For Nina it was a normal Tuesday evening. There wasn't anything weird or dodgy about what was going on. But that phone call changed everything. "Hello?" she picked up the phone, stretching her legs out on the couch properly.

"Is this Nina Anikova?" came a quiet voice. Nina took a deep breath and answered timidly.


"Do you know a man called Perry Whitley?" Nina sat up straight then.

"Yeah," she muttered. "Why?"

"He's been hospitalised and we're finding it hard to contact anyone else that he knows." Nina felt like she was about to vomit as she stood up. She felt her hands begin to shake and shiver.

"Which hospital?" she whispered.

"The Douglas Hart Medical." Nina just hung up and grabbed her coat, leaving her home. She turned off the light and locked the door behind her, getting into the car and driving off.

Getting into the actual hospital was difficult. There were a large number people in the reception area milling about, causing chaos with their demands to see a doctor of some sort. The air was full of the heavy scent of panic, fear and desperation. That's why Nina hated hospitals. She rushed toward the front desk. "Hi I'm looking for Perry Whitley?" she said loudly, pushing her dark brown bangs back from sticking onto her forehead.

"Ward 44," the woman answered, not even looking up. Nina left the desk without a thank you and rushed across to the lift, not caring that there were people in wheelchairs waiting for their turn to come. Eventually, the lift stopped and Nina was the first person in, automatically jabbing the number '4' with her finger and waiting for the lift to arrive on that level. As soon as the lift went 'ding!' she pushed her way out and ran, ran as fast as she could to the room where Perry lay, battered, bruised and bleeding, topless.

"My lord," Nina whispered, creeping into the ward. Beth shot her a look.

"Who called you here?" she hissed.

"The nurse, or receptionist, I'm not sure," Nina mumbled back, eyes still focussed on Perry.

"Oh Nina, you're here," Perry gave a tiny smile. "Hey."

"Perry," Nina sighed. "What in heaven's name are you doing here?"

"This is why you should've stayed in school," Perry rolled his eyes. Nina shook her head fondly and sat on the bed, smoothing out the creases. "Stop doing that, Nin."

"What happened?" Nina suddenly turned to Beth. "And why didn't you call me?"

"Because he's a friend of yours and you're not allowed on cases where your friends are involved," Beth blinked, as if it was obvious. "And yet somehow you're still here." Nina was still fiddling with the bed sheets so Perry grabbed her hands. Forcing her to stop. She turned to face him.

"Sorry," she mouthed. Perry just breathed out slowly and let go of her hand. "So…what happened?"

"There was a fight," Beth began slowly. "Between Perry and another person."

"Eric," Perry inputted.

"Eric Bates? As in my Eric? Our Eric?" Nina spluttered.

"Don't," Perry's voice was already hitting a warning tone. Nina noticed his eyes were wide, pleading.

Pleading [ˈpliːdɪŋ] [noun] [to plead] – 'the action of making an emotional or earnest appeal to someone.'

What was Perry making an earnest appeal for? For Nina not to 'go there', wherever 'there' was. But why?

"Don't go there, Nina." Nina said nothing and just fiddled with her diamond necklace, well aware that Perry was patiently waiting for her to speak.

"Why, what happened?" she finally burst out. Beth shot her another warning look.

"I can't tell you," Beth muttered. "It's not legally possible for you to know any facts of this case. I'm sorry." Nina blinked at her whilst Perry just got out of bed.


"That's the end of it, Nina," Beth said firmly, gathering her stuff. "Thanks for answering our questions, Perry. We'll be in touch. Nina, I'll see you in the office later." Perry patiently waited for everyone to leave. Then he spoke.

"It's the sex tape thing. He still thinks I uploaded it, he's messing with my head," he whispered. Nina's eyes went wide, totally oblivious to this.

"I thought you had sorted all of this stuff out," she hissed back to him. Perry shut his eyes momentarily.

"He just won't leave me alone, Nina," he said softly. "He did this to me. He put me in hospital. The man is insane." Nina winced at this word and stood up. "But I said I wouldn't press charges." Nina frowned then. Surely if he was as bad as Perry was making him out to be, he would want him locked up? She studied his face and his body language again. He was fiddling with his top in between two of his fingers before throwing it on. His lips curled slightly.

This usually happened when the person felt some form of contempt.

Contempt [kənˈtɛm(p)t] [noun] – 'disregard for something that should be considered.'

What should be considered? Well the way that Eric treated Perry, surely.

"Perry, you're okay right?" Nina questioned him, now concerned about his behaviour. Perry gave an irritated sigh as if he was trying to imply something else but she wasn't getting it.

"Yes Nina, I'm fine." Nina smiled at him and kissed his cheek quickly.

"Great. I'll see you later."

"Where are you going?" Perry called after her.

"Out," Nina called back, disappearing out of the room.

A/N: First chapter, let me know what you think. It will be Nina solving cases with Beth and Jack, obviously you can see her talent is reading body language, analysing things to a fine detail. Then alongside that we have the weird 'love triangle' with Perry, Eric and Nina. Does Perry really love her? I don't even know yet.

- J