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"Beware in fighting monsters, lest you turn into the monster you fight as well."

Chapter 3: Intros and Bonds

Bonds are what make us who we are; they give us the basis of the views of right and wrong. These bonds are our friends, family, community, religion and beliefs. These are the people we choose to be with, the people we communicate and share our sense of right and wrong with.

Its nature against nurture all over again.

It is with these bonds that we grow to be who and what we want to be or rather, choose to be. These bonds form, reform, affirm and strengthen any and all views, beliefs, opinions and the resolve that you have in

Some bonds are stronger than others; it all depends on their cultivation, and how you allow it to grow and flourish. The ones that truly last are those that you use and hone more often. Ignore it, and even the strongest of bonds eventually wear out in the ravages of time until they are severed without us even noticing. Such is the nature of bonds.

Severing bonds also make you who you are, the things that you accept and reject, the things you defend and the things you will attack without mercy, whether they are creatures, values beliefs or even ideas... such things people do not even notice, but it is though the bonds that you can know who and what a person truly is.

Contrary to popular belief, you can only have so many bonds in your life, that is to say, true bonds, that is, true intimate bond and true connection between them. You cannot have the same kind of bond with everyone, as you do not communicate the same to everyone.

And all it takes is that one special bond to complete you... or break you.

Imagine the power you have if you can manipulate the bonds of anyone, or maybe even, of a person with no bonds at all...




Those things that make humans so weak and fragile.

They are nothing but strings for marionettes, they indeed direct, make movement possible, but as long as those strings are attached, that is all you are, mere puppets with strings, forever limited, forever controlled... too dependent on those strings, most people are... and when true freedom is made, they fall, like the puppets that they truly are...

Then again, they are truly fragile creatures... only those without those annoying strings, will true freedom, for nothing will hinder to achieve whatever they want, no morality, no values... only power and all it entails.

But yet...

They are essential to shape my little plan.

I have made it so that you would find them; these people shall teach you all you need. All the motivation you are going to need, all the things you need to learn, all the skill you will be itching to use, all the mindset and attitude you shall use to achieve your ends...

And then, once that is done, one other purpose... of course, I wouldn't spoil your surprise, what would be the fun in that, after all? Just wait, enjoy yourself, my plan will come to fruitrition soon enough...

Quite soon enough...

The Dark King simply smirks as he sits upon his throne unseen, with the tips of his fingers together as he looks on.

Ah, the beauty of all the things to come...

So much chaos...

So much suffering...

So much despair...

So beautiful indeed...

Soon, it shall come soon enough...

The Dark King smiles, indeed, he will relish it as it slowly, deliciously and tantalizingly unfolds, this plaything of his.

But for now, before that happy time comes, it is time to play with some strings.

"Welcome to the N.E.S.T." Jake said, motioning over to introduce Henry to the people in the main room. The room itself is quite spacious, the walls of the room seem to be covered in what looks like coils of solid metal roots that seemed to have seeped themselves into the whole entirety of the rooms. Henry suspected that they probably spread themselves like this throughout the island like a some sort of an alien metalloid plant of sorts, he decided to put those thoughts in the backburner of his mind, he'll have to see what this whole N.E.S.T. business is all about first and if he's gonna be staying, he'll have to know the ins and outs of the whole deal.

"Ah, so you're the kid who fell from the sky eh?" asked a big burly man who seems to be half of Henry's height in girth, sporting a great black beard with some streaks of grey on them and giving off an aura of intimidating power and respect. He is wearing a suit, a sleek black one with a white shirt underneath and with a tie and patent leather shoes. All in all, a corporate owner that knows how to put you away and not even your best friend would notice you are missing, if he so chooses.

"Yup, that's me, Mr. Fell-from-the-Heavens. " Henry responded, trying to lighten up the atmosphere as well as trying to avoid wetting his pants in nerves and he is quite certain that won't be leaving a good impression with these people. Anyway, Jake assured him that they appreciate a little sarcasm. And though he seems to be the type to give wrong info just for kicks, even he knows when to be serious and the situation right now is as serious as it is. "Henry Haddock III, or just call me Hiccup, and I would like to thank you for accommodating me Mr...?"

"Alvin, just Alvin," Alvin responded as light-hearted as he can, "when you've been a spy master for as long as I have, you doubt even your own name eventually. But I've long since retired, and just being the man behind N.E.S.T., making sure missions go without a hitch and we get our target and our coin.

"Let me introduce you the rest of the crew, since you only know Jake and Heather by their names, it's actually SOP to us, for me to be the one to give info about anything, making sure we control the information until you are a full member of N.E.S.T. I do hope you understand why." Hiccup nodded, for a secret organization to keep it secrets, info control is indeed essential, he would have done the same if he wants to keep his own secrets.

"So, let's start off with Jake, shall we? Jake here, is our field leader, he specializes in vehicles and quite good with a gun. Though he may be a little immature any other time," snickers came from Heather and a petite blond with long messy hair who is trying not to laugh out loud. Operative word is trying. While a muscular guy at the other side of the room simply rolled his eyes that clearly states that 'a little' is a gross understatement, this led to Jake pouting, which didn't help his case with the women. "but none the less, he keeps things and makes things work like a well oiled machine, even if things go pear-shaped. Defiantly invaluable, the first of the crew that I've found." The said person made an exaggerated bow, with his leather riding jacket with a red streak from the nape going all the way to the back and also extending to the elbows and wrists to the fingerless gloves. He is also sporting dark camouflage pants not unlike those used by the military with all of its pockets and a pair of black combat boots.

"Heather here, is our resident spy and my apprentice, still has a lot to learn, but no doubt she will be the best of the best, after all, I'm still the best in the business. And like any good spy, she is well versed in almost all fields, which is why she is also our resident nurse, which I'm sure you know Hiccup my boy." Alvin winked, and Henry had the decency to blush and Alvin continued to introduce the other members. She was wearing a simple white blouse and black slacks and some stiletto heels. She's wearing also a pair of geek-style glasses, she only wears contacts during missions and she looks quite cute in a nerdy sort of way.

"Carmelitta," this earned him a scowl and a mildly distinct growl from the messy haired blonde, despite of it being in a ponytail and strangely, she looks good in it. She also has sky-blue eyes, and is wearing a training bra with a camo pattern, yoga pants that left little to the male mind and some sneakers like she was in the middle of a workout, which she apparently was. And she has a way of making those articles of clothing seem to be the best things in existence, and despite her small frame, she exudes a "don't mess with me" aura, which she is emitting right now at the mention of that particular name, she doesn't seem to like it much. "She likes to go by "Camicazi", she's our sneak thief, if she wants to, she can steal your underwear and put on a different one on you and you'd never know until it's too late. And as you can see she has no love for her name and it would be wise not to call her that. "With this, she gave him a sort of bored nod, to which Henry responded accordingly.

"Last but not the least, is Eret ." Alvin is indicating to the muscular man in his mid-twenties , dressed in what you would call in a safari outfit, complete with an animal fur vest that contains a jungle knife, some feathered darts, and a couple of pockets for good measure and a safari hat and shorts, with a belt with rifle shells on them. "He's our tracker and hunter, especially if the target is involved with the animal kingdom. He can find a specific mouse in the city with no problem, that's how good he is." Eret tipped his hat over to Henry's direction as a sign of acknowledgment.

"Well, that's the whole crew, may not seem much but we have done a lot of good and we are the best at what we do." Alvin finished his introduction, the tone of pride clear on his voice and a small glimmer of a smile on his lips, despite the stoic demeanour he seems to have permanently. This reminded Henry a bit like his father, but unlike the Coach, he can understand the necessity of the expression based on his profession, past and present. "...Unlike some who have no excuse to be inexpressive..." he muttered under his breath thinking bitterly on his father.

"So Hiccup, if you're gonna be a part of N.E.S.T., what do you specialize? If not, then we would help you find it, all of us here don't have anybody else, except each other. So, what can you do?" Alvin gestured for Henry to take the floor. Nervous and a little unsure, for once, he steeled his nerves and faced the people who seemed to have taken him in. He's convinced to earn his place with them. He will be someone they will be proud to stand beside. "Henry Haddock, 16, I'm good with computers and inventing stuff, I entered the SFIT science fair to have a new start at my life... and I lost, but due to some freaky circumstances, I ended up here, but I would like to learn more and help more...because," his voice lowered, cracking a bit with emotion, "maybe... this is where I'm meant to be. That this where my place that I've been searching for. Somewhere I won't just be 'Hiccup the Useless', 'Hiccup the Loser', 'Hiccup the hiccup...'" He was cut off by a hand squeezing gently on his shoulder, the leather riding suit and fingerless gloves gave away the guy immediately, this was followed by someone hugging him from behind, however brief, it was comforting, and a light-hearted punch on his chest, he saw Camicazi give him a sad knowing smile as she walked by toward the door out of the room, she was followed by Eret who gave him a nod as he went. Heather then let go and patted his cheek as she followed her teammates out. However, Jake stayed and when Henry raised his head, emerald met brown and the emotions behind them clearly showed strength despite life being unkind to them. "You will find your place here, we all did... and I'll make damn sure that you will as well." Jake asserted with such sincerity, that it left no doubt that he will make use of his word.

"Come on, we had enough melodrama for today. What say you I give you a bit of a tour around here?"


"You know what, Hicc?" the rider asked, slinging his arm around Henry's shoulders as he his being led out of the meeting chambers. "I think this is gonna be the start of a beautiful friendship."

Henry couldn't fight the grin forcing its way to his face. He made a friend and as far as he can see with the others, maybe this ragtag bunch can be so much more to him, and of that, he is positive.

And as they walk out of the room chatting lively, Alvin looked to them with a thoughtful look as he whispered to no one, "Maybe..."

"So, this place is suspected to be extraterrestrial? That would explain the odd looking metallic roots surrounding the while place." Henry concluded at the near end of the tour. Jake commented on the wonder they all thought of the secret location, apparently whatever it was that made this place different, hid them from radar and gave no side effects, or at least none that they know of. Of course it turned out to be the perfect hiding place for a troupe of Mercenary –Vigilantes.

As it turned out, Alvin discovered this place after a few decades in the business and decided this would be a great hideout/hiding place/refuge/stronghold for him. It was later decided when he planned to establish N.E.S.T. that this would be the ideal location and thus...

Jake, being the first of the NESTmates, (he had taken it to call them that, which impressed nobody, but unfortunately, the name stuck and they have taken it to call themselves as such. At least it struck true to the reputation of the region, since Vikings of old had a bad reputation of coming up with names as well) was quite the snooper. And since he was under the delusion of taking Henry as his younger brother he never had, not that Henry is against the notion, he is currently showing him the most secret place on the island; he calls it, the egg chamber.

"I doubt even Alvin knows of this place, and if he did, neither he nor I have any Idea what those are", he said pointing at the center of the small circular chamber, some sort of a pedestal, and on it is some sort of an ebony coloured egg of sorts. And there are other eggs as well, on their own pedestals surrounding it along the walls like guardians of sorts. But Jake assured him that it was safe, after all, he tried to move, poke, and even shoot the eggs to no avail. "Even Lita tried to steal one, and believe me, that girl knows to remove something she wants." Jake rambled on as Henry narrowed his eyes as he caught on something he had suspicions on earlier.

"Lita?!" he asked with the note of incredulity, "You mean Carmelitta, as in Camicazi? I thought she hated her name, so why are you calling her a shortened version of it?" and to emphasize his point, he raised an eyebrow.

Color drained from his face, as Jake started to visibly panic, which amused Henry to see the aloof rider was not as unflappable as he seemed to be.

"Yeah, Camicazi, and –uh, no she does not. Don't tell her that and don't you ever attempt to call her that, or she will know I blabbed and she will skin me alive, then roast me over a spit, cover me in marinade, feast on my flesh and then throw my ashes in the ocean. Please!" As amusing as it was to see him beg for his life from the fierce blonde, Henry figured he would be needed by the team and conceded. "Alright, but first answer me this honestly, are you two in a relationship?" And the answer was painfully obvious even before he could answer. The so called fearless leader fidgeted like a school girl, kept rubbing the back of his head and looked everywhere except Henry.

"Oh! Ah, Ehehehe how –how did you think of that –I mean ... Oh, man she is so gonna kill me..."

"So, you ARE in a relationship with her?" Henry couldn't resist teasing him a bit more. Just to see him squirm a bit more.

"Yes." Jake said it in a way similar to a man resigned to accept his fate not dissimilar to that of death.

"Why with the long face and the secrecy then? It's only us NESTmates here, why hide it?" Henry couldn't help but query why it would garner such a reaction from him.

"It's how she is bud, the cloak and dagger arrangement is quite the major turn on for her, and if there is on lesson my mama taught me that stuck, never argue an arrangement with a woman." Jake stated sagely.

The other man nodded at the statement and turned his attention to the central egg.

"Yeah, that's us. I know, I know, we are an unlikely pair. She's so driven, I'm too lazy sometimes. She's so smart and perfect while I'm... not. She's strong and fierce and free and –and," he gave a deep sigh with his eyes a dazed look. "Of course I could trust you not to tattle on us right? –Hey! What are you doing?" Jake was cut off his impassioned rambling of a certain blonde burglar as Henry started walking toward the ebony enigma. And as he drew nearer, he felt... warmth... inviting... and somehow... familiar?

As his palm touched the mysterious object, an inexplicable feeling spread throughout his being, like it was calling out to him; Like some sort of a connection with his very soul, like it was a part of him, a missing part that has finally found its other half. Henry could not help but stare at the egg. At the mystery of this object that he could not understand but at the same time, like he knew it like the back if his hand and he can only stand and be overwhelmed by it all.

Jake can only look between his friend and the eneggma (bad pun I know but I had to throw that in there) awkwardly, torn between stopping him and leaving thing be. Anybody with eyes can see that something is happening.

Something extraordinary...

Something world changing...

Like witnessing the birth of... something... transcending boundaries. Only thing is that, he has no idea what it is.

A revelation

It's like his entire world was always dim and darkened, but now everything can be seen clearly.

It is clarity

It is light

It was epiphany

For he was blind, now he can see.

It's like someone has shown him a list of the things that he can do, and he now knows what to do...

It's time to start his destiny.

"So, you wanted to know how to shoot? Why are you asking me and not old Jakey?" Eret asked as they proceeded to the places' firing range. He carried his trusty hunting rifle since that is what he is most comfortable with.

"Actually it was him who suggested to take lessons from you, he said you're the marksman in terms of accuracy, he says his way is to shoot until he hits something." At this the hunter snorted a bit before shrugging his shoulders to admit to that point.

Going to the range's armoury, he gave Henry the option to choose the firearm of his choice. It took him 10 minutes to study the selection before deciding it would be best to try them all...

A few sessions of the range showed his uncanny ability to hit whatever he wanted to hit, Eret couldn't be any prouder.

It seems that his student doesn't miss...

"So, you also wanted to learn parkour? You don't seem the type for outdoor activities." Camicazi stated with her blunt honesty in response to Henry's request. As the resident thief and escape artist, she naturally, is the best in parkour, how else could she reach and go to places that people her size doesn't usually reach? But she is not short; she is never short, just sized to be the best at what she does. How else can she fit in air vents and all those tight spaces? And she doesn't hear Jake complaining on any sizes. (And just as well, or else she'll make sure that no one else can make use of his 'size')

However, she couldn't figure for the life of her what happened to the kid. After the induction to NEST, he was... driven; she guessed that was the most apt word for it. He was suddenly asking for training from everyone when they are at the base. Not that she didn't want to lend him a hand, it's just that he seemed different from what Heather and her boyfriend has been telling her. The kid seemed to be the type to be cooped up in a computer room or a lab or maybe tinker with her grease monkey lover, his body-type is even showing that he probably didn't have much experience in the wonderful world of blood sweat and tears. But if he's asking and he really wants to do it, who was she to stop him from being all that he can be? Anyway, he can quit this training if he can't take the heat.

"No, I don't, but I want to help, and with this, I could really do something. I don't know how or what, but seems to be the sensible course of action. So, would you?"

"Yeah I could, but it won't be a walk in the park. You're gonna go though things that will make your body hate you and will be in the state of constant pain and you're gonna be spending a lot of time in the infirmary before I'm happy with your performance. So fair warning: I don't coddle. I will push you until I think its good enough, are you really sure for your own personal tour to hell and back plus, with several trips?" The look in her eyes would have been enough to make a drill sergeant wet his pants, but despite this, Henry can see why Jake is so taken with this fierce modern-day Amazon, it reminded him of the old Astrid, but that was the past, here and now, is his present and future. Henry knows the risks that this training as well as the possibilities of what he can do for himself and his NESTmates. "Besides," he thought with a wry smile, "more time with Heather doesn't sound bad at all."

So, steeling his nerves and determination, he has resolved himself to this, Henry gave the only answer left.


"This skill set that you have acquired and trained for here on the past few months is nothing short of extraordinary, Hiccup my boy." Alvin said in his usual flat tone. Henry knows, despite the seeming uncaring demeanour, the man is about to set something to start, something is changing.

"These are exactly what I need for a position I've been meaning to find someone to fill, however, this is a part that is not for everybody, and you may regret it. Are you sure about this?" the raising of his brows gave away the older man's concern for him; Henry couldn't help but feel touched. Making him all the more determined to do this and earn his place with these men and women.

He gave a nod.

"Very well, however, we need to intensify your training , it is essential you get everything down to a T, after all," He said with an unusual gleam in his eye, "You will need that as an assassin, but most importantly, for this to work, is for you to know how to kill..."

"The main points of being undercover is to see but not to be seen; that the best mask is to be faceless, to be so ordinary that no one will bother to take note of what you look like, or maybe if you were even there, true hiding is to be so ordinary that no one will give you a second thought." This is the conversation between Henry and Heather at the infirmary, their unofficial meeting place after Cami made him go through a particularly difficult sequence and movements that week, which led him to hit his face on the rail he was supposed to be swinging on. Their discussion led to him asking some of the methods of espionage from her, with his history, he quickly learned that blending and disappearing in the crowd is practically effortless to him.

He is also learning on subtle disguises that make him difficult to identify and at the same time, easy to change and remove. With his new role within the team, he needs to be inconspicuous, and vanish without a trace afterwards. This is why his first role is to simply test out his stealth in the best environment there is to be educated: learning on the job.

"So basically, the true test is to tail your target get in and out before they can get the chance to notice." Henry concluded, which earned him a nod from the resident spy.

"We're gonna have a game, hide and seek, but for spies. We start on the opposite ends of the city, we have our bag of tricks and who finds who first, me or you. And we have no time limit. Here's where we find who the better spy is."

"Why wait? We all know you are the best there is." Hiccup said, shrugging his shoulders and falling on the headboard.

"Ass-kissing isn't gonna make me go easy on you Romeo." Heather admonished him, but the effect is lost at the barely there smile that he caught on just as it vanished. He knew it was there.

"But gets me closer to kissing part I suppose?" trying in his opinion as a suave voice, he was attempting to look braver than he actually is at the moment. He half-expected to be brushed off and get a telling off that would hurt no less than it did with Astrid. What he didn't expect is for her to lean forward just a millimetre from contact as she sultry whispered in his ear.

"Catch me and we'll see."

"Glad you took time away from Heather for this," Jake commented jokingly, as he led Henry toward the garage. It was where they stored all kinds of vehicles that they are using, though mostly Jake, he turned out to be a mechanical genius, especially in terms of tuning, driving and upgrading them. There are even parts that he himself made to suit his purposes. Why he led Henry here just a week before their first assignment is curious for the newest NESTmate.

"You mentioned you have some experience with motorcycles, right?" Jake queried. Henry shrugged his shoulders in response, not knowing where this conversation is going. "Only with a scooter actually, just something to get me from point A to B."

"Well then, let me give you some of the finer points in the world of driving; but first, let me introduce you to someone..." Jake the pulled the cover of one of the items: A dirt bike. It was actually more impressive than it sounds. It is in immaculate condition, despite the obvious signs of usage, it's very apparent that this has been well cared for. It has the typical color scheme of a racing dirt bike, save for the picture on the side, it shows some sort of a creature with the color similar to that of the bike, it is showing a row of sharp teeth from its large jaws. Its eyes are much closer to the snout, allowing it maximum focus and estimation. It also has a red streak along its head, including its fin, to its back, similar to Jake's jacket. It has small wings which suggest it is not a flying type, but powerful hind legs with webbed feet that suggests it can run over water and has a tail with what looks like a needle on its tip. Overall, a fierce creature built for speed.

"This is Stinger, she has gotten me out of trouble so many times, and I guess you could say she is my partner in crime. But don't tell Cami that, anyway, she was mine even before N.E.S.T. and the best getaway vehicle on land in my honest and totally unbiased opinion. But what I really want to show you is this..." He once again pulled off the cover of another one and Henry immediately fell in love. It was midnight black, except for the headlights which are tinted forest green, similar to his own eyes. And the model of this particular beauty at least started off as a Kawasaki Ninja as a base before modifications were made. Henry knew this particular model because he wanted to purchase one in the future. Looks like that would be unneeded now.

"This is Fury, a mechanical work of art. This baby can go to a maximum of 300kph, modified titanium chassis, special pistol and clip easy access compartment, nitro injection fuel system boost, grappling hooks, hydraulic shock absorbers and spring action feature: this allows you to jump over most cars and even some obstacles that will allow you to get away like those on the movies, James Bond style." Jake has gone salesman/teacher mode again, which as the name suggests, makes him sound like his selling the thing to a customer who never wanted to buy anything in the first place. This actually happens when brainstorming, inventing, building and repairing; much to the chagrin if the listener at the moment, which more often than not, happens to be Henry. "I do believe you're asking why I'm making the introductions, well, the answer to that is, you're gonna need a getaway vehicle more often than not, stinger is mine, and Fury... is yours." He ended with a wide smile, patting the sleek speed machine with pride.

Henry can only stare as his jaw fell off its hinges and his pseudo-big brother is trying to fight his laughter at the look that his face was displaying. Instead, he displayed a smug shit eating grin at the wonder his creation had wrought on his handiwork.

"So, you know how to drive, but can drive it through here?" he asked indicating the obstacle course that Cami uses for parkour. Henry can only raise his eyebrows at Jake, not getting where he is at or maybe thinking that his friend finally lost it.

He mounted on Stinger and revved up the engine, just before he took off, he gave Henry a smile that was as clear as words, "Watch and learn."

And off he goes, going through then like it was a walk in the park, and may it be noted that the course is almost similar to the ones that they use in "American Ninja Warrior". Those upgrades sure did their work, however, Henry also noted that half has also skill, and that, he was interested to learn, and watching him is watching man and machine dance in beautiful synchrony.

Just then, Jake stopped in front of him with a confident air about, "Ready to get started on your driving lessons young Padawan?" "Sure Master Yoda." Henry responded with a playful smirk on his lips as he too mounted on Fury, and it was a perfect fit.

"Okay, we won't be using any special features just yet; you have to learn the hard basics first. What we're gonna do is a little game called 'Follow the leader.' Try to keep up." And with it, he took off again, Henry can only shake his head at the silliness of his friend and muttered to himself, "Okay Fury, let's ride…" he then too, took off to follow.

It was an interesting day to be sure.

The 18 year-old brunette gave him a photo of a rough looking man, with a bald head and a very prominent beard. The greying of his hairs is quite obvious and along with his hooked nose and beady eyes, in short, your typical suspicious character.

"Nicolai Bustov,"she said in response to his unspoken question, "former corporal of the Red Army, his data record doesn't say much except that he is meeting his old general to deliver a package to his old comrades. Our assignment: intercept package and disappear. Normally we would have Camicazi go for the steal; however we need to get some info from the target, without them knowing. We make it look like some ordinary petty thief did it. Here is where we come in, your job is to simply tail him, give his position as well as report on any and all the things on the area, its highly possible that there are many who want that package, we need to know what we are gonna be in for. So, it's scouting the battlefield as they say. The rest of us will do our role as well, and if ever the need arises, you can provide us with cover fire from your position. Understood?"

"Got it. When do we start?"

This is gonna happen in exactly ten days"

Jake blew a low whistle. "Normally this sort of passing only happens like only 2-3 days from planning to drop offs, if we are getting info this early, it can only mean a few things: 1) They are doing a ridiculous amount of preparation, 2)They are not the only ones who will be knowing about it, 3) the security is gonna be tighter than a band drum and 4) I think its all hands on deck for us, if we ever want this to happen."

Then we are in agreement,

He is back again at the Egg Room, just as he always done. It's become a habit of sorts, more like a need that needed to be done. Something keeps being drawn to the room, particularly the obsidian enigma. Bet he doesn't mind, just going there and touching the object, and he feels complete; as weird as it seems to sound, it's like he is drawing something from the egg, what it is, he doesn't know, yet.

Yet the attraction is something he cannot deny, its like he must do something, but he doesn't know what, and so he comes back, everyday. He makes time for everybody, especially with Heather, but this is also something that demanded to be done.

Now, before his first official mission, he has done all the checks necessary, his skills are on par to the standards required, and N.E.S.T. standards are pretty damn high… the barest minimum is equal to a well trained Green Barrett, and Henry himself is quite gifted in terms of his new role within the organization. So there is no reason for Henry to be worried on this assignment after all, its only recon and backup… no reason at all to be worried, no, the reason he is here in this chamber is the nagging voice in his head, and no, not the type that is found on the crazies that you find in the slammer, rather its that feeling that you have to do something but you have no idea what or how… but you know it's there.

None the less, its time...

As he removes his hand from the eggnigma, (again I couldn't help it, sorry, not... *maturely sticks tongue out*) he could not help the feeling of loss of contact from the egg, like a part of him is being separated. Now if he was a man of faith of sorts, he would have said that he found his soul mate, or partner, some would even go further to say the term would be guardian, or familiar, but he is not... such things in the real world are naught. But none the less, the loss is there and he cannot do a thing about it, so he puts it at the back of his mind, there are more impotent things that need his attentions at the moment.

By the time Henry exits the hidden chamber, he could feel a sense of anticipation. Indeed this is his first mission, his mark within the Neo Enforcers Special Taskforce. This is his chance to prove himself and test his mettle, his trial by fire. And so he merely chalked up his feelings to it, unknown to him, something indeed is at work, and that he is in the center of it.

Because today is going to be a beginning of a revolution like no other...

For today, is the start of something that no one can stop...

Today, destiny beckons.

Within the briefing room of the NEST, Alvin looks at his team, they have come from different walks of life, different personalities and different abilities, all drawn together and now a force to be reckoned; Truly the likes of which songs and legends are made. All ready to do this, and all the things are in place:

Heather is to go and meet the target, get any and all information on the item, who knows about it, where it is from and everything else on it. She must also keep stallingt for time even after the switch has been made. The further they get the package away from them, the more preferable.

Camicazi's role it to make the switch of the package with the decoy we have made. Of course he will not realize it but they need to get in and out fast, clean and safe. She would get as much distance from the targets as much as possible and without them knowing who did it, as it will not do the be marked. She will make her exit via her parkur and the boys' bikes.

Eret's role will be the eagle eye, since these types of situations have the largest possibilities of going down to hell in a floral-patterned hand basket, even the best and the most well-trained personnel and the best laid plans only need a little slip to do the descent into tartarus. They need a gut who can see the overall picture, provide cover fire when its needed as well as take some necessary shots if it comes down to it. In short, its a date with him and his rifle, the hunt is on.

Jake is to stay out of sight and hopefully, be unneeded. But, in the off chance that the shit hits the fan, he is to swoop down the rescue, as he would like to call it, with guns-a-blazing and get them out alive. He also does well as to check on the situation and look for possible ambushes, which in these types of meetings, seem to be an almost certainty; he should also look into the situation well and know when to make the right call, so, no pressure...

And lastly, is Henry, his role is dual: First, he must pass through the area a couple of times to survey there are camera all over the bike to capture and get some POV's of the area, maybe some angles and places to slip through or disappear if they need to, every advantage counts. Second, he would also keep out of sight, much like Jake as they both would be the getaway drivers of this caper; Jake may have given him the thumbs up on his driving skills, but he's nowhere ready to be at the same calibre as that of his friend, so understandably, he's sweating a river, and it didn't help that all the response he gets when he talked to them about his surfacing doubts, all he gets is: "You learn best by learning on the job." But he is trusted with their lives, Heather's even, Jake jokingly said that he plans to prioritize on following Cami, to give him the chance to be the raven-haired beauty's knight in riding leather-clad armour. But i gave the opposite effect and doubled his nerves. He is broken from his vererie as he sees Heather in full character and disguise that could fool a mother from her child, he tenses, as he knows its time.

Mission Start.


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