Another morning. This was becoming rather tedious, extremely prolonged and Tyler was beginning to lose the will to carry on this way. When would she be able to leave this place? When would her life make sense, like it did all those years ago? Michael promised that it would go back to how it was, he promised.

Absent-mindedly, Tyler began to tap her bedcovers, which made a dull noise against the cushioning of the duvet inside. With each tap, she tried to take a deep breath, to get herself to that calm, 'happy place' that her mother was once always telling her about.

But her happy place had been stripped of her, alongside most of her sanity.

"Tyler?" There was a rapid knock against the metal door, each knock sounding more solid and more impatient than the last. Tyler raised her deep emerald eyes to face the door before letting out a quiet

"Come in." Michael opened the door without hesitation and calmly walked in, shutting the door behind him afterwards and leaning against it. He just sighed, his eyes still trained on his younger sisters'. Tyler didn't mind the silence at first – it calmed her down even more than tapping the bedsheets did. But after a few moments she couldn't take it anymore, the silence was deafening. "What are you here for?"

"Just wanted to check on-"

"No you didn't. You never come in here to check for anything ever," Tyler scoffed, bringing her legs up to her chest and resting her chin on her knees.

"Not true," Michael rolled his eyes. "Alright if you must know, I've been told to tell you to stay away from Thom. Which I'm sure I actually told you a few weeks ago and yet…here we are." This time it was Tyler's turn to roll her eyes – which made her look remarkably like her brother.

"I can't say that this conversation is interesting me," she muttered angrily.

"Tyler Marie it's a simple instruction-"

"Yes and if you were my father maybe I would say okay, and listen to you. But guess what? You're my older brother, and that's it. So I don't have to take orders from you, Michael Bishop, how many times?"

"You're acting like a spoilt brat," Michael hissed, slowly walking toward her.

"Yeah. Yeah I am, sorry about that," Tyler smiled, totally mocking the situation. "However will you forgive me, sir?"

"Tyler," Michael's voice was reaching a warning tone. "Tyler you need to stop. I mean it. I'm not talking about you talking to me like that, I'm talking about you and Thom. You know what they do to relationships here, they burn it to a crisp."

"Yes, I've noticed. Alongside hope, happiness and any sense of belonging," Tyler whispered, staring at her bandaged wrist and letting the long dark brown fringe that she owned fall in delicate wisps over her face.

"So if you know the consequences, why carry out the action?" Michael was getting frustrated, because Tyler could see the veins on his neck beginning to get more and more pronounced.

"Because he's what keeps me happy in this hellhole, Michael," Tyler snapped, standing up and walking past him. Michael grabbed her forearm and spun her around.

"Tyler I'm doing this for your own benefit," he whispered seriously, still not breaking eye contact. Tyler shook her head pitifully, snatching her arm out of his grip.

"I was twelve – you sat there and watched them do it to me, and I was twelve," were her only broken words, before she swept out of the room.

"Why is it always so bright in here?" Tyler could already hear the words of Jaden escape her mouth, setting her on a road of irritation already. She had barely walked in properly and she already wanted to go back and sleep.

"Still whinging, Jaden?" she sighed loudly, making everyone in the mess hall turn to face her and give her a respectable nod. Everyone respected her here – absolutely everyone. Even Jaden knew when to shut up.

"I'm just saying, the lighting is so bad, they treat us like dogs in this place," Jaden ended up fishing, picking her spoon back up. Tyler went to sit opposite her, as everyone went back to their own conversations.

"You've just noticed that?" she blinked, bored already. "Two months here and you've just noticed that they treat us like dogs?"

"Dogs get better treatment," came a playful male voice from above them. Jaden and Tyler looked up and saw Thom, settling himself down with a tray. He gave Jaden a nod and gave Tyler a ghost of a wink. But she didn't respond with anything.

"True," Jaden hummed, her eyes darting from Tyler to Thom at the speed of lightening. Of course Tyler saw this.

"Jaden, what's the problem?" she yawned. Jaden jumped slightly, masking her shock with attitude.

"Who said I had a problem?" Thom was still staring at Tyler, totally confused as to why she was ignoring his existence. Tyler didn't even bother to answer her and kept her eyes on the table, tapping away again.

Then something caught Jaden's eye.

"Fresh meat," she muttered in amusement. Tyler glanced over to the direction that Jaden was staring in, trying to figure out what was so interesting. Then she saw her. A young girl, not much older than herself, with a very pretty exotic face and the saddest, most vulnerable presence that one person could muster.

"Leave her, Jaden," Tyler shook her head slowly, knowing what was about to happen already. "Leave her alone."

"I just wanna go and say hi," Jaden smirked, picking up her banana and leaving the table. Tyler turned back and saw that Thom was still staring at her.

"What?" she ended up hissing.

"Why are you acting so weird – oh…it was Michael, wasn't it? He came back to you, I knew he would," Thom mumbled, finally breaking eye contact. "Why wouldn't he?"

"Thom, you're not even making any sense. I just didn't want to give Jaden ammunition," Tyler promised him, slowly reaching out her hand and touching the back of his. "Or anyone else for that matter." Thom's face relaxed and he covered her delicate hand with his own.



Tyler stood up so quickly that it would've amused Thom if he wasn't just as concerned as she was. Jaden was about to pounce on the girl and the 'vulnerable' young lady was holding a fork to her neck. Thom grabbed Jaden from behind and pulled her down quickly, whilst watching the whole ordeal.

"What the hell are you doing?" Thom hissed to Jaden, once she was safely out of harm's way. "If you think they don't watch us in this place then you're wrong." Tyler took it upon herself to talk to the newbie, feeling somewhat sorry for her.

"I'd put that down if I were you," she said softly, almost in a comforting tone. The girl was shaking, Tyler could see the fork vibrating underneath her touch. She gently prised it out of her hands and set it on the table.

"I love it when you hold me like this," Jaden smirked suddenly to Thom, who shoved her off his lap. Tyler glared at her, those burning green eyes speaking words that her mouth wouldn't even dare to say. Thom rolled his eyes, unamused. "Whaaat? I was just saying hi to the newbie." The other girl was still staring at them uncertainly. So far, the only one she slightly trusted was Tyler and she didn't even know why.

"That's Jaden. She doesn't like to think she's new here but we all know that she is," Tyler decided to open a conversation, nudging her head in Jaden's direction, almost in disgust.

"What's your name?" Thom asked.

"What's yours?" the girl shot back swiftly. Tyler was taken aback by this, but it made her respect her even more.

"That's Thom, with an 'H'. He's a pro because he's about to go on his 'first mission'," Jaden teased, poking his shoulder. Tyler had to grit her teeth as this took place – if only it was common knowledge on what was secretly going on with her and Thom, things would be easier.

"Shut up. This is Tyler Marie," Thom nodded her direction. The girl didn't seem to have much reaction to this, she was clearly still scared. "Look, we're recruits, just like you. I've been here for almost a year, Jaden's been here two months and Tyler…well, most of her life." Tyler ran her hands through her thick dark hair and walked back to their original table, the air suddenly getting too stuffy for her. Thom sighed and tried to convince the young girl that they were the 'good guys' when-

"Alex?" one of the agents called, causing the girl to look up in their direction.

'So that's your name,' Tyler thought, watching Alex give once last glance in her direction before following the agent out.

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