-Take place in :re timeline-

Sasaki enjoying his quiet moment sipping the hot beverage made by the most beautiful waitress his eyes ever laid on


A customer came in, she has middle length brunette hair and her face a little gloomy, she walked straight to the counter where the nice looking gentleman stood while wiping few cups

"Yomo-san, is onee-chan around? i need to see her"

"She's at the store room looking for something, wait here i go and call her out"


She was fidgeting and turn around to looked at the cafe's decoration and somewhat the atmosphere calm her a little not until he saw the 2 tones hair coloured guy sitting alone and reading a book

"No way" she thought

"Onii-chan!" Her face lighted up and walked towards him

Sasaki looked up and stare at the young teenager in a confused look


"Of course! who else? you're alive after all like the rumours said!"


"What are you up too? where do you lived? we were worried you kno-"


Both sasaki and hinami turned their heads and look at the directions where the voiced interrupted the conversation


"I'm sorry sasaki-san, do you need to refill you cup?"

"Ah no i'm good, i still have plenty more" he smiled


"Yes hinami, this guy name is sasaki-san, he worked as a ghoul investigator…isn't that…an amazing job" touka tried to give her very best convinced smile towards hinami

"…no way, onee-chan are you…lying?"

"Eh why would i lie to you? right sasaki-san?"

"Ah, um i am sasaki…sasaki haise, nice to meet you…hi-?"

"This cannot be true, onii-chan what are you doing there? don't you remember us? i'm hinami and this is-"



"did you forgot about banjou-san too? and also ante-"

"Hinami enough!" touka raised her voiced that startled both sasaki and hinami

"I'm sorry hina-chan, but this guy here is not your onii-chan so of course he don't know us"

"but..onee-chan how could you-"

"Hinami…sasaki san have his own family, definitely not us, its not nice to get confused with some stranger…right sasaki-san?"

"Eh urm.."

"…onee-chan,how could you…" hinami started to sobs and continue

"but you love onii-chan…right? then why…? why?"

"Hinami…" touka put her hand on top of hinami's head

"You're not wrong hinami, i do…love him but he's not here….yet, there's nothing i can do"

Sasaki's cup fell from his grip, he's not sure why but this whole scene that is happening right in front of him and the beautiful waitress confession broke his heart

Touka and hinami looked at sasaki, and he started to apologized

"i don't believe you onee-chan" and before she could continue yomo came and grab hinami's hand and bring her towards the back of the coffee shop

"I'm sorry about that , she get confused you with someone we know"

"Ah not, i should apologized for this cup too"

"Don't worry about that" and touka started to clean a little spilled on the table

"This guy…that might look like me, is not your own brother?"

"Haha of course not, how could i fell in love with my own brother" touka smiled

That smile probably one of the sweetest smile he ever witnessed

"Maybe i could help to find…him?" even though his heart just clenched thinking the waitress heart's already belongs to someone, he couldn't help to give a hand to find and see how this person could win her heart

"Ah you want to help? that is very kind of you" touka pulled a chair across him and sat down gracefully

"Well the least i could do, maybe to cover up this chipped cup?"

"If you insist, so what do you want to know about him?"

"His personal data maybe? how did you guy met? why do the girl called you onii-chan and onee-chan anyway? you guys are not siblings aren't you?"

"That surely a lot of questions" touka chuckled

"Ah maybe i want to meet this guy" sasaki just laughed even though he's not sure why

"Oh why do you to meet him? you don't need to help us actually…like really"

"Maybe i want to see how he looks like"

"Well in terms of look you could just use a mirror and look at yourself actually, he look exactly like you, minus this weird coloured hair of course" she giggled

Sasaki could swear that her small laughed could ripped his heart into pieces, the way she smiled and how her face lighten up while talking about this 'guy'

Doing stuff for others people while doing stuff for himself surely is hard


"Yeah really"

"Oh..so um how old is he? when did you guys last met?" sasaki started to take off a little note pad and a pen out of his pocket

touka's face fell all of sudden, his question just trigger past memories that she wished could have buried somewhere

Sasaki couldn't help to notice how touka's expression changed a little

"You don't need to answer if you don't want too, maybe helping you is not really a good idea?"

'No its alright, remembering him is a good thing…even though he might not remember us anymore…probably"

"I'm sure he still remember you"


Not again, not that troubled smile, sasaki need to think how he could see that beautiful smile of hers again even though it feels like needles piercing his heart when he sees it but at least her warm smile comforting him in other way that he couldn't explain

"So this guy, is not your brother?"

"Ah no, of course not that girl just now her name is hinami-chan…well you see she lost her parents, so we kind off taking care of her a little while"

"You…live together with this guy?"

"Eh no, we worked together, that's urm how we actually met why are you so surprised?"

"Hahaha nothing….uh *cough* so you can continue" he smiled sheepishly

"Ah right, so both of use worked in a coffee shop. so hinami was a frequent customer and she started to called us onee-chan and onii-san, we kinda like 'family believe'? it was a good time"

'Family believe' sasaki thought it reminds of his own 'family believed'

"Other things that stand outs? his hobbies maybe?"

"Well he's just a typical guy to begin with, nothing fancy about him..um he likes books, he love books so much"

"Ah myself and this guys shared a similar interest"

"Yeah, you're right"

"Is that the reason you decor the cafe with so many books?"

"In a way, you're right, i believe that he will come back one day…come back to where he belongs, whenever that will happen, we will welcome him back"

"How did you get lost contact with him?"

"He just went MIA, we assumed he got into accident or something, but there's really no…trace of him"

"Hurm typical boy that went MIA, kinda strange"

" I know right?, that is why i believe he will come back eventually"

"When did you last met him?"

"I….well we actually had a fight, somewhere on a bridge, i was so angry at him..he did something stupid that pissed me off, i should have control my anger at the time, little did i know that's was the last time i saw his face…but that was 2years ago…so…"

"Do you think that your fight with him that caused him runaway maybe?"

"Well that was silly if he really went MIA because of that, i would have regret falling for him then"

"Is he your age?"

"No, he couple of years older than me, by now he probably around 22 or 23 years old?"

This guy strangely too similar with his own background, sasaki thought…it can't be him to be the guy that the waitress describing right?

"Other personal detail? like his date of birth or something"

"Well to be honest, i don't know much about him, his birthday probably in the middle of december…20 something i believe"

"I see, i will try to looked up on some data is possible anyway i should get going"

"Thank you sasaki-san, but can i ask you something?"

"Sure, anything"

"Why are you helping me if it hurts your own feeling?"

Touka just hit a direct blow towards him

"Well…maybe i just wanted to know how is this guy managed to captured your heart" sasaki answered with a little blush visible on his cheeks

"He probably doesn't know that….so you could try too if you want" touka smile

"Really? you think i could be a rival?" his face just lighten up

"Best men win" touka let out a small laughed

"Well i should just ignore this guy then and win your heart" he laughed

"That is so mean, not after i spent an hour talking about him" touka said jokingly

Sasaki get up from his chair and pays for his drinks and before he left he turned around and remembering something

"I left out the most crucial question"

"I think you do" touka answered calmly

"So you do realised? haha what is this guy's name anyway? isn't that would be a lot easier to find him"

"His name is….Kaneki ken"

Sasaki fell on his chair

p/s: i'm so curious how will he get his memory back, he can't even remember when he actually saw touka's and yomo's face so maybe his own name will trigger his memory?