"Let's go guys," Beth hissed briskly as she already begun to run up the stairs. Nina followed Jack and Beth and once they reached the top, panting, she finally understood why she would have to talk him out of it. This guy, Kurt, was about to douse himself in gasoline alongside the young woman he had tied up. Then he was ready to set himself on fire – some simple words or threats with a gun simply wouldn't work in this situation. There was a wall of glass between TAU and him and Jack was about to shoot it so that they got through faster, but Nina stopped him.

"Wait. Let me try something," she whispered. Beth nodded at the rest of the team who looked at Nina like she was crazy, implying that she trusted whatever was about to happen. Nina found the door leading to the room and slowly opened it, her heart thumping. Kurt turned around at the squeak of the door and Nina shoved her pistol in the back pocket of her jeans. "Kurt? It is Kurt, right?" she asked quietly. Lori continued to sob silently, unsure of what was going on.

"Do I know you?" Kurt blinked, still clutching the box of matches in his hands.

"Yeah – I'm Sam, we met ages ago, you helped train me?" Nina lied. She slowly, steadily, took tiny steps toward him – totally aware that Beth, Jack and the rest of the team were watching her from behind the glass intensely. Kurt shook his head.

"No," he muttered. "I don't."

"Oh you know! Five squats and seven push ups every Thursday afternoon, eight if I was a bad girl and drinking the night before? We had such a good time together, c'mon Kurt," Nina tried again. Kurt's eyes lit up for a split second. Then they grew dull again.

"Whatever. Why are you here?" he asked her coldly.

"Cos you said you wanted me all those years ago, that's why. I don't think you should be wasting your time doing whatever it is to this chick, let's go out for dinner like you promised? C'mon, don't do this." Nina could easily see that Kurt was confused now, his mouth was slightly open in pure confusion.

Confused [adjective] [kənˈfjuːzd]: (of a person) unable to think clearly; bewildered.

Why was Kurt bewildered? Well Nina was certainly confusing him enough. But for her, it was reminding her of a different time in her life completely.

"Perry!" Nina shouted, running over to where her best friend sat on his bed with the loaded barrel of a gun shoved into his mouth. Perry held up his hand and shook his head, signalling Nina not to come any closer. "Perry, please," Nina cried, stopping obediently and hovering awkwardly in the hallway. "Please don't, I need you. Don't do this to me." Perry carefully pulled the gun out of his mouth, but this time held it to the temple of his head instead.

"I wasn't there for you."

"But you can be there for me now."

"You could've gotten hurt."

"I wasn't though, Perry, I'm fine because he didn't touch me," Nina lied through her teeth.

"No one needs me," he whispered. "My mom said it all. They don't need me. You don't need me, you have Eric. He'll take care of you now." Nina took small steps toward Perry as her eyes continued to flood with tears.

"No, I need you, we all need you. Please Perry, this isn't the way," Nina sobbed hysterically. "Don't leave me, you can't kill me, don't you dare pull that trigger, don't-"

"No, Lori deserves this and so do I," Kurt spat angrily, striking the match. Nina glanced behind her and saw Jack shake his head and pull out his gun. Without hesitation, he shot the glass at the same time as Nina pulled out her gun and shot Kurt, at the same time as both Beth and Jack. Nina ran up to Lori, who was shaking and soaking wet with gasolilne.

"It's okay, he's gone now. I'm sorry you had to go through all of that," she whispered, untying her. Lori didn't answer, she just collapsed into Nina's arms and cried her heart out.

Perry's grip on the gun loosened slightly and Nina took the opportunity to grab it and throw it across the floor like it was a hot potato. She engulfed Perry in the largest hug she had ever given, her tears trickling down her cheeks into his hair.

But Perry didn't shed a tear.

In fact, Perry was the one that ended up holding Nina, rocking her from side to side, shushing her and placing little kisses on the top of her head, whilst muttering the words 'I'm sorry baby, I'm sorry.'

"Good morning sunshine!" Jack beamed as soon as Nina walked into the office the next morning. "You got a present from Santa waitin' for ya."

"Present?" Nina repeated, chewing the inside of her cheek nervously.

"Present," Jack nodded. "Go to your desk." Nina slowly approached the desk and saw a little white teddy bear in a Santa hat clutching a dark satin red heart. There was a card next to it and Nina swiftly opened it. She knew that all eyes were on her but tried not to react too much.


I am so happy to officially say we're together again. I've never stopped loving you. You mean the world to me.

See you later. (;

Perry xx'

"Awh," Nina giggled, picking up the bear and placing a kiss on its fluffy white head.

"Who's it from?" Jack asked curiously. Nina closed the card and stuffed it into her pocket quickly.

"My boyfriend," she beamed. Jack raised an eyebrow and said nothing more, but Beth glanced away uncomfortably. It was clearly too soon for her to understand anything to do with love or relationships.

"Who's the lucky guy then?" Janice grinned from her own desk.

"Let's just say…he's my best friend," Nina gushed. Beth looked back up then. She didn't like the words that just came out of Nina's mouth, at all.

"Eric?" she guessed. Everyone's heads turned to her and Nina blushed a furious red.

"It's not your business," she hummed lightly before leaving the office completely. Beth bit down on her jaw and said nothing more.

A/N: Merry Christmas! I'm back, so is this story, and that's exciting for me because I now know where I'm going with it haha. Do you ship Nina with Perry or with Eric? So many secrets yet to be revealed. Love you all, see you in a week!

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