"I'll check in with you later, okay?" Michael nodded, fixing her hair for her and gently steering her out of the room.

"Yeah, whatever." Tyler left Michael's office with a final sniffle of her tears, roughly tying up her long brunette waves before stepping out with her hands in the pockets of her jogging bottoms. Suddenly, she happened to walk straight into Jaden, which was anything but what she wanted to do right now. "Oh, there you are. How are you feeling?" Jaden asked as soon as she laid eyes on her. Tyler turned her head to the side and frowned.

"Feeling about what?" she asked innocently, even though she already knew what she was talking about. Jaden blinked at her and pointed her thumb behind her in a 'back there' situation.

"That little hoohah with Thom and Alex? Did it burn? Did it ache?" she tried again, desperate to get through to her. Tyler sighed and continued to walk ahead, hoping that Jaden would give it up and not bother pursuing it. Sadly, she didn't and continued to walk. The everlasting image of Thom's lips pressed against Alex's face in comfort didn't disappear from her memory as much as she hoped it would. It felt like it was engraved in there forever.

"No. I feel fine. Does it burn that no matter how much you try, you and Thom could NEVER be together?" she challenged Jaden instead, catching her off guard completely. Jaden froze in her movements and Tyler kept walking, biting back the smile that was growing on her face. She walked into the training room, seeing Thom and Alex train with each other on the mats. It took everything within her to not run in front of them and stop them both – but she kept her cool and decided against it. Thom casually glanced up and dropped his stick as Tyler settled herself down on one of the benches near them, watching silently.

"What's wrong, you frozen?" Alex smirked at Thom, dropping her own stick. Thom snapped back to reality and cleared his throat, shaking his head as he focussed his attention back onto her.

"You still haven't let go of what happened this morning huh? You're attacking me like your life is depending on it," he told her loudly so that Tyler could see that he was blatantly teaching her something and nothing less. Tyler clenched her jaw as she remembered those exact words from when he used to train her. Alex simply rolled her eyes and started walking away from him completely. "Where are you going?" Thom asked her.

"I gotta go to the computer lab," Alex answered swiftly. "Two outta three after lunch?" Thom was determined not to look in Tyler's direction as he felt his head nod in agreement.

"I'm there," he muttered, leading Alex to smile as she hopped up the steps. Tyler watched her in amusement as one of the guards stopped her halfway and told her that Amanda wanted to see her instead. Thom decided to walk over to Tyler cautiously, whilst she looked dead into his eyes. Once they were face to face, Tyler sat back and crossed her arms, watching him take a seat next to her with eagle eyes. Thom rested his elbows on his knees and kept his eyes firmly trained on the ground, wringing his hands nervously. "Hey," he finally sighed.

"Hi," Tyler mumbled back. She knew there were two ways to play this. She could either make it a huge deal and risk Thom leaving her for Alex – basically not getting an insight on Alex's movements at all. Or she could pretend that there wasn't a problem and simply become close friends with Alex as well, which would make everything so much easier.

She decided to go with the latter.

"About earlier…" Thom began, finally looking up at her properly. "I…I uh…"

"It's no problem," Tyler forced herself to smile, leaning on his shoulder even though it practically killed her to do so. "The poor girl was panicking, it makes sense." Thom relaxed under her touch and thought that everything was fine all of a sudden, stupidly assuming that they were back to normal after his little stunt.

"I thought you were mad. Jaden said you were, anyway. Don't ask me why I believed her," he hummed, placing am apologetic hand on her thigh.

"Mad? Why would I be mad?" Tyler scoffed. Part of her was irritated more at the fact that Thom couldn't see through her lies. She cupped his face with her free hand and quickly pressed a small kiss on his jaw. "I could never be mad at you," Tyler lied straight through her teeth.


The next day, the car bomb exercise was on again. Once more, everyone stood there to watch, Tyler being in the exact same position as she was the day before. However this time, Alex appeared to get it done a lot quicker and without the slightest amount of pressure. She was so much calmer and it caused everyone in the training room, including both Michael and Amanda, to be quite impressed. Tyler watched her in silence, assessing the way that she moved and even the way that she stood up once she was done.

"Damn girl, what did she do to you?" Jaden asked with slight disgust in her voice as they all applauded Alex once she stood up straight and walked back to the rest of them.

"She talked to me," Alex answered simply with a slight smile in her voice.

"Good going," Tyler smirked, holding out her hand for her to meet with a high five. Alex raised her eyebrows and returned the favour, feeling quite motivated from Tyler's small words of praise. Thom noticed Tyler's friendliness and felt extremely uncomfortable all of a sudden. He could be a bit slow with her, but things like this he knew like the back of his hand. Her friendliness wasn't this normal.

"Thanks," she nodded as she sat back down next to Thom again. Jaden rolled her eyes and stood up immediately.

"Wait till I do it," she sighed as if it were nothing, walking over to the car to do the same thing. Tyler did look at her to begin with, but distantly saw Michael's eyes grow dark all of a sudden as Amanda urgntly whispered something to him. She continued to stare him out, longing for him to glance over so that she could ask him with her facial expressions what was wrong. Eventually, Michael did, but only for a split second. He gently nudged his head in the direction of his office before dismissing the entire class and walking off. Thom jumped to his feet with Alex immediately.

"What about that 2 outta 3?" Alex smirked, nudging Thom's arm slightly. Thom looked over at Tyler as if he was silently asking for permission. All Tyler could do was shrug lightly before sweeping out of the training room herself. She walked at a leisurely pace at first, but as soon as she was out of shot, she ran straight to Michael's office. His door was cracked open slightly, and she felt sick to see Amanda already standing opposite him with her arms crossed.

"For gods sake Amanda, is there ever a time that you're NOT anywhere that I am?" Tyler scoffed as she entered the room and closed the glass door behind her.

"Good morning to you too Tyler Marie," Amanda hummed, looking her up and down. "Time for your bandage change again?"

"Nah, I'm okay. Oh do you not have lip fillers to go and get or something?" Tyler waved her off before turning to her older brother with an expectant look on her face. Michael sighed, he knew what this meant.

"Amanda, I'm sorry. Could you leave us?" he apologised, even though it really didn't look like he meant it. Amanda said nothing more and simply walked out, staring at Tyler as she did so. Tyler slammed the door behind her and spun back around to Michael again.

"You know she's gonna get you back for that, right?" he pointed out.

"What did she tell you? You looked petrified," Tyler hissed.

"She said…she said that she's convinced Alex is hiding something as well. Turns out you're not losing your mind after all," Michael sighed, sinking into his chair. Tyler's eyebrows shot up, not expecting that to be what he was going to say.

"How does she know?"

"Oh come on Tyler Marie, let's think about it. It's Amanda. Does she ever reveal her sources?" Michael mumbled a little miserably. "God. How did this happen?"

"You think it has something to do with Nikita?" Tyler felt like she had to ask. Michael swiftly shook his head before she could even finish the sentence.

"I doubt it. But whatever it is, I think we're getting somewhere."

A/N: Thank you so much for reading. I actually got BACK into Nikita the other day and remembered how much I loved the show and how much I loved writing this story. Tyler Marie is most definitely one of my favourite characters I've ever created! – J x