Hey Everyone this is Black Flame Of Destruction here bringing you a brand new story, and my first ever Crossover! This one is as you can tell a Naruto/Fairy Tail crossover. Now in this one Naruto is born in Earth Land, and he ends up learnining god slayer magic. Also because i see so many of these stories were he's born in earth land to Minato and Kushina but they end up dying when he is young I decided to have them live but you'll be surprised what happens to them. Anyway this first chapter is to test the waters and see who likes it, if i get enough likes, follows, and reviews then i'll continue it, if not then oh well atleast i'll know that i suck at crossover fiction. please enjoy.

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Chapter 1: Birth of A Legend.

Magic(Maho), it is the physical embodiment of the spirit. When the physical spirit of an organism connects with the spiritual flow of nature, the spirit forms Magic as a product of the connection, the particles of magic are also called Eternano. Only ten percent of the world's population is able to use Magic, which is noted to keep a balance between ordinary people and those with Magic.

It takes an enormous amount of concentration and mental ability to use Magic, and those that are capable of using magic are called Mages(Madoshi) or Wizards. Mages reside all over the world of Earth Land(Asu Rando), and these Mages come together to form what are known as Guilds(Girudo), to learn more about magic and gain bonds of camaraderie, as well as to take jobs to support themselves.

These jobs range from as simple as delivering a package, to as hard as killing huge monsters. Guilds are found all over Earth Land, but the highest concentration of Magic Guilds are found in the Kingdom of Fiore(Fiore Okoku), a permanently neutral nation with a population of 17 million, which is home to many famous Guilds, but it is one particular guild in this country which has produced many legends and will continue to do so for years to come.

This Guild's name is Fairy Tail(Feari Teiru). It was founded in X686 by a group of 4 people, 3 young men and 1 teenage girl. The three men were named Purehito Gaeblog, Warrod Sequen, and Yury Dreyar, these men were originally treasure hunters, until they ran into the 4th founder of Fairy Tail in that same year. The teenage girl's name was Mavis Vermilion and she was the 1st Master of Fairy Tail.

Mavis Vermilion was a 13 year old girl who had grown up pretty much alone on Tenrou Island. She had very long, wavy blonde hair which went down to her feet, with one lock pointing straight upwards, large green eyes with no irises, and a child like build. She wore a frilly, pink layered robe with a red ribbon tied in a bow around her neck. Around the chest area were three blue diamond patterns with two blue triangles above. Each series of these was outlined in a hot pink. She wore wing-like adornments around her ears and small hoop earrings. She also seemed to prefer going barefoot.

Mavis was only Guild master for 10 years, at age 23 she passed away from a heart defect, never having fulfilled her dream of meeting fairies. However during her time as the 1st Master of Fairy Tail, she oversaw the creation of three incredible spells, which would come to be known and the 3 Legendary Fairy Magics(Yosei Maho), Fairy Law(Feari Ro), Fairy Glitter(Feari Guritta), and Fairy Sphere(Feari Sufia). Before she passed away she handed the title of Master over to her fellow founder and friend Purehito Gaeblog, making him the 2nd Master of Fairy Tail. She was buried on Tenrou Island, and the place was made a Holy Ground for the Guild.

Purehito was a young man of average height, with slicked back brown hair, and wore a high colored black jacket, with huge shoulder pads all with blue/green accents, and a blue/green cape attached, black pants, and combat boots. Originally he had use of both of his eyes, but after an encounter with the Dark Guild that controlled Magnolia originally he lost his right eye and took to wearing a Eye Patch over that eye.

In his older years he was tall, his hair had grown long and became silver-white but remained slicked back, his outfit changed somewhat to sport a light cape bearing Fairy Tail's mark on the back, complete with a dark fur-lined mantle, and what looked like a loose robe below it. He also carried around a long staff, with its top shaped yet again like Fairy Tail's symbol and he grew a long white beard.

Purehito was Master of Fairy tail for at least 30 years. He oversaw the first increase in the Guild's numbers, as well as its popularity. When he was ready to retire he handed the reigns over to man of 40, named Makarov.

Warrod Sequen was a Tall and very well built man, his head, somewhat rectangular in shape, was covered with messy black hair on its top. Warrod dressed himself in a sleeveless top with green accents, with a belt and trousers as well as combat boots. Warrod used a special kind of Magic called Green Magic(Midori no Maho).

Not much is known about what happened to Warrod in his later years. However what is know is that he became a member of the 10 Wizard saints, a group of 10 of the most powerful Mages in all of Fiore.

Yury Dreyar was a Tall young man in his later teens, nearing his early 20s, with spikey blonde hair and dark eyes. He donned a dark colored shirt, a jacket, and long pants, and combat boots. Yury would be most famous for being the father of the 3rd Master of Fairy Tail, Makarov Dreyar. Upon his son turning 18 he disappeared and no one knows his current whereabouts or status.

Makarov Dreyar, the 3rd Master of Fairy Tail, was born in X696 to Yury Dreyar and his wife. In his youth Makarov was a man of below average height, and had inherited his father's spikey blonde hair, though his own stuck straight up. His attitude as a young man was rather impatient and he never hesitated to start fights with his fellow Guild mates.

Makarov became an S-Class Mage, the highest class of Mage there is, of the guild at 20. He gained the nickname "The Titan", due to his unique magic called Titan Magic(Jiyaianto Maho), which allows him him to grow to enormous proportions. Makarov was a member of a team of 6 including himself, called Team Makarov, and was close with each member, especially the only female member of the team Porlyusica who was 15 years his junior.

Makarov was made 3rd Master of Fairy Tail by Purehito in X736, at the age of 40. In X741 he was named as a Member of the 10 Wizard Saints(Seiten Daimado). Makarov himself had children, 2 sons by two women. The first was born to Makarov and his wife, and was given the name Ivan, who unlike the rest of his family was born with black hair. Ivan grew up to be powerful in his own right, however he always had a darker nature then the rest of his family.

Makarov's wife died when Ivan was 2 years old. The 2nd was born to Makarov and Porlyusica, who had been there to comfort the Guild Master when his wife died causing them to grow even closer. The boy was named Minato, and he like his father inherited the Dreyar family spikey blond hair. Minato himself grew up to be powerful, some would say even more so then his brother and father.

Ivan Dreyar is a tall and muscular man, standing at about 6'5, and weighing a good 250lbs. He has black hair which like the rest of his family's is spikey but only on top of his head and its short. He does not bear any resemblance to his father or brother. Ivan uses Shikigami Magic(Shikigami Maho)primarily, which gives him the ability to turn objects into paper dolls. In X761, Ivan and his wife had a son whom they named Laxus, and the child inherited the Dreyar family looks, including the spikey blonde hair.

Minato Dreyar is tall himself, though shorter then his brother, standing at 6'1, and weighing 165lbs, with a lean, athletic build, made more for speed. He like every male in his family, except his brother, has spikey blonde hair, with two jaw length bangs framing his face. Unlike the rest of his family though, he has bright blue eyes, which according to his mother was a recessive gene passed down by her, as her own father had blue eyes.

Minato became an S-Class Mage, under his father's leadership, at the age of 16. At the time he was the youngest person ever to become S-Class. Minato earned the name "Fairy Tail's Yellow Flash" due to his use of a combination Teleportation Magic(Shunkan no Maho)and Seal Magic(Shiru Maho), which is so fast that all anyone can see before they're taken down is a flash of yellow light, the name of the spell that earned him this name is called Hiraishin(Flying Thunder God). He also is noted for his use of Wind(Kaze Maho) and Lightning Magic(Kaminari Kei Kakushu Maho), and his basic knowledge of Fire(Hi no Maho), Earth(Tsuchi Maho), and Water Magic(Mizu Kei Kakushu Maho). He also created a magic which allowed him to form pure Eternano into any shape he wished, he named it Energy Make Magic(Enerugi Meiku Maho).

When he was only 13 years old, Minato met and fell in love with the girl who would eventually become his wife, that girls name was Kushina Uzumaki. Kushina Uzumaki joined Fairy Tail at 13 years old, after her home on the island nation of Land of Whirlpools was destroyed and her friends and family all killed. When she first met her Guild-mates she proclaimed loudly that she would be the 4th Master of Fairy Tail, and the 2nd Female Master after Mavis. This caused most to laugh, except Minato who smiled at her and told her his dream was to take over for his father and become 4th master himself.

As Kushina grew up, she grew more and more beautiful. Kushina as an adult is a woman who stands at 5'4, with a slender yet feminine build, fair skin, violet eyes, and fiery red hair which falls down to her shapely ass, and two strands that frame both sides of her face, she wears a black hair clip in her hair, parting it on the left to keep it out of her eyes.

Kushina made S-Class at the age of 19, and became known in the guild as "The Red Hot-Blooded Habanero" due to her temper. Around Fiore however she became known as "Fairy Tail's Queen of Blades", due to her use of a special kind of Re-Quip Magic(Kanso Maho) called Blades Magic(Yaiba Maho), which allowed her to only call on different kinds of swords. She was also a master of Seal Magic ,Chain Magic(Rensa Maho), and Rune Magic(Rune Maho) and slightly proficient with Water Magic and Wind Magic.

Eventually Minato and Kushina began to date, when they were 17, after he saved her after, during a mission to take out a Dark Guild, she was knocked unconscious by one of the members and kidnapped to be sold as a sex slave. Minato found her by following her red hair, defeated the kidnapper, and took her back to the guild bridal style in his arms. At the time he said he found her because of the trail she left with her hair, and that he noticed it right away because he'd always found her red hair to be beautiful, it was at that moment she fell in love with the Master's second born.

At 21 both Minato and Kushina were named to the 10 Wizard Saints, which was a proud moment for Makarov, however he was even prouder when a year later Minato and Kushina married and the young red head became his actual daughter. at 23 Minato and Kushina left the guild, and took a leave of absence from the Wizard Saints due to Kushina falling pregnant with their first child, this happened about a year after the birth of Ivan's son Laxus.

Makarov was just happy as could be that he was going to be a grandfather again, and the entire guild congratulated the young couple. However there was one member of the guild who did not share the rest of the guild's enthusiasm, and that was Ivan. As Ivan saw it, the pregnancy of his sister-in-law and impending father-hood of his little brother was just another way for the brat to show him up.

Ivan had developed a deep seated hatred for his baby brother because of all his accomplishments and all the praise he received, things that he felt should have been his as the older brother. So Ivan sat back and plotted to gain his revenge against Minato, through their children someday.

And So it was that Minato and Kushina moved to a town located on the border between Fiore and the Woodland country of Bosco, the town they moved to was called Konoha. Konoha was a small town, with a population of only around 2,000, and of those 2,000 people, around 300 were Mages. Konoha's leader, is Hiruzen Sarutobi, a former Wizard Saint called "The Professor" for his extensive knowledge of magic, and good friend to Makarov, who welcomed the young couple with open arms.

Hiruzen Sarutobi was an old man, 2 years older then Makarov, at 68, he was short but not as much as Makarov still being over 5 feet tall, with spikey white hair that in his youth was brown, and a grey goatee. While he was famed for being a powerful Mage himself and a Wizard Saint once, he was most famous for training 3 of the greatest Mages alive today, Jiraiya Gama, Tsunade Senju, and Orochimaru Hebi.

Jiraiya Gama is a man in his early 40s, with long, spikey white hair thats tied into a ponytail at the back that goes to his thighs. He is tall at 6'4 and pretty muscular at 240 pounds. Jiraiya is known as "The Toad Sage", he is a master of Rune(Rune Maho), Ecriture(Ekurityuru), Seal, Fire, Earth, and Toad Magic(Hikigaeru Maho), and it is for the last that he has his title. Jiraiya is an author, and a spy master, running the Rune Knights Spy unit. He is also a massive pervert and the first time he met Kushina nearly lost his balls for making a perverted comment about her breasts.

Tsunade Senju is a fair skinned woman in her early 40s but looks 20s, with long blonde hair tied into two loose ponytails. She is 5'3 and has very large breasts, she is regarded as one of the most beautiful women in all of Earth Land. She is also the granddaughter of one of the Mages who founded Konoha, Hashirama Senju who himself was said to be Godlike.

Tsunade is known as both "The Legendary Sucker" for her gambling habits, and "The Worlds Greatest Doctor" for her Healing Magic(Chiyu Maho). She is and expert in Fire, Earth, Lightning, and Water Magics, and a master of Healing and Slug Magic(Namekuji Maho). Her healing prowess is so great that she is capable of healing wounds that most other doctors would say are un-treatable.

She used to head the Medical Unit of the Rune Knights, but she quit after the death of her lover Dan Kato which she was unable to stop, and now wonders the world with her apprentice and Dan's niece Shizune Kato.

Orochimaru Hebi, is a pale skinned man in his 40s, with long, straight black hair, he has slitted golden eyes with purple markings around the sockets, and elongated teeth which makes him look like a snake. He's average height, only 5'8 and weights 145 pounds. He is called "The Mad Scientist", because of his thirst for knowledge of every single spell in the world, and the unethical experiments he engaged in as a member of the Rune Knights.

Orochimaru is adept at all Elemental Magics(Sairei Maho), he is an expert in Seal and Rune Magics, and he has been accredited with creating what is know as Curse Seal Magic(Noroi Shiru Maho). He is also a Master of Snake Magic(Hebi no Maho). He was once the head of the Bureau of Magical Development, however he was caught doing unethical experiments on children and young adults in an effort to attain immortality and was chased out by the Rune Knights and replaced by a man named Brain.

He has been said to of become a Dark Mage(Yami Madoshi) and founded the new Dark Guild(Yami Girudo) called Hidden Sound(Otogakure), however no one has been able to substantiate these rumors.

The Dreyars lived peacefully in Konoha, made many friends, including with the heads of 4 branches of the Rune Knights, those being Shikaku Nara head of the Intelligence Unit, Inoichi Yamanaka head of the Interrogation Unit, Choza Akimichi head of the Combat Unit, and Hiashi Hyuga, Head of the Tracking Unit, and their wives.

Also during Kushina's pregnancy Minato took on 3 teenagers as pseudo-students, teaching them how to better utilize their magic power, and giving them pointers on their respective magics. Those three were named Kakashi Hatake, son of the Infamous former Wizard Saint "The White Fang" Sakumo Hatake, Obito Uchiha, and outcast of Konoha's Uchiha Clan, and Rin Nohara, who came from an offshoot of the Inuzuka Clan of Konoha.

Kakashi was the one closest to Minato of the three, because Kakashi specialized in Lightning Magic, which was one of the blonde's specialties. The boy adopted the Dreyars as parents, and saw them as the mother and father he never had, as his mother died at his birth and his father committed suicide when he was 5.

Then it happened, on October 10th X763, Kushina went into labor, it took 6 hours, but after much screaming, pushing, and breaking of Minato's hand, they finally had their child and it was a son. The baby was born with a full head of the Dreyar blonde hair, though not yet spikey, and his father's bright blue eyes, however the most unique feature of the child was the 3 whisker like birth marks on each of his cheeks, which made him look even more adorable in his mother's opinion.

The day after the birth, Minato contacted his father to let him know he had another grandson, and the old man was ex-static, when he asked what the boy's name was, Minato told him they named him Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki-Dreyar. The old man knew instantly that they had named him with the Maelstrom meaning of that name, and told his son it was a strong name and that he had no doubt that Naruto would be a powerful Mage in the future, then said he'd be in Konoha in a couple of days.

A few days later Makarov was as good as his word, however he brought along 2 year old Laxus, as Ivan was away on an S-Class Job. The first time the little blonde saw his baby cousin he took to him right away, and warmed both Minato and Makarov's hearts, and filled them with hope that the 2 cousins would be closer then Minato and Ivan were.

The whole time he was in Konoha, Makarov spoiled his new grandson, and spent time drinking and talking about the old days with Sarutobi. When the man and Laxus left finally, everyone was in good spirits, and Minato said that he and Kushina would be coming back to the guild 2 weeks after Naruto's first birthday and that they would stay in contact. And for that first year, everything was great, Naruto grew well, and even made friends with the infant children of the Nara, Yamanaka, Akimichi, and even the Haruno, a civilian family.

On his first birthday Naruto had a huge party, with guests that included his father's "students", Old man Sarutobi and his 2 boys, his sometimes babysitter Kurenai Yuhi, his Grandfather Makarov and 3 year old cousin Laxus, and especially his little friends his age.

Shikamaru Nara the son of Shikaku and Yoshino Nara, who greatly resembled his own father and was just as lazy, is heir to the Nara Clan. He has black hair which is actually tied into a little spikey high ponytail like most men in his family. The Nara clan are known throughout Earth Land for two things. The first and what makes them perfect to head the Intelligence Division of the Rune Knights is that every member is a genius. The second is their unique brand of Shadow Magic(Kage Maho), which allows them to link their own shadows to those of other people and bind them, causing the other person to repeat every action that the Nara makes.

Ino Yamanaka the daughter of Inoichi and his wife, heiress of the Yamanaka Clan, who like her father has platinum blonde hair and blue/green eyes. The Yamanaka Clan have headed the Interrogation Unit of the Rune Knights for 3 generations so far. The reason for this is their unique brand of Mind Magic(Kokoro no Maho)

Choji Akimichi the son of Choza and Chizuru, who has spikey brown hair, and is quite the pudgy baby, is heir to the Akimichi clan. The Akimichi clan have headed the Combat Division of the Rune Knights for 3 generations, for 2 reasons. First is their above average physical strength and durability granted to them by their large bulk, as the majority of Akimichi men can reach heights of up to 6'10, and weigh as much as 500lbs. The second is their unique brand of Titan Magic which allows them to enlarge only parts of their bodies and not the whole body itself.

Lastly is Sakura Haruno daughter to Kizashi and Mebuki Haruno, who own a clothing shop, and inherited her pink hair color from her father while gaining her mothers jade green eyes. The Haruno's own a clothing store in Konoha and have made a good living from it.

Kiba Inuzuka, second and youngest child of the Matriarch of the Inuzuka clan, Tsume, younger brother to the heiress of the clan Hana. He has wild spikey brown hair, and brown eyes, he looks slightly feral because the Inuzuka clan use a special brand of Animal Magic(Animaru Maho) Called Dog Magic(Inu no Maho),which involves dogs. Shino Aburame son of Shibi Aburame and his wife, Heir to the Aburame Clan. Shino has bushy dark brown hair and dark eyes. His family is known to also use a special brand of Animal Magic called Insect Magic(Mushi no Maho).

Hinata Hyuga, the only daughter to Hiashi and Hitome Hyuga, heiress to the Hyuga clan. Hinata is a pale skinned little babe, with short, dark blue hair which she inherited from her mother, and the white eyes of her clan with a hint of lavender.

The Hyuga clan are well known for two things, their Palm Magic(Pamu Maho) which they use in conjunction with their special hand to had style called Gentle Fist, and they're unique brand of Eye Magic(Me Maho)known as White Eye(Byakugan), which allows them X-ray and telescoping vision, as well as giving them a 360 degree range of sight, and the ability to see the magic systems of people, its activation is denoted by the bulging of the veins around the Hyuga's eyes.

Lastly is Sasuke Uchiha, the second son of Fugaku and Mikoto Uchiha, the heads of the Uchiha clan, and younger brother to the Heir of the clan Itachi Uchiha. Sasuke is a baby with black eyes, and chin length black hair which is spikey in the back and looks like a ducks ass.

The Uchiha Clan are also known for two things, their Mastery of Fire Magic and they're own unique Eye Magic called Copy Wheel Eye(Sharingan) which is denoted by the iris becoming red in color, with any number of black tome markings from 1 to 3 around the pupil.

The party was a huge success, with Naruto gaining many presents, and all the children playing together and getting filthy as children do. When it was all said and done, everyone headed back to their homes within the village, as Makarov and Laxus returned to Magnolia, with the old man saying he looks forward to seeing them in 2 weeks. However what no one knew is that tragedy would strike and the world would lose 2 great Mages for nearly 10 years. While their son would go missing for 13 years.

Boarder Between Fiore and Bosco


October 13th ,X764, Night Time

It is a peaceful night in the town of Konoha just like any other. The weather is fair, and the people are going about their usual nightly routines, most shutting up shop to return home for the evening. Family's are having dinner, and settling in for a quiet and restful night, including the Dreyar Family. However that peace is not to last, as tonight is a night that will change the fates of everyone in Konoha, but especially that of Naruto Uzumaki-Dreyar.

The hour is close to 11pm, and Hiruzen Sarutobi sits in his office still, finishing going over all the paperwork associated with being the leader of Konoha. He looks out the window to his office and frowns, for awhile now he has had a feeling of foreboding, however he cannot for the life of him figure out why. As he finishes the last piece of paperwork for the night his foreboding feeling is proven correct when suddenly he and the rest of the town hear an incredibly loud roar from the sky.

Hiruzen rushes out of his office to the roof, and as he looks up to find the source of the roar, and when he gazes at the night sky he sees it. In the air, quickly descending towards Konoha is a creature of legend, a Dragon. From what he can see in the dark and at the distance it is from the town, the great beast is yellow in color, and its body appears to be covered in Lighting.

The old man springs into action, flaring his magic, which has the affect of bringing to him every available Mage in the town. Everyone of them has grim, yet determined looks on their faces, as Hiruzen addresses them, "Listen up everyone, tonight may very well be the final night Konoha has, however I do not want you to despair, we shall fight to our dying breath to make sure the innocent get to safety.

Now All Mages ages 13-20 all of you gather up the Civilians and get them to safety, do not under any circumstances come back here to fight the beast. Clan leaders see to your families, that is more important then fighting a monster. The rest of you are with me, we'll show this beast why you don't mess with Konoha!"

They all roar in approval of this, as they break off into 3 groups, one to gather the civilians made of young Mages like Kakashi, Obito, and Rin. A second made of the clan head's who head to their homes to gather their wives and children. The last group launches themselves off the top of Hiruzen's office heading right for the Dragon, which has just landed in the center of town, crushing many shops and homes in the process.

Sarutobi gathers his magic and slams his right hand on the ground calling out "Monkey Magic: Monkey King: Enma!(Saru no Maho: Enkoo: Enma) " as a dark green magic seal appears, and out of the seal comes an old monkey whose body and tail is covered in white fur which protrude from his sleeves and pants. He has long unkempt white hair that reaches to his back and long sideburns and a goatee. He wears a black suit with mesh armour underneath, over which he wears a sleeveless kimono shirt with white fur trimmings, and markings reminiscent of tiger stripes on it which is held closed by a red sash. This is the King of Monkey summons Enma.

The Monkey King looks around, quickly noticing the dragon, turns to his old friend and partner with a serious look, "Let me guess, Konoha is under attack by that dragon, and like an old fool your going to meet it head on. I take it you summoned me to fight alongside you?" Sarutobi nods at this as he continues "Fine, then if we die at least we die together. Transformation Magic: Adamantine Staff!(Henshin Maho: Kongonyoi)" as a glowing yellow magic circle appears beneath him, and quickly he takes on the form of large, long black Bo-staff, with caps at each end, and is as hard as diamond.

Hiruzen takes hold of his transformed partner before joining the others already fighting, and being beaten back by the dragon. As he gets within range of the enormous beast, he thrusts the staff forward, causing it to extend, and hits the beast square in the chest, which dents its scales in that area, as well as pushes it back so that it is now outside of the walls of Konoha. Bringing the staff back to regular length, he rushes outsides the walls to continue the fight, with others following him.

The dragon meanwhile is shocked that a Human weapon was able to harm him, and even push him back, as no human made weapon should be able to do that. Whats more is he sensed both magic and life from the staff, which he quickly deduces means that the weapon must be one of those deplorable Summon Animals. Which only angers him more, as he is the great Brontan the Thunder Dragon(Sanda Ryu), and he will not be made a fool of by a pseudo-demon who lowers himself to working with filthy humans! As he releases another mighty roar and prepares to kill and eat all the humans nearing him.

As Hiruzen leads his forces against the great Dragon he can't help but to think to himself, "If only Jiraiya and Tsunade were here, then we might actually have a decent chance of beating the beast. Jiraiya's collaborations with his toads as well as the acid of Tsunade's Slugs would cause serious damage to it, and may even cause it to retreat. Alas Jiraiya is off spying on Dark Guilds, and other countries, and Tsunade is Ishval knows where, probably some casino gambling her families fortune away."

He steels his nerves, choosing not to dwell on what ifs, as he notices the dragon open its maw, and blue colored lightning start gathering in its mouth, and he realizes what its doing as he quickly yells out "BREATH ATTACK! SCATTER!" and he gives the order not a second to soon, as as soon as the attack team scatters to the winds, Brontan release his Thunder Dragon's Roar(Sanda Ryu no Hoko). Launching a wide and enormous beam of blue lightning, which disintegrates everything in its path, even destroying part of the mountain behind the town where the faces of all Konoha's leaders are carved.

Looking at the destruction caused by that one attack, all the Mages are astonished and shocked, however Hiruzen Sarutobi has an entirely different reaction. Upon seeing the damage done to his home, the place he grew up, where he learned to be a Mage at the feet of Hashirama Senju the man known as "The God Of Wizards" and his brother Tobirama Senju, the old Village leader is enraged. Suddenly all the Mages in the area are brought to their knees by the sheer force of "The Professor's" Magical power.

The old man rushes Brontan with a speed a man of his age should not possess, his Magical Aura coming off his body in waves of Green, his power enough to even gain the attention of the Dragon. Before he raises the Adamantine staff high into the air, elongating and slightly enlarging it, and brings it straight down on Brontan's scaled head with a resounding CRACK. The Diamond hard weapon having enough power and force to crack the scales on the head drawing blood, as well as knocking the great beast flat to the ground on his face.

Brontan lets out a slight groan of pain, not believing that the old human actually managed to bring him down and draw blood. However that quickly turns to rage as he stands back to his full height. "Filthy Human! How dare you draw the blood of the Great Brontan!? I'm going to eat you whole and then destroy your precious town! ROOOOOAARRRRRRR!"

Hiruzen doesn't respond to this verbally, instead he makes seal with his left hand, causing a brown magic seal to appear on the ground between him and Brontan. "Earth Magic: Earth Flow River!(Tsuchi Maho: Doryu Taiga)" as the ground turns to a river of mud and slides under the dragon's feet, causing him to loose his footing. Sarutobi changes the seal his hand is in and another brown magic seal appears infront of the old man, as the mud raises up and takes the shape of a dragons head "Earth Magic: Earth Dragon Bullet!(Tsuchi Maho: Doryudan)"

As the mud dragon opens its maw and fires off large, hard spheres of mud. Before they reach Brontan, the old man changes his hand seal again and a red magic circle appears as he takes a breath and breaths out a red hot flame "Fire Magic: Fire Dragon Bullet!(Hi no Maho: Karyudan)" lighting the mud bullets on fire and turning them to bullets of magma as the old man finishes off saying "Collaboration Magic: Lava Dragon Bullets!(Koraboreshon Maho: Yoganryudan)"

The projectiles of liquid hot rock, hit Brontan along his left side, the heat such that it manages to melt many of his scales, and cause superficial burns on the skin underneath. However the dragon's healing factor quickly takes care of the problem, and scales fix themselves as he turns and swipes at Sarutobi with his right hand. The old man manages to get out of the way, however his left side is nicked by part of one of the dragon's claws.

Hiruzen yelps in pain when he lands, quickly grabbing his side, this causes Enma's eye and mouth to appear on the staff, "Hiruzen are you injured?" the old man nods his head in answer, "How bad is it?" Sarutobi takes his hand from his side and looks down to see it completely covered in blood and winces, "It looks pretty bad old friend. But I can still fight."

His attention is quickly brought back to the problem at hand, as the other Mages, bolstered by his success had begun attacking the great beast, however no matter what spells they use, they can't harm Brontan. For their troubles they're being swatted around, and crushed like bugs by the Dragon.

He prepares to re-enter the fight, calling up his magic again, however before he can do anything he sees a flash of yellow and hears a shout of "Energy Make: Big Ball Rasengan!(Enerugi Meiku: Odama Rasengan)" as a large ball of swirling blue magic energy crashes into Brontan's chest, sending him skidding back 30 feet and leaving a swirl like bruise on his chest. Thats when he sees the forms of Minato Dreyar and Kushina Uzumaki-Dreyar standing there right in front of him, and in Kushina's arms is their one year old son.

The blonde haired man turns to the elder Mage with a serious look on his face which reminds him of his father, before hes addressed by the younger man. "Sarutobi-sama leave this to us. We have only one request of you, take our son to safety, we've contacted my father and he will meet you in the nearest town in Fiore to here." he is then handed the blonde haired baby by Kushina.

The old man is shocked by these actions, but quickly gets his wits back and tries to hand the child back to the red-head. "You cannot be serious Minato, Kushina! Please take Naruto back, and the three of you get to safety. I'm old, and have lived a long and fruitful life, besides I'm going to die anyway, my injury is mortal. Take Naruto and go to Fairy Tail, I will hold back the beast with what strength I have left."

Kushina shakes her head at this, as she places her hand on the old man's left side and it glows green, as he feels his wound stitch together slightly, before the light fades away. "Thats all I can do to help you old man. I was never really good at healing, and only picked up a few things from Mother Porlyusica. Any strenuous movement will cause it to open again.

We need you to take Naruto and go, because if we run away now, when the people we've grown close to over the last 3 years need us most, then we would never be able to show our faces to Fairy Tail, or call ourselves Wizard Saints!"

Hiruzen is taken aback by the passion he sees in Kushina's eyes at that statement as he unconsciously holds Naruto tightly to himself. A loud roar brings all their attention back to the dragon, as Minato give his wife a look, and instantly she knows what hes saying without words.

She steps forward and extends her right hand as a glowing golden seal appears beneath Brontan, as she intones "Chain Magic: Holy Chains!(Rensa Maho: Hori Chen)" as multiple golden chains erupt from the seal and wrap around the dragon, before pulling tight and forcing him to the ground.

Minato turns to the old man and his son, as he rubs the child's cheek with his finger, and then places a kiss down upon the babes head. "I hope that someday you can forgive us for not being there for you Naruto. I have no doubt that your grandfather will raise you to the best of his abilities, and that you will grow up strong.

Your going to be compared to your mother and I alot as you grow as a Mage, but don't ever let that bring you down, use it as motivation to become stronger and to prove that you are not The son of Minato Dreyar and Kushina Uzumaki-Dreyar, but that you are Naruto Uzumaki-Dreyar and you are your own man, as that is what I did to step out of the shadow of my own father. Sarutobi-sama, please take good care of my boy, make sure he arrives safely to my father's hands."

The old man nods at this, as the read head comes back over, and the blonde uses Hiraishin to flash infront of Brontan and summons a dull green magic seal, sending out a blast of wind magic, which cuts into the beasts face as it continues to try to break the chains.

Kushina does similar to her husband, as she moves aside the hair on Naruto's forehead, but she kisses his whiskered cheeks and smiles down at him with only the affection a mother could have. "My precious little Naru-chan. You'll never know just how much your father and I love you, and you may hate us for a time, but when you have children you'll understand our decision.

All I want you to do is to eat right, grow tall like your daddy, make sure you study your magic real good, and train as hard as you can. When your old enough find a girl like your mommy, fall in love, and have lots of children. Above all else, live your life to the fullest everyday, and always follow your ideas of wrong and right, no matter what anyone may say. We Love you Naruto." she gives him one final kiss, then nods to Sarutobi to let him know to take him away now.

The old man looks sadly at the young mother, but does as asked, however before he leaves he has one more thing to say "Kushina, it has been an honor and a privilege to have you and Minato in Konoha, and to get to know you both. I promise you that I will do my best to make sure Naruto gets to Makky. But do this old man one favor? Try to come out of this confrontation Alive. I do not want Naruto to be an orphan, and I do not wish Makky to feel the loss of a son and daughter. Farewell, and may Ishval guide your hands."

With that he runs off with the youngest Dreyar in his arms, heading for the nearest town to the border in Fiore. Kushina turns back to the dragon as her magic skyrockets and starts coming off her in waves of dark red, and her hair floats in the air becoming like 9 red tails. A red magic circle appears as she calls out "Blades Magic: Ascalon!(Yaiba Maho: Asukaron)" as she summons the legendary Dragon slaying blade Ascalon, which as soon as she takes it in her hand glows with magic as she rushes Brontan.

The battle would rage on for many hours, with the two young Wizard Saint's scoring many wounds upon the Thunder Dragon, however Brontan would also get wounds on the two humans. In the end Minato and Kushina would finally figure out a way to end the dragon and keep their lives, though it would take most of the magic they had left. Together the husband and wife team used a spell called Seal Magic: Self-Destruction Spell(Shiru Maho: Jiritsu Hokai Mahojin)and placed it upon Brontan.

The Self-Destruction seal is one that uses the magic of who or what it is applied to to fuel itself, and destroys that person or object and an area around it completely. The seal worked, and Brontan the Thunder Dragon was killed, and everything in a 10 mile radius was destroyed, including the outer edge of Konoha.

Minato using the last of his magic managed to use Hiraishin to take Kushina and himself to safety, concentrating on the marker he had left in his mother's tree house in the forests of Magnolia Town. It was a shock to Porlyusica to see the tell tale yellow flash of her only child's technique, but even more so to see her son and daughter-in-law appear unconscious and heavily injured.

Porlyusica quickly went to work to save their lives, and by the grace of the gods of magic, she managed to do it. However though she patched up her son and his wife, they slipped into coma's, and she quickly called Makarov to come to her home, however she was told by the guild's Ace and Minato's best friend Gildarts Clive that the old master had gone to get their grandson, so she told the man to inform Makarov to come to her house as soon as he returned.

However for Makarov Dreyar, he would believe his Son and daughter-in-law dead, and would feel the loss much more deeply, as in his mind he not only would lose his youngest son and daughter-in-law, but also his grandson. Makarov would arrive in the little Fiore Village nearest to the border with Bosco, within hours of being alerted by his son of his plans. He would wait for over 2 days for Hiruzen to arrive with his youngest grandson, but the man would never arrive.

So the 5th strongest Wizard Saint would go to look for his old friend, hoping that he only got held up by his old age and not something untoward. He would find the man a day later, 150 Miles outside of Konoha, and around 5 Miles from the Village they were to meet, however he would find him dead, with the bodies of many cultists laying around him.

Taking in the scene, he can already tell what happened. During the trip to bring Naruto to Makarov, Sarutobi was stopped by the cultists, who had most likely felt the great magical power within Naruto and wanted the child. The man obviously refused and a fight broke out, Hiruzen fought with all his might, even though he was holding onto Naruto, he managed to take out a great number of them.

His downfall came when his earlier wound from fighting Brontan that was partially healed by Kushina, had re-opened and he started to bleed heavily. The Cultists had started to overwhelm him, however before they could kill him and take the child, a 3rd party had arrived, and with powerful magic, killed all the cultists. Makarov came to the conclusion that Hiruzen must have felt goodness in the third party and given his grandson to the person, and that man or woman had then left with the one year old to gods know where.

Falling to his knees "The Titan" of fairy tail wept, wept for the loss of yet another precious person, his friend Hiruzen Sarutobi, and wept for his missing grandson. However he quickly pulled himself together, realizing that there was hope that Naruto was still alive, and that someday he would come to Fairy Tail and return to the only family he had left. After that he destroyed the bodies of the cultists with Fire Magic and then gave his old friend a proper burial with help from his Titan Magic.

Makarov then turned and headed for home, back to Magnolia Town, and back to Fairy Tail, with thoughts of find and informing Tsunade and Jiraiya that their teacher, their surrogate father figure was dead. However what Makarov could never imagine is that the 3rd party who saved Sarutobi, and took Naruto away, was no mere mortal Wizard, no, the person who took the youngest Dreyar was a God, nor could he imagine that he would find his Son and Daughter-in-law alive but in coma's, coma's that they would not awaken from for 10 years.

Mountains of Fiore

October 14th, X764

In one of the mountain ranges of Fiore, the one nearest to Clover Town, at the highest peak we find a single wooden house, which seems to be built into the mountain side. Inside the house can be seen only 2 occupants, the first is a man, he is tall, standing at nearly 6'8, and weighing 300 pounds, his body covered in large muscles. He has short, messy grey hair, with the fringes colored white, dark blue, and dark yellow, his eyes are orange. He is dressed in a loose tunic like top, that has the Kanji for "Storm God" on the back, dark pants, and boots. The second occupant is easily recognizable by its little head of blonde hair as Naruto Uzumaki-Dreyar.

This man is Zaroc the Storm God. Zaroc looks down at the baby in his arms and thinks about how he came to have the little one. It was a normal day for the Storm God, he was minding his own business, having some fun making storms in Bosco, when he felt a spike in magical energy, one large enough that it caught his attention, and so being naturally curious, he decided to check out the source.

When he reached the source of the magic he felt, he found that it had come from an elderly man, probably in his 60s, however what really got his attention were all the men in purple attacking the old guy, whom he knew to be cultists of the mad Wizard Zeref, while he attempted to protect a child, he had to give the old man credit for being able to take on so many enemies at once. However he became enraged when he saw that the man was bleeding heavily from his side, and the other men were trying to get at the child.

Deciding he had seen enough, Zaroc had released his magical power, which froze everyone in the clearing in their tracks, and stepped out of the shadows. He didn't say a word, he only preceded to swiftly kill the cultists, using his mastery of the elements of the storm, those being Wind, Water, and Lightning. After he finished the last cultist he spoke with the old man, and learned his name was Hiruzen Sarutobi, and that the child's name was Naruto Dreyar.

Sarutobi told him that he was from the town of Konoha which had recently come under attack by the dragon Brontan, whom Zaroc knew as he'd kicked the lizards ass a few times in the past. He said that the boys parents sacrificed themselves to stop the beast and tasked him with getting their son to his grandfather, and that what he was on his way to do when the cultist attacked him for Naruto.

Zaroc proceeded to feel out for the child's magical container, and what he felt when he did blew him away, for the child had a great deal of magical power that would no doubt increase as he got older and would make him one of the most powerful Wizards to live. So he quickly made a decision, he told the man that he would like to take the boy with him to his home and train him and teach him God Slayer Magic(Metsujin Maho).

When the man voiced objections to this, he way-layed his fears by telling him that after the boys 13th birthday he would send him straight to his grandfather, all Sarutobi had to do is tell him who that was and where he was located. The old Wizard knowing from experience how powerful a God Slayer could be, due to his teacher Hashirama Senju having been one for the element of Wood, agreed to the request.

Being informed that the boy's grandfather was named Makarov Dreyar, and that he was the Guild Master of the Fairy Tail Guild in Magnolia Town, Zaroc took baby Naruto from Sarutobi. Before he left he made sure the man was comfortable for his final hours in this world, and then using his power over wind he flew back towards his home with the babe tucked in his arms.

Now he looks down at the sleeping child, and can't help but to wonder how the next 12 to 13 years are going to go. However he's sure that his new adopted son/student will blast through all his expectations and be the first ever to learn and master all 3 elements of the storm and then Storm God Slayer Magic(Arashi no Metsujin Maho)itself. So as he lays the child in his crib then goes into a meditative trans, he looks forward to the future with a smile on his face.

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