Hey Everybody Black Flame of Destruction here finally bringing you chapter 9 of Fairy Tail's God Slayer! Sorry that it took so long but i'd lost my muse for this up till the other night. Now this chapter begins the Tower Of Heaven Arc which will go on into the next couple of chapters ending with the the showdown between Naruto and Jellal. Now I'll say this before the next chapter, almost every single fight that happens in canon will happen in this story except the fight between Naruto and Jellal. Anyway please enjoy it.

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This is a Naruto X Mirajane for now, with Minato X Kushina, Makarov X Porlyusica, and Natsu X Lisanna

Chapter 9: Akane Resort! Vacation Turns to Nightmare!

Last Time

Minato and Makarov come up on either side of the youngest Dreyar, both chuckling as the older blonde says, "You never stood a chance son. See this is why when you have something like standing reservations to Akane Resort you either keep it to yourself until a really special time, or you tell your significant other immediately." Naruto nods at this as Makarov chimes in, "Its a mistake that we men have been making since the dawn of civilization my boy." Naruto shakes his head as he looks at his father and grandfather, "You know that after we get back Mira-chan will be telling Kaa-san and Baa-chan about it and they'll be wanting to go to Akane Resort as well right?"

At this the two men pale, as the God Slayer continues, "But hey don't worry about the Guild in your absences, I'll take good care of it and all the members." He walks off laughing, grabbing Grey and Natsu on the way to drag them off to go shopping for new swim trunks. None of them knowing that this leisurely visit to Akane Resort will change each of them for better or worse, especially Erza, and that the blonde God Slayer's Wizard Saint status would be revealed so soon.


Next Day

Akane Resort

Coast of Fiore

7:00 Am

After taking the boys to get new swim trunks and paying for it out of his own pocket, things were pretty smooth sailing from there. When he returned home that night it was to find his lover, his sister, and Lucy all in his living room with multiple bags, at which point they forced him into his recliner and modeled swimsuits for him, Erza having an embarrassed blush on her face the whole time. When that was done and he'd given his opinions on which suit fit each young woman the best, they all thanked him in different ways, Erza gave him a sisterly hug, Lucy bowed her head in respect, while Mira made out with him long enough that the other two girls ended up showing themselves out. Needless to say there was more noises of passion for the neighbors to complain about that night.

This morning they all met at the train station, and besides the issue of Erza bringing way to much luggage as usual, they boarded without any incident and got a private compartment. During the train ride Natsu as usual fell sick, but Lisanna made him feel slightly better by allowing him to rest his head in her lap, however Naruto couldn't help but take a pot shot at the pink haired Dragon Slayer, citing that he'll never be able to beat the S-Class Mages of the Guild if he gets weak from simple transportation. Now we find the group getting off the train at the Akane Station, and as Naruto and Grey unload all their luggage the girls and Natsu all stare at the resort in awe.

The blonde hearing their gasps and awes turns and smirks, "Yeah It's an impressive site isn't it? I admit the first time I saw it all I could do was whistle at how big it is." Mira comes over and wraps her arms around his left arm, pressing it into her cleavage, as Lucy turns and asks, "Why is it so large Naruto-san?" The new Wizard Saint smiles at her, causing her to blush slightly, and responds, "Its as large as it is because It's more then just a Hotel on the beach, its also a Casino, a Fun Park, and so much more, there's no end to the things you can find and do in Akane."

Everyone gets excited at this, however in short order they pick up their bags and head inside to check in, Naruto and Mira getting the best Suite in the Hotel, as in the words of the Manager, "The Hero of Akane and his lady love deserve only the best." The other rooms are divided up, Lisanna and Natsu in one together, Erza and Lucy sharing the second, and Grey alone in the third room which the black haired Ice Mage doesn't mind at all.

Akane Resort Hotel

Royal Suite

When the God Slayer and Take Over Mage step into their room, their first thought is Wow! As the room they're in his huge, it takes up most of the top floor of the hotel, and has multiple rooms, including in-suite kitchen, 3 bedrooms including the master bedroom, a recreation room, and even has an office and meeting room. In short order Mira lets out a very girlish squeal and rushes towards the master bedroom, throwing the doors open and finding a Super-King Sized bed, she kicks off her heels and jumps onto the golden sheets, flopping onto her stomach and face, enjoying the softness of the bed. Naruto can only chuckle at his Fiancee's reaction as he picks up both their bags and makes his way into the master bedroom at a more sedate pace, places them down near the walk in closet, sits down on a chair and takes off his sandals, then walks over and lands down next to her on his back.

Feeling his weight on the bed next to her, the white-haired woman lifts her head from the sheets and smiles at him before leaning over and kissing him tenderly, breaking away after only 10 seconds. Then she flips over onto her right side and lays her head on his chest, "This is a dream Naru-kun... I never imagined that I'd be in the Royal Suite in the Akane Resort Hotel, on vacation with the man I love. You made this happen, you always spoil me, treat me like a queen, and I just want to thank you with all my heart for being the greatest Fiance in the world."

The blonde smiles down at her and kisses the top oh her head before giving his response, "There's no need to thank me Mira-chan. As long as we live you'll never have to thank me for doing things for you, because I do them out of love. This Vacation is long overdue and you deserve to have the very best, because you are the most wonderful woman in all of the world. Now what's say we break this bed in then meet the others downstairs in couple of hours to go to the beach?" At this she smirks saucily, then climbs on top of him, straddling his waist, and proceeds to grab the hem of her shirt, pull it off and throw it to the floor, then leans down and kisses him again. Good thing the entire floor they're on is clear other then them, otherwise they'd be getting noise complaints from other guests.

Akane Beach

10:01 Am

Everyone met up a few minutes ago in front of the hotel and are now on the beach, every member of the group is now wearing their new swim suits. For the girls, Erza is wearing an all black 2 piece bikini, with the top just barely holding her large D-cup breasts, and the bottoms accentuating her plump rear. Lucy is wearing a white 2-piece bikini which is slightly smaller then Erza's and has stars over the right breast and left hip, showing off her rather toned body for being a Celestial Mage. Lisanna is wearing a purple 2-piece bikini which has some frills over the breasts and around the waist, and contains her high C-cups nicely, while her older sister wears a red 2-piece Bikini with orange flower patterns all over it, as she poses sexily for Naruto.

For the boys, Natsu has a pair of dark orange swimming trunks which go down to just below his knees, and has red flames around the bottom of the legs, while wearing his scarf around his waist like a sash, and not wearing a shirt. Grey is wearing a pair of Ice-blue swimming trunks which are the same length as Natsu's, and is white around the bottom of the legs and as per usual he's shirtless. Naruto meanwhile is wearing red swimming trunks, however his have storms all over the front, and on his butt says Sexy Storm, while his shirtless form shows off his 8-pack abs, and his toned biceps.

The group all set down towels to lay or sit on, and afterwards Natsu and Grey argue about who can swim out the farthest and fastest and head to the water. Naruto who is sitting on the left side of Mira and applying lotion to her body chuckles, "Those two can't get along for more then a few minutes even on a vacation. Lisanna-chan, Erza-Imoto could you two go and keep an eye on the two dumb asses and makes sure they don't destroy anything?" At this Lisanna sighs, "Yeah I think I should go and try to keep Natsu-kun from getting to excited." Erza nods her head in agreement, "I agree, I'll go and make sure that they don't do anything to bad Onii-san. Lucy you come along to."

The blonde girl who was just laying there on her back, getting some sun sits up quickly, "What? Why do I have to come along?" The red-haired S-class Wizard looks at her and answers, "Because your a part of the team, plus you aren't afraid to knock either of them over the head when they're stupid, just like me." The blonde hangs her head at this and gets to her feet, "Fine, lets go before they blow something up." With that the 3 girls head down the beach where Natsu and Gray are now having a sand-castle building competition. Naruto continues to rub lotion onto his love's backside, trailing his hands up and down her calves, down to her feet, making sure to get between the toes, causing her to giggle, then moving back up to her butt, causing her to let out a little moan. Then up and down her back, making her sigh as he works the kinks from their earlier activities out of her muscles, then to her shoulders.

When he's done he kisses her cheek, "There you go Mira-chan, all lotioned up in the back. Now flip over and I'll get the front." The white-haired beauty smirks as she turns on her side and gets up on her elbows, grabbing him and pulling him down, moving so that he is below her, and giving him a kiss. When she stops kissing him he's laying there on his back, "Actually Naru-kun I can handle my front myself, but since you were nice enough to do my back, the least I can do is to return the favor, so turn over and lets get started." The God-slayer can only smile good-naturedly and do as told, so he flips over onto his stomach and lays there as Mira gives him the same treatment he just gave her.

After she finishes the others come back, as Natsu asks, "When we gonna eat? I'm starving!" Naruto looks at him with a deadpan look on his face, "Natsu your always hungry. You keep stuffing yourself like you do at the guild and your going to become fat." Grey smirks at that and puts in his two-cents worth, "Never know, it might be a major improvement to his looks, a piggish body to go with his piggish face." That comment gets the Dragon-slayer angry enough to light his hands on fire, "What was that Ice-Stripper?!" This causes Grey to cover his hands in cold, "You heard me Fire-pig!" Just as they're about to fight they both get hit over the head and their bodies go crashing into the sand creating holes in the shapes of their bodies.

Standing over the body shaped holes is Naruto, "How many times do I have to tell you two morons to get along? I swear to Ishval that if you two do anything to mess up this vacation I'm going to put you both through my super-special training program for a month!" after he says this, the two come up out of their body holes rubbing their heads and with looks of fear on their faces as they say in unison, "Aye Sir! We'll Behave! Don't torture us!" Mira, Erza, and Lisanna just laugh at this, while Lucy freaks out, "They're acting like happy! Hey what is the super-special training program?"

At this Erza stops laughing and looks at the blonde girl seriously, "Onii-san's super-special training program is akin to torture. He makes you do a ton of physical training, only you have heavy objects strapped to your body as you do them. Then when the physical training is done he lets you rest for 5 minutes before making you work on your Magic, and if you don't do it to his specifications then he punishes you..." At the end of saying that she shudders, thinking of some of the punishments she herself has had to endure. The blonde man turns to them with a smile, "Oh come now Imoto don't scare the poor girl. My training program isn't that severe, and the punishments not that bad."

The red-head scoffs at this, "Not that bad? Your training regiment is harsher then Kaa-san's and she makes you do everything while wearing Gravity Runes!" Naruto shakes his head, "I don't make anyone wear Gravity Runes, just large boulders on their backs, or attached to their wrists and ankles." At this everyone sweat-drops and thinks, Sadist! He just waves it off, "Besides my foster father put me through WAY tougher training and look how strong I am today both Physically and Magically." This causes everyone to think His foster father is a SUPER SADIST! Seeing their disbelieving looks he coughs into his hand, "Well enough of that, how about we play some volleyball?" Everyone quickly agrees to this, and they get a game going, with 2 teams of three, with Erza, Lisanna, and Lucy on one team, and Naruto, Natsu, and Grey on the other, while Mira referees.

The game ends 2 hours later with the boy's victorious and so they all decide to head back inside to get cleaned up and have a late lunch, then spend some time in the casino. As they're walking back to the hotel Naruto notices that Erza seems distracted and decides to find out why, he turns to Mira, "Mira-chan you go on to the room ahead of me. I need to talk to my sister." The white-haired S-Class Mage looks over at her friend and notices the distracted look in her eyes and nods, as she kisses the blonde, "Okay, I'll get the shower ready and be waiting for you in the bathroom." He nods and she heads off while he walks over to the red-head.

As she prepares to make her way to the elevators to go to her room she feels someone place their hand on her shoulder and turns to see that its her brother. As she goes to smile at him she notices the concern in his eyes as he asks, "What's going on Erza-Imoto? What has you so distracted as if your not even here?" She shakes her head and smiles at him, "There's nothing wrong Naruto-Onii. I'm just thinking about how long its been since I last took a vacation that's all." However the God-Slayer isn't fooled one bit, "Don't lie to me Erza, I know you to well to be fooled by that kind of excuse, I'm not Gray or Natsu. Now tell me whats wrong."

The red-haired S-Class Mage sighs at this, "Fine. I'm remembering the last time I was in the area... The day that I was blasted from the tower of Heaven by Jellal. The Island the tower is located at is just a few miles off the coast from here and I'm afraid that something is going to happen and I'm going to find out that the tower wasn't destroyed and someone or something is going to come and drag me back to that hell-hole." As she speaks she begins to shake and eventually at the end she begins to cry, Naruto takes her into his arms and begins to run his hands through her hair.

He tries to give his adopted sister as much comfort as he can as he speaks, "Don't you worry about a thing little sister. I make you this promise right now, no matter what happens here in Akane, I will not allow you to go back to that place alone. Anyone who comes to try and take you will have to go through me, and I assure you that I will crush every person who even harms a hair on your head. If I should fail to keep you from going to the tower alone then I'll head there myself and tear the abomination down with these two fists. I will never allow you to suffer the way you did as a child again. That is my vow as your Older Brother!"

Erza sniffles a bit but looks up at him and gives him a beautiful smile as she wipes her eyes, "Thank you Naru-Onii. Look at me behaving like a little girl. I'm Erza Scarlet-Dreyar, S-Class Mage, Fairy Tail's Titania. I'm stronger then this." Naruto smiles softly at her, "Remember the biggest tenant of Fairy Tail sis, 'You do what I can't do, and I'll do what you can't do. Together we can accomplish anything!' So with that in mind I will always do what you can't and stand as the pillar of strength from which you can draw from." She nods and steps back from him, "Thanks again. Now I'm going to go and get cleaned up, you should to, you stink of sweat." He chuckles at this and nods his head and they go they're separate ways.

Naruto heads to his room, and as soon as he enters he hears the shower going in the bathroom, telling him that Mira did exactly as she said she was going to do. So he proceeds to head that way, undressing on his way, first discarding his sandals, then his tank top, then his shorts. By the time he enters the bathroom he's just as naked as his fiancee, as he steps into the shower with her, wraps her in his arms and proceeds to really steam things up.


Several hours Later

After their morning of fun in the sun, and eating lunch in their rooms, they all decided to hit the Casino. The girls of course took this as an opportunity to get dolled up and suggested that the boys do the same (See: Forced Grey and Natsu to dress nice). Now the three of them are awaiting the girls down in the lobby of the hotel, Grey is dressed in a nice pair of black slacks, black dress shoes, and a long sleeved red button up shirt with a blue tie. Natsu is wearing a darker version of his usual outfit, the only difference is that the coat is buttoned shut.

Naruto is wearing black dress pants and shoes just like grey, however his shirt is black and his tie is Red, and over his outfit his is Dreyar fur collared coat, over all his current appearance makes him look like a Mafia boss. Just then the elevator dings and the girls exit, and in word they're gorgeous. First is Erza who's hair is tied up into a bun on top of her head, held in place by pins, she's dressed in a low-cut light purple dress with images of red roses all around it, that ties behind her neck and shows off the sides of her breasts. White gloves that go all the way up to her biceps, and black heels complete her look.

Then there's Lucy who is wearing beautiful dark purple colored dress with a matching collar tied around her neck, and a similar colored hair-tie in the right side of her hair keeping up her usual side pony-tail. There is also a slit in the dress running down her leg allowing her to keep her keys attacked to a gold ring around her right leg, completing the look is similar colored heels. After Lucy is Lisanna who is dressed in a baby blue colored dress with frills around the bottom, with a plunging neck line to show off her cleavage. Finishing off her look are a pair of silver earrings in the shape of the Fairy Tail Symbol along with a necklace with a dragon pendant and blue heels.

Then there is Mira the most beautiful one of them all in Naruto's opinion, her hair is is done up into a french-braid down her back, with her usual front upwards pony-tail. The white-haired woman is wearing a gorgeous black dress, which has a red lightning motif going up the sides of it, and shows off a generous amount of her cleavage. Around her neck is a heart-shaped locket which holds two pictures, one of herself and the other of her blonde lover. On her left ring finger is her engagement ring, and on her right wrist is a gold bracelet the the letters M.S, L.S, and E.S which are the initials for herself and her siblings, and completing her outfit are a pair of 2 inch black heels.

As the four exit the elevator they strike poses to show off their outfits, as Mira asks, "So what you think boys?" Although the only person who's opinion matters to her is her blonde God-Slayer's. Naruto walks up to her and wraps an arm around her waist, pulling her to him and kisses her shortly, then he gives his opinion, "You look absolutely gorgeous Mira-chan. I love that dress especially." Then he turns to his sister, "You look beautiful Imoto." The red head smiles brightly at her brother's compliment, as he turns to his fellow blonde, "Lucy you are a vision of lovely innocence." The blonde Celestial Mage blushes cutely at his words but gives him a small, quiet thanks. Then he turns to Lisanna, "You look amazing as well Lisanna-Chan." As the younger White-haired girl smiles kindly at him and walks over to her boyfriend.

After some grumbling from Grey and Natsu the group finally heads into the casino at which point they go their separate ways to do some gambling. Naruto and Mira head to the Craps Tables, Erza and Lucy head to the Roulette Table, Natsu and Lisanna head to a large claw game, and Grey heads to a Blackjack Table. As the night rolls on everyone but Natsu and Lisanna move around, after winning 1 Million Jewels at the Craps Table Naruto and Mira move to the Roulette Tables. Erza and Lucy after winning and losing a couple thousand Jewels respectively move on to a Blackjack table.

Grey after breaking even decided to head over to the bar and once he sits down he's approached by a familiar Blue-haired former Phantom Lord Water-woman, who is wearing a blue dress and a huge golden Fairy Tail necklace and minus her fur hat. She sits next to him and begins to flirt with him which completely goes over the idiot's head, however their good time is about to come to a crashing halt.

Naruto and Mira are having fun cleaning up at the Roulette table, having won another 2 Million Jewels, however suddenly the blonde's magical senses go off big time and he tenses up. Seeing her fiance go from smiling and having fun to looking serious and being tense worries Mira who asks, "What's wrong Naru-kun?" The Wizard Saint looks down at her and replies, "I sense 4 magical signatures with intent to harm. Cash us out while I go and check on the others." She nods at this, knowing his senses are never wrong as he turns and walks off onto the Casino floor to look for their comrades.

Meanwhile all of the members of Team Natsu are just finding out what Naruto already knows. Natsu is attacked by a man made of blocks and talks like a gangster from a bad movie. He appears to be dressed in a blue suit, with a white undershirt and red tie, he has white scarf around his neck, on his head is a fedora, and on his block like face is stubble, and he's wearing sunglasses. The gangster wannabe attacks Natsu by turning his arm into a gun like weapon and fires a beam of magical energy at the Fire Dragon-Slayer taking him out.

Grey and Juvia who are sitting at the bar are suddenly enshrouded in darkness, and the Ice Make Mage's senses screams at him as a large man appears behind them. He grabs Juvia and dodges the first strike which destroys to bar, and when he looks at their attacker he sees just how large he is. The man in question is very large, about 7 feet tall with a huge muscular torso, arms and hands which all seem even larger compared to his thin legs. His left eye is covered in a simple, dark eye-patch, held up by an extremely slim rope, with a thin scar emerging from under it and going down diagonally on his cheek.

His massive jaw is obscured by an armored metal plate, bearing lines of studs on its upper edges and two side protrusions jutting upwards, plus a set of teeth-like ornaments, overall resembling a skeletal jaw. The top of his head is covered in a light cloth wrapped around it, tied on the back, where a pair of long wrappings are left hanging over his neck, with another one hanging on the right of his face, such that the headgear bares a great resemblance to a turban.

His outfit is odd as most of his muscular upper body is left exposed, being only covered by a large, light cloth passing over his left shoulder and going down below his waist, where it is tied by a light sash, plus a single, dark sleeve on the left arm, bearing two light stripes vertically going down it, from the shoulder to the cuff. The cloth crossing his chest diagonally has its edges adorned by a series of dark pyramids, and bares in its middle several dark, larger motifs, highly reminiscent of double-edged axes. he also wears a pair of extremely loose dark pants, almost reaching down to his ankles, which make his thin legs look larger, and a simple pair of light, ankle boots.

Grey looks up at the man and prepares to attack, however the man holds up his hand, "Wait, I wish not to fight. My initial strike was only to get your attention. My name is Simon Mikazuchi, and we have something in common, we both wish to protect Erza Scarlet." This gets both of the other Mages' attention as the 3 begin to talk instead of fight. Meanwhile Erza and Lucy are having to deal with the last two members of this 4 person team.

Lucy happens to be all tied up by a rubbery rope which gets tighter the more she struggles as well as restricting her magic, and was created by a woman with brow hair which is done up on top to look like Cat ears, she also has cat like eyes, and 2 red triangles on each cheek to represent whiskers. She is wearing a pink dress with frills on the bottom, over that is a yellow jacket with black lines, and around her neck is a purple collar with a bell. This young woman's name is Millianna. Erza is frozen in shock by her and another, a young man with an brown skin tone, spiky blonde hair, with green eyes, he has a small tattoo on his chin of a serpent. He wears the outfit of a blackjack dealer, black dress slacks, a white button up shirt, with a black vest on over it.

The young man's name is Sho and he and Millianna are old friends of the red-head's from her years in the tower of heaven. Sho to has magic, he's managed to trap many of the patrons of the Casino into playing cards. The blonde-haired teen looks at the red head and speaks, "It's time to return Erza-nee. Time to return to the Tower and fulfill your promise to us." The red-head is still in shock that her old friends can use magic, "Sho, Millianna, I thought you'd died... How are you here?... How do you have magic? This doesn't make any sense." Just then Wally and Simon appear, further shocking her, as they explain that Jellal found magic in them and helped them to learn to use it, and now he wants her back.

As Sho moves to place her into one of his cards so they can leave suddenly they're all brought to their knees by a massive magical energy. When they look to the source they find Naruto who is walking towards them slowly with a look of anger upon his face, "You thought you could waltz in here and just take my Imoto and not encounter any kind of opposition? You thought you could play on her fears and her feelings of regret for leaving you all behind and manipulate her to return to the hellhole that has haunted her for years?!" As he says this last question his magical power increases and explodes out of him, cracking the floor beneath him.

He brings up his hand, wind swirling around it and motions towards Lucy, as soon as he does the rope around her is slashed into hundreds of little pieces, freeing the girl. He turns back to the 4 enemy Mages, "You thought wrong! Here's whats going to happen, you're going to return to the Tower Of Heaven empty handed, but with a message for your master. Tell Jellal that Naruto Uzumaki-Dreyar is coming for him! Tell your master that I'm going to kick his ass and tear down his tower of suffering and lies!" As he says this Black Lightning is sparking around his body.

Erza places her hand on his arm, which causes him to reign in his magic and look at her confused as she looks sadly at him, "Its ok Naruto-Onii. I'll go with them, its time to end this 8 year nightmare once and for all." The blonde looks at her in anger, and shakes his head as he responds, "I can't allow that. Remember I know you better then anyone little sister. I know that you hope to end things on your own without involving your Fairy Tail comrades, but you forget that Fairy Tail is family and we face all problems together. If you want to go to the tower then we'll go together, you, me, Mira-chan, Natsu, Grey, Lisanna, and Lucy."

The red-haired S-Class Mage stares into his eyes for a few moments, however their moment is broken by the area becoming dark and hands reaching out to grab her. Simon's attempt to abduct Erza is stopped by a fist to the face that sends him back next to his fellow Tower Mages. Naruto glares straight at the entire group, but especially the large man, and they can tell that even through the darkness he can see them. The blonde growls at them, "Leave. Now! I'm in a merciful mood right now, but it wont stay that way for long. Tell Jellal that he'll be seeing Erza soon, and she wont be coming alone."

The large man stands back to his feet and nods his head, "Very well. We shall see just how strong the bond between Fairy Tail really is. Come Wally, Sho, Millianna." With that the darkness enshrouds the four and they vanish from sight. A moment later the light returns to the room, and Mira walks up with Grey, Juvia, Lisanna, and Natsu. Erza turns to her older brother with a slight glare, "Why did you do that? Why didn't you just let me go with them? The tower and Jellal are my problems to deal with! You had no right to make a decision for the entire group like that!"

The God-Slayer walks up along side her, facing the other way from her, "I told you earlier didn't I? I will not allow you to return to that place alone. I will do everything in my power to protect you and to destroy the nightmare that has plagued you for 8 years. You don't have to do things on your own, you have support, I promised you that I would tear down that tower with my bare hands and that's what I intend to do. Because I wouldn't be a very good big brother if I didn't take care of my little sister's bad dreams now would I?" Her eyes widen at this, however she quickly begins to tear up as turns around and hugs him from behind, crying into his coat.

Seeing the strong Erza cry like a little girl hits Lucy, Natsu, Lisanna, and Grey hard as they all look up to her like an older sister, and Lucy see's her as a role model on how to be a strong female Mage. Juvia is confused, and Mira just smiles gently as she walks over to her fiancee and best friend and touches the red-head's shoulder gently to gain her attention, "Naru-kun is right Erza-chan. You don't have to go it alone, every one of us are here and ready to fight along side you to end your pain once and for all. Let us help you, let us put an end to the specter of Jellal and the Tower."

The red-head looks to her best friend and releases her brother to hug the white-haired woman instead and smiles, "Alright Mira-chan, I'll accept your help." Then she looks at all the others, "I'll also accept your help as well, if you'll give it." In response Natsu covers his fist in flames and punches his other hand, "I'm all Fired Up! I gotta pay that block guy back." Lucy smiles lightly and nods her head, "Even though I'm not much use in a fight past my spirits, I'm up for a little adventure." Grey, who is now shirtless, runs his hand through his hair, "Well since Naruto-Aniki is leading us, I'm ready for anything."

Then Erza turns towards Juvia, "Juvia-san, This has nothing to do with you so your free to do as you please." The blue-haired woman shakes her head and responds, "Juvia will help as well. Juvia must stay by the side of Grey-Sama as his destined woman." Most of them look at her weirdly at this, but Naruto just chuckles, and begins to walk away, "Alright then, lets move out everyone, our next stop is to get a boat and then we're heading straight for the Tower of Heaven." As he walks he's covered in white light and when it disappears his outfit has changed to his usual attire, however his furred coat is now white and has the symbol for the Wizard Saints on the back.

Seeing the symbol of the 10 most powerful Wizards in all of Fiore emblazoned upon the God-Slayer's back shocks Natsu, Lucy, Grey, Lisanna, and Juvia. However Mira and Erza smile and know that him doing this means he's going to the tower not just as a S-Class Mage of Fairy Tail, but as a member of the 10 Wizard Saints, meaning he's going to go all out. The group proceeds to follow him, Grey now has his shirt back on, Erza Re-quips to her usual Armor, while Mira re-quips to her usual day dress, Natsu has his coat opened up again, while Juvia, Lucy, and Lisanna are still in their dresses.

Akane Dock

After arriving at the docks, the blonde God-Slayer quickly manages to procure a boat for all of them. He pays a fisherman for the use of his ship, which the man is happy to provided to the hero of Akane and his party, and the Wizard Saint begins to bark out orders to Natsu, Grey, Juvia, and Lucy to get the sails unfurled and the anchor up and get underway. As they sail the blonde is standing at the bow of the ship looking forward, his eyes shining with barely contained rage at the audacity of Jellal Fernandes, sending people that he knows mean the world to Erza to invoke feelings of regret and guilt in her and force her to come back to the Tower for some inane scheme of his.

However as he thinks these things he realizes that he should let his father know whats going on so that his going all out doesn't get him hauled in by the Magic Council. So he takes out his Communications Lacrima and channels his Magical Energy into it, establishing the connection. A moment later his mother's smiling face appears on the crystal, "Hey Sochi how's the vacation going? You and Mira-chan making me grand-babies yet?"

Naruto groans at this, "No Kaa-chan, we haven't started making babies yet and wont until after we're married. As for the vacation it was going well until shit went down. I need to talk to Tou-san about it so can you get him for me?" The red-head pouts at his first sentence and then gets worried at the second but nods her head as he watches her disappear from the screen. A few moment's later both his father and grandfather appear as both give him serious looks.

The elder blonde speaks in his Master voice and asks, "Whats up Naruto? Why are you wearing your Wizard Saint Coat?" The younger blonde scowls as he begins to explain the situation, from the confrontations in the Casino, to their current course for the Tower of Heaven. As he speaks he can see on his end both his elders beginning to exude their magical powers as rage mars their faces. When he finishes Minato replies, "I see. You have my permission to annihilate the bastard and that tower. I'll Let the council know whats going on so that you don't get in trouble for using all your strength."

The God-Slayer nods in thanks to him, however his father's next words light a bigger fire in him, "And Naruto. Keep Erza from suffering any more emotional and mental pain. Protect your sister with all you have son, we're counting on you." He smirks at this and responds back, "No problem Tou-san. After I'm through with that bastard his name will be nothing more then a distant memory to Imoto. As for the tower, the island it's on wont even exist once I've finished demolishing it." The 4th Master of Fairy Tail smiles slightly at this, as does the former 3rd Master and the connection is cut off.

The blonde places the Lacrima back in his coat and goes back to standing at the bow of the ship with his arms crossed in front of his chest. If anyone was looking at him right now they'd say he bares a striking resemblance to his cousin Laxus, which he would instantly deny. As they travel eventually the tower comes into view, towering into the sky, looking like a twisted hodgepodge of different metals, with sporadically jutting sides, it appears to be very Chaotic and asymmetrical. Naruto can feel the evil energy coming from it even from this distance and knows that there's something more to it then can be seen.

As they get closer everyone prepares for the fight ahead of them, however Naruto looks to his fellow blonde Mage and calls out to her, "Lucy! Come here please." The younger blonde comes over to him with a look of confusion on her face and asks, "What can I do for you Naruto-san?" He looks at her with a serious look which kind of scares her as he's usually smiling and he responds, "I've noticed over the last few months that you rely to heavily on your Spirits and don't know any other magic. In Fairy Tail that can be dangerous, and make you a burden to your comrades since you'll always need saving once your spirits are gone."

She looks down in sadness at his words, hurt that her fellow blonde Mage finds her useless, as tears start to prick at the corner of her eyes. However she's surprised when she feels his finger under chin and him lift her head up to look right at him and he continues, "However there are ways for you to fix this. The best way is to learn one or 2 other Magics to supplement your Celestial Spirit Magic. When this is all over and we go back to the guild I'll help you to find another magic for you to use so that you don't have to fear being weaker then everyone else and increase your confidence as a Mage."

She sees the sincerity in his eyes and wipes away her tears as she gives him a beaming smile, "Thank you Naruto-san." The God-Slayer shakes his head at her and lightly bonks her on top of hers as he reprimands her slightly, "Stop with the 'San' crap. Fairy Tail is a family, and your part of that family so do like everyone else and call me 'Naruto-Nii' or 'Naruto-Aniki' ok?" She rubs her head in mock hurt but perks up even more and smiles even more brightly at him and responds, "Yes Naruto-Nii!" He nods at that with his own smile and sends her back on her way to prepare to make land at the island.

As everyone goes about their preparations, Naruto can only look up near the top of the tower with a sneer on his handsome face as he thinks to himself, I'm coming for you Fernandes. Sit up there in your shitty tower and enjoy your time as a King because by tomorrow you'll be nothing more then a bloody smear at the end of my fist. I'm going to show you what happens when you screw around with the lives of the people I care about, and you will find out firsthand the power of a Raging Storm!

Annnd Cut! Well there you have it chapter 9. Now I know it's kind of short but the next couple of chapters are going to be full of action. I changed a few things here from canon, like Erza going with team Jellal to be a sacrifice in order to get into the tower and confront Jellal by herself. Naruto mucks that up, and while the 4 could have tried to attack him together he would have wiped the floor with them. Anyway as always please read and review. Until Next time.