open to have him soot out of it…

Perfect... Henry always wanted to know how it feels to be a human cannon ball… -and there he goes…

As he travels hard, high and fast, he remembers one little, teeny tiny detail… whatever goes up, must go down.

As the ground approaches to give him a lesson on what it means to defy its law, one thought comes to his mind:

"Well, this is gonna hurt…"

To be Continued…

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"HEY! Look, this guy's up! Heath! Come on! Move it!"


He hears voices, but he seems distant, far away...

Pain and numbness, both are quite unpleasant in themselves, combined? Not the greatest feeling in the world, that's for sure.

His body feels heavy, like a ton of bricks fell in him and he had to crawl his way out, and don't ask how he knew how it feels, let's just leave it at that.

What in the world is happening now? Did Snot or the twins trip him on the stairs again? Great, now he has to deal with his father, maybe saying thing like not looking where he is going and tripping himself, heh, now that's rich right there, if he believe that incompetent of a so, what does that say to him as a father… Whatever, story of his life… what's new?

As Henry opens his eyes, well… he IS in a clinic of sorts, and he DOES seem to be in bad shape, heh, bad shape doesn't seem to begin to cover it. Not with a full-body cast, he isn't. But what happened?

He opens his eyes and he sees an unfamiliar face, the guy is sporting a short, clean-cut raven hair, with warm brown eyes and a look of concern, something he is not quite used to receiving.

"Hey there bud! How are you faring this fine day?" Well, isn't this guy is quite cheerful? And for once, sarcasm doesn't fit the bill today.

"Well, judging by the full-body cast, I'd hazard to say that feeling unwell is a gross understatement." Man, can't he just shut his mouth? The guy just might pull his life-support system or something, that is, if he is attached to something of the sort, regardless, best not cheese off someone if he can't run away or protect himself from bodily harm, not that it mattered to him given his record, so, what the Hel, right?

Instead of doing said bodily harm, the stranger just laughed himself silly and slapped his knee for a good minute before replying, "Oh, man…" he chuckles a bit more "I like you already buddy, you'll fit right in."

"Fit… right…" Henry could barely repeat what the stranger said when his head felt like it was about to burst, and suddenly, everything comes crashing in vivid, painful detail. He screamed in pain along with the other guy screaming for some help.

"JAKE! What did I tell you about disturbing the patient? What in Thor's name are you thinking? Are you even thinking with that great big head of yours? You really need to replace your helmet or at least avoid getting hit on the head often!" A voice, no doubt female, and a sharp tone that diamonds won't probably stand a chance. This belief is enforced with the way Jake, Henry seems think that is this guy's name is, flinching.

"Hey there," the tone suddenly became as soothing as a warm dip in a tub, almost angelic, and as Henry turned to see her face, scratch the almost, she is truly angelic, he decided. Raven haired and braided over her left shoulder, and green eyes that seem to pierce straight to your soul… and add to the fact she is wearing a nurse uniform and you have the situation that most guys only see in their dreams (or maybe in their hidden folders, if you catch my drift).

The young woman in front of him placed a hand on his forehead to check if he is fine, that is, after slapping the guy she called Jake upside of the head for his supposed distressing a patient. Looking a bit sheepish on the little debacle, he stepped aside and gestured to Henry that plainly said, "Go ahead."

The Angel nurse, he called her in his head primarily because he thinks he is in heaven and the heavenly beings there are fitting him up nicely to do the bidding of an invisible deity who apparently likes to kick back and watch his life, like a bad rom-com that old ladies like to watch, minus the romance since his life is anything but romantic and his is the joke, in many senses of that freaking word...

Wow, his pessimism apparently had taken its time to upgrade itself, like it wasn't scathingly depressing already.

But pessimism be damned, if this is servitude, he'd be her personal slave and he'd be eternally happy. And yes, it is sad that his ultimate goal at the moment is to be a slave of an admittedly drop-dead gorgeous female of his species, which he just met...

And another wow, did this many thoughts just come in his head and she just made a single step toward him? Talk about thinking fast now.

Oh hey, she talking to me, better hear what she wants to say.

"... I'm Heather, I have to apologize if this idiot here," pointing to Jake, who rolled his eyes at her, from behind of course, so she can't see him doing so. "...can be insensitive and a bit too much like a kid on a sugar high for his own good. How are you feeling?"

"Like I'm in a full body cast, and have no idea how I got here."

"HAH! See? I told you his gonna be a shoe in here, I just know it!" Jake said again, quite giddy, in fact like a kid on Christmas, but in a body of a man, which was quite disconcerting in itself. And what did he mean "here" is.

"To answer how you got here, I was doing some roadtrip –I mean rounds, and NOT slacking off just because I don't feel like doing anything, around the island," Heather only looked up to the heavens in exasperation, clearly this guy was not the most attentive of his duties. But she didn't interrupt him none the less."When something looked like it fell out of the sky. I went over to look, and lo and behold! I found you, not exactly in the best shape anybody would be healthy in," This earned him an eye roll from everyone on the room that stated 'No duh Sherlock', "And so I brought you to dear Heather, who nursed you back to health this past week, you're a heavy sleeper you know that?"And he laughed at his own joke, ignoring the faces of the other, so Henry figured; this is how he possibly rolls. "So here we are now." He ended his presentation with a bow.

Much dramatic flair, this one has...

"We'll give you a proper welcome party as soon a s you get well, after all, you're stuck here with us." He said with a glimmer in his eye that said that he absolutely loves it, doing this.

But before anything else can be said, a sudden dizziness overpowered Henry, pulling him once again into the black blissful void of unconsciousness...

6 Months Later...

The three made their way through a series of complicated passages, underneath the island. The entire complex seems to be a mix of rock and steel like a lab that was used by a millennia but the technology seems so advanced, it is nothing that anybody have seen before.

Finally arriving in a room that was quite spacious, comparable to a Basilica, in fact, it was quite obvious that this is the main room. However, the main room of what?

"This is the Headquarters of the Neo Enforcers Special Taskforce"

It seems Henry has found himself in a secluded island that is occupied by Mercenary Vigilantes, what are the odds of that? And after Heather (sigh, even her name is still heavenly) made sure that he wouldn't collapse in a drop of a hat, he is now being presented to the whole group to, as Jake would coin it, 'get his welcome party started'. It seems that they too, were cast-offs, rejects and unwanted from where they were from. All were looking for a place to call their own, and at the same time trying to get some good, and coin, from what they do.

"Or in short..." Heather couldn't help but steal a bit of his thunder, earning her a pout from the 20-ish man, while watching him with a look of amusement and rolling of eyes.

They were indeed more than meets the eye, Henry knows this as they proceed to the main chamber, and he notices there are the other members of their organization along with some curiosities within the chamber. Henry doesn't know what will happen in the foreseeable future, but he does know that this is where his destiny changes... and he can't wait to get started.

Jake looks over to him with a great big grin, as he beckons Henry to enter this new world that no one else can be... Where he can be what changes the realm forever...

They have no idea how true these words ring.

In truth, it shall be the very fabric of their reality that will be changed forever.

And this is just the beginning.

"Welcome, to the N.E.S.T." Jake finished with a flourish of a showman presenting the main event as they enter the room and the wheels of fate have started turning.

And it shall not be denied.

To be continued...


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