Author's note: I probably won't stop making my own scene where haise gained his memories and confess to touka until ishida really present it to us in the manga.

Saturday morning

Haise woke up on his bed at chateau where he used to called it his 'home', will he still call it his home? He wonders. Getting up and went straight to take a shower, it takes longer than his usual. Preparing breakfast has become his daily job at his 'home' for his four 'kids', nevertheless he really genuinely love his 'kids'.

How he should do it?

When he should do it?

What he should actually do?

He cannot wait, he really can't but at the same time he taking his time about it, taking all the consequences and possibility that might happen the he snapped thinking that 3 years period is really long, way too long for whatever scenario playing in his head

He changes his clothes to a decent one and darted out without even realising one of his 'kids' calling him out

"Where is sasan going early this mornin'?

"Buy some groceries probably" said the one that wears an eye patch

Outside of chateau

Haise walks along a row of shops and he stopped his track in sudden when something caught his attention, he stares for a second and went in to the shop, he spent nearly an hour in the shop, way longer than he had plan.

He doesn't know if he is making the right decision, he has more tendency in choosing the wrong decision then he intended too. Was he too eager? Too selfish? He can't tell

This was when he realised that he need someone to be his strength when he is weak, he need someone to voice out for him when he couldn't speak, someone who could be his eyes when he is lost and most importantly someone who is wise enough to control him when he losing his sanity.

Was he too selfish? He keep on asking over and over again? He keeps his head busy until he reached to his favourite coffee shop, he prays that the beautiful waitress is on duty today.

God hears


"Welco- oh!"

"Good morning" he smiles

"You're pretty early today"

"I just had my early walk and I dropped by here for a while"

"You're really out source of income" touka jokes

"I am glad that I could contribute something"

"Your usual?"

"Yes, please"

While touka making haise's order, he browsing the books displayed on the shelves

"I did tell you that you could borrow the books if you like didn't i?" touka interrupts

"Yes, you did" he grabs a book while sipping the coffee

"You know, your coffee really is the best I ever tested"

"Thank you, I'm glad that you enjoy it, as much I enjoy making it"

Touka was about taking her leave when haise tried to stop her

"Uh-well, you have a good range of books here, do yo- you enjoy reading too?"

"Oh, that um not really actually" Touka gives her best effort to smile sweetly in front of him

"I see" haise's heart seems to crushed when he sees the gorgeous waitress tries to hide her sad smile

"These books were all written by amazing authors, it happens I have read all the books displayed here" haise continues

"Ah, no wonder then you never borrow any of it"

"This book is one of my favourite" haise pointed the book that was on the table

"I can see, you take good care of all the books here"

"This is because, the books really mean something to me…something precious, so I hope someone who likes to read perhaps you, enjoy reading it over and over again"

Haise stares at his coffee and softly replied

"I do…I really do"

"Please enjoy your coffee and the books here, take your time" touka was about to go back to the kitchen when haise grabbed her hand and she stunt

"Ah, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to disturb your work but I have a question" haise quickly apologise

"No that's fine"

"So urm you know that I work as a ghoul investigator don't you?"

"Yes, I did asked you once"

"W-what do you think about the job?"

"Being a ghoul investigator?" touka asked


"Well it is definitely need some courage and brave enough to take such a dangerous job, dealing and hunting those monsters"

"Yeah, you are right"

"But i also think it's very heroic since it's a job to protect other people in safe, especially the one you love the most, for you I guess, as long you're alive and enjoys the work, that should be more than enough right? Aren't you happy with the job? Did something happen?" touka gets a little worried with the sudden question

"N-no, of course not, I'm happy as it is" as haise unconsciously touched his chin with his left hand

Touka's brow furrowed slightly and took a sit in front of haise

"Is something bothers you?"

"Eh no, no I'm doing great, really" haise let a nervous laughed

"I understand if its related to work and obviously it is confidential to the public"

"No, no it is not about work I jus-"

Touka cuts haise's words off

"You know this coffee shops open almost every day from morning to night, if you need a place to clear your head or anything like that then feel free to come over, as often as you want, we always welcome you"

"Eh" Haise was surprised with touka's words

"I meant, as I said before you are our regulars and we would love to offer the best service to our lovely customers especial the loyal one like you to feel welcome and happy, really happiness is the key therefore as long you're happy, we are happy too so don't worry too much about it, you can come for a coffee as often as you want here" touka wink and stood up

"Wait touka-chan!"

Touka freeze, haise freeze and everything around them freeze for a second. Touka turned her back towards haise slowly and she asked

"H-how did yo-"

"Touka chan, i….I remember everything, I don't know what to d-"

Touka rushed towards haise and somehow haise's body took a step back automatically as he used to avoid touka sudden punch, but it wasn't a punch as he expected but a warm hugged.


Haise was so shocked that he didn't move an inch and he immediately gain his conscious and hugged her back tightly and softly apologies in her ears

"You, seriously still an idiot aren't you? You don't need to apologies for shits you didn't commit, as long you're happy, we are happy just that-"

Touka release herself from the warm embrace the she wish she could hold for a little longer. Haise waited patiently what touka tries to tell him

"We really miss you, I really miss you" touka's eyes started to flow

"I open up this coffee shop especially for you, in case you have nowhere to go, we will always welcome you back no matter what, so welcome home kaneki ken or sasaki haise, whichever you choose, we gladly accept you here"

Haise cannot held his tears any longer and broke down sobbing uncontrollable, touka slowly cupped haise's face and wiped off his tears with her thumbs, touka slowly tugged haise's head towards her shoulder and brushed his almost black hair gently and whispered

"As long you're happy as kaneki ken or sasaki haise, or whichever side you choose…I will always love you the way you are"

Two strong armed suddenly respond and hugged touka tightly. Between hiccups and sobbing haise tries to confess to her

"Don't you think I'm too selfish? If I love you too and want to marry you?"

"I love you touka-chan, I broke my promised not leave you before so I swear over my death that I won't leave you ever again so, will you marry me?" haise took out a small box from his pocket and showed the ring to touka

This time, it was touka's turned to stunned and she unable to speak a word, she gasp.

"I know this is too sudden, you probably confused its ok if you can't give the answer now, I understand-"

Before haise could finished his sentence he felt his body being pulled and a soft lips crushing his really hard, a second after he could register what's happening he respond eagerly maybe a little bit desperate? And slowly the kiss become more heated and very passionate.

Little did these two know that the front door of :re coffee shops has changed from open to close. It was yomo's work as he wants to give some privacy for them a little while.