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"Give praise for the blood it bled, grant a rose for the dead" -Theatre of Tragedy

"So Maggie and Marvin actually broke up?"

"Indeed. Poor maiden!"

Marion frowned upon hearing Malachi's conformation. "Oh...I was hoping it was just another dumb rumor."

Cold beef jerky and clams were dropped onto the young girl's plate. Once they both got their daily lunch serving, they start heading towards the back of the cafeteria.

Malachi's vision was brought to a couple individuals sitting near the dark corner of the room. He looked back to Marion, who saw what his expression was indicating. They give each other a simplistic nod before walking over.

Meanwhile, Mort was drinking his grape punch and Maggie was scribbling something on a piece of paper. "Good day friends." Malachi greeted. Marion bashfully made eye contact with the two misfits. "D-Do you mind if we sit with you guys?"

Being the overly-friendly character that he is, Mort smiled and nodded his head, patting a spot next to him. Marion and Malachi gradually took their seats and started chatting with Mort. Maggie remained silent and continued writing, without breaking any concentration.

"Malachi, you never told me about your summer vacation." Mort mentioned.

"Yeah, I didn't get to hear about it either." Marion added.

"'Twas withal splendid. It's always pleasant seeing mine kinsman once more." The enthusiastic young boy was quickly lost in his thoughts. Reflecting on the summer only expanded his jubilant smile.

"Your family lives in England, right?" Maggie asked.

"Aye, the majority of thee reside there. Thence, the rest live in Massachusetts."

Marion and Mort both nodded their heads in unison showing that they understood. Maggie, of course kept jotting down line after line of her latest poem. Her peers kept rambling on about their summer break for at least twenty five minutes. The majority of it was Marion's disappointment about leaving Canada. She blocked out the entire conversation, until her name was brought up.

"So Maggie, did you hear about our football team losing to Tinspit?" Marion asked. She gradually nodded and sighed, "Yeah, I saw it coming. Our school sports teams always lose. There is not the slightest chance of victory for us." Everyone at the table was quiet until Malachi decided to change the subject. "I prithee, how is thy poetry withal going?"

Maggie shrugged, "Fine, I guess. Do you want to read it so far?"

He mustered up a gentle smile. "I would feel honored."

She delicately handed her paper over to the young Puritan boy. His eyes moderately scanned the lined sheet discreetly, making sure he took in every written word and stanza. Marion leaned over towards Malachi so she could read for herself. Maggie observed the reactions from her peers, watching their cheerful expressions twist into ones of heavy melancholy. "That was uh-"

"-depressing?" the somber blue girl finished. "I know."

Her friends worriedly looked over at each other, bearing uncomfortable smiles not long afterwards. "You're a very c-creative writer." Marion commented, handing back the paper.

"Maggie has always been great at writing." Mort added.

"Thou hast great talent." Malachi complimented. Time seemed to pass, like a short gust of wind through an open window. The lunch bell rang, echoing throughout the large, spacious cafeteria. On queue, Maggie stood up carrying her empty lunch tray and literary piece in her hands.

"Look guys...don't think of me as ungrateful. I really appreciate what you're all trying to do, but it's really not helping." Maggie confessed before departing from the group.

Malachi couldn't concentrate on today's lesson. History was his favorite subject. The idea of him not as engrossed in such an important study deemed profane. He knew breakups were tough, but he had no idea they were so emotionally draining. Maggie had such strong feelings for Marvin.

The single incandescent light bulb brightening the classroom repeatedly flickered on and off. Uninteresting noises of note-taking and erasers were silence's only obstacles. Eventually a fly came over and landed on Malachi's desk, slowly moving its stubby black legs across his paper. Oddly enough, the purple-haired boy found the scene rather enlightening. That was until the power went out. Vendetta's giant cat fiend could be heard hissing and pouncing on some unknown entity outside.

"Goddammit not again!" Mr. Molasses cursed loudly.

Malachi gasped and silently prayed to God for his teacher's forgiveness.

He now sat at his desk in English, hands folded in front of him. Malachi anxiously surveyed the room in fear of the pig-tailed one and what disaster awaited. He twitched and fidgeted at the uncomfortable thoughts running around in his head. Marion had every right to feel miserable here. Anywhere is better than Clamburg.

Maggie dragged herself unwillingly through the door of room 14. Ms. Minty approached her and started asking a bunch of questions regarding attendance. The turquoise girl dryly responded with only yes and no answers. Maggie was given a packet of homework she missed, which drew an easy noticeable frown.

She slowly sauntered over towards Malachi and sat at her desk. "Art thou well?" Maggie turned to face the Puritan boy with a stern look on her face. "Jee, what do you think?" She rhetorically asked with a harsh tone to her voice. Malachi didn't respond and directed his vision elsewhere.

A couple of minutes passed until Maggie gave up with a sigh and a slump of her shoulders. "Malachi I'm sorry. These past weeks have been really hard."

"Have thee bade God for help?"

Maggie replied with a blank stare, "I'm an atheist." Malachi almost choked after hearing what she said.

Nothing so far has helped her depression. Most certainly not a man-made system of beliefs and rules involving a fake deity. There have been many in Clamburg who have tried and failed to convert Maggie into either Christianity or Catholicity. The most persistent were Malachi's parents, who she describes as "bible-humping dimwits only succeeding in brainwashing their only son."

She has already accepted the fact that she'll never be happy again.

For the rest of the period, Malachi didn't talk or even look in her general direction. Maggie felt a strong sense of relief. She should have told him she was an Atheist a long time ago.

There's just no point in sugar-coated lies.

When school was over, she just wanted to get the hell out of there. Maggie avoided eye contact with every person she passed, which eased her a little. The only one who tried to make conversation with her was Marion, asking her if she wanted to work on today's homework together. Maggie of course declined and continued making her way off campus. She didn't care about homework or all that studious crap anyways.

It was a worn-down path towards somewhere undecided. Maggie was aware of how much worry she had brought her friends and her father, which was why she wanted to go someplace completely secluded. One option was to reach out to others and think optimistically, but that was nearly impossible. She was doing everybody a favor and taking her problems somewhere else. Maggie took a cigarette out from her backpack and lit it. Her mind full of obscure thoughts soon became clouded with a numbing sensation. To tell you the truth, it felt a whole lot better.

Without knowing how it happened, she ended up at Clamburg's abandoned amusement park. It was completely barren and void of any life, thanks to Vendetta. But still, the place had such an uneasy feeling. You felt like you were being watched if you stepped foot inside.

Maggie shrugged off the brief feeling of uncertainty and went inside anyways.

No crows or any other small scavenger were in sight. "Well I got my wish." Maggie softly spoke to no one in particular. Wind that rustled and blew in the distance just seconds ago suddenly stopped. Now it was becoming really uneasy. Nonetheless, Maggie moved along, surveying the area around her.

Paint and color were almost nonexistent on the rides, the air smelled like decay and a rot, and the old blood and gut stains were now brown and crusty-looking. Why is it that everything that once made her happy have to be mercilessly destroyed? She didn't understand and probably never will.

The large circus tent in the center of park called out to her, urging her to come inside and explore. Maggie hesitated a little but went inside the dark vacant space. She was glad she did, it was the perfect place to clear her mind. It looked pretty big on the outside, but it was even bigger inside, if that was possible. Very little light illuminated the tent, it mostly consisted of gray shadowy splotches. Maggie put out her cigarette on the dirt ground and went onto the podium surrounded by benches peering inside. Her first instinct was to lie down right in the middle of the stage. She shuffled through her bag and found her iPod but couldn't find her earbuds anywhere. "Shit!" she angrily grumbled. "Oh well." Maggie felt absolutely idiotic for forgetting such an important thing. Not only could she listen to her music without bothering anyone else, it also blocked out all of the unnecessary noise outside.

Maggie pressed her iPod on shuffle, holding the convenient source of music tightly to her chest. The first song to play was one of her all-time favorites, "Lost" by The Cure.

"I can't find myself,

I can't find myself-"

She took a deep relaxing breath and rest her eyes, only looking into the darkness that lay before her.

"Holding on given up

To another under faded setting sun

And I wonder where I am…

Could she run away with him?

So happy and so young

And I stare

As I sing in the lost voice of a stranger in love

Out of time letting go.

In another world that spins around for fun

And I wonder where I am…

Could he ever ask her why?

So happy and so young…"

Before she knew it, Maggie had fallen asleep. But her mind, however, was still awake roaming free.

It was June 4th, on a Saturday….only two more school days until Maggie's 7th grade year was over. Her father took her and her little sister Mindy to Merryland, their favorite amusement park. "Let's go on the Rollie Pollie Mags!"

"I told you not to call me that. It's really annoying! But whatever, I'll go with you."

Maggie wasn't a fan of slow-paced rides. Fast spinning contraptions were more her style. She wanted to go on those, but Mindy had a weak stomach and got sick easily. What a pain in the ass!

"Dad, when can I go on the rides I want?" Maggie sighed.

"When your sister is feeling tired and wants to go home." He answered, as if it were obvious. "If you still want to ride some more, I can pick you up when the park closes." That was fine with her. Mindy tightly held Maggie's hand and gleefully jumped up and down. "How the hell do you have so much energy?"

"Maggie, what did I tell you about cursing in front of your sister?"

A look of guilt crossed the turquoise girl's face, "Sorry dad."

"It's fine, you two run along now and have fun." He had the biggest damn smile on his scruffy face. "C'mon Maggie! Let's go! Let's go!" Mindy squealed, pulling her arm with enough force to yank it right out of its socket. "I am." she mumbled. Man, was she exhausting….

It was still a lot of fun, even though the lines were long, the weather was humid, and some of the rides weren't worth the wait. But throughout all the hardships, Maggie was never bored. Mindy's corny jokes, silly impersonations, and strange stories and scenarios managed to keep her entertained. Maggie was used to her endless amount of enthusiasm and joy, she even thought it was her best quality. She secretly wished that someday she could be like her sister.

"Hey sis, you wanna go on the Tilt-a-Swirl next?" It was the only spinny ride in the park that didn't make Mindy queasy. Maggie rolled her eyes and chuckled, "Okay first of all, it's called the 'Tilt-a-Whirl.' Secondly, you know it's one of my favorite rides. Is this even a question?" Mindy laughed like she'd heard the funniest joke in the world. Maggie ruffled the younger girl's head and kneeled down to her eye-level. "Last one to the Tilt-a-Whirl is a rotten clam."

They ran not caring who they bumped into or whether it made them angry. Even though Maggie had an advantage of being taller and having longer legs, Mindy still beat her there. "Looks like you're the rotten clam." she teased. Maggie caught her breath and smirked, "Yeah, I guess I am." Mindy gave her a big enveloping hug and squealed, "Then let's rot together!"

"You're so weird." Maggie commented, directing her towards the line to the attraction.

It wasn't long until they were allowed admission onto the Tilt-a-Whirl. Mindy held Maggie's hand and screamed with excitement throughout the whole ride. Maggie didn't normally show much eagerness or emotion when partaking in fun activities. But on the inside, she felt happy, fulfilled, and like a free spirit. She loved the feeling she got every time she went on the ride. It was like being caught in the midst of a tornado, but knowing you'd be safe and secure. She hoped that the ride, the company of her little sister, and her feelings of amusement would never end. But everything has its limit, and the ride eventually came to a stop. They unbuckled their seat belt and stepped off the Tilt-a-Whirl.

"Mindy, do you want to go get some cotton candy?"

She repeatedly nodded and skipped towards the direction of the giant circus tent. "You're going the wrong way…" Maggie called out, her usual monotone voice unchanging.

"Oops, sorry!" Mindy giggled, running back to her older sister. Maggie's eyes widened and body stiffened when she felt something warm trickle down her legs. "I have to go to the bathroom," the teenage girl announced. "but I promise you that after I'm done, I'll buy you some cotton candy." Mindy smiled, "Okay! Can I come with you?"

"No," Maggie immediately responded, walking towards the bathroom. "Awww, why not?" Mindy wailed.

The turquoise-haired girl nervously cleared her throat and replied, "Uh...because I have to go meet with Aunt Flo…." The small gray child crossed her arms and pouted. "You get to meet with Aunt Flo every month. When do I get to meet her?" This conversation was starting to become more uncomfortable and awkward. "When you're older…" Maggie wanted by all means to end this talk revolving around menstrual cycles and womanly functions.

She motioned her little sister over to a colorful wooden bench perched next to the bathroom. "Mindy, I need you to stay here until I come back. Do not leave this spot until I tell you to, understand?" She slowly nodded her head speechless. "Now I mean it," Maggie warned. "No matter what happens, don't leave this bench." Mindy assured her sister that she would not leave under any circumstances. Relieving Maggie of her worries. She finally left for the restroom.

Maggie took care of her business in one of the stalls, which took much longer than expected. One of the reasons being that she forgot to bring any tampons or pads with her. It was about five minutes until blood-curdling screams were heard from the outside. Cinderblocks fell from the bathroom ceiling and the walls crumbled to pieces. A loud thud was heard and a shrill piercing cry intensified to such an extreme that Maggie's ears started bleeding. She had to leave this place and find the source of the ruckus. Maggie looked back at the restroom stalls, which were now completely demolished. "Thank goodness I got out of there." she thought. Forgetting to turn off the running sink water or dry her hands, Maggie fumbled the door open and ran outside.

What the hell is going on?!

Smoke and fire openly presented themselves to the center of Maggie's attention. She started panicking when she saw the bench next to her empty. "Mindy!" she screamed at the top of her lungs. "Where are you?!"

A twelve-legged black amphibian, closely resembling a demonic creature, pushed through the amusement park, crushing many in the process. More hideously deformed monsters accompanied the other in terrorizing the area and its inhabitants. "No way…." Maggie breathlessly muttered. She had a tendency to think up the worst possible outcomes. But instead of wasting her time overthinking things, she began her crucial search for Mindy.

Running as fast as her legs could carry her, Maggie avoided the destructive giants and the falling debris they inflicted. She surveyed as much of the theme park as she could, but still no Mindy. Damn it, it was her job to look after her little sister. If she didn't find her soon, she would try to meet up with her dad and persuade him to help with her search.

Along her excursion, Maggie came across certain visuals she wish she could forget.

Fun amusement rides once enjoyable were now being obliterated. Numerous adults and children had their limbs torn off, organs crushed, and bones broken. Many were eaten alive while others were left to die excruciatingly. The scenes displayed before her were graphic, violent, gorey, painful to watch, and unforgettable. She was surprised by her strong will to keep moving forward.

"She's got to be near the front entrance."

Maggie darted swiftly and almost uncontrollably towards the facade of the area. She was glad to see a lot of people escaping the place unharmed. From the corner of her eye, Maggie spot a big gray looming figure close to the ground. Her body trembled as she inched closer towards the recognizable form.

"D-D-Da-ad," she stuttered. "Ar-Are you a-al-right?"

Eventually he slowly turned around to face her, indicating that everything wasn't. His lips quivered, tears excessively ran down his reddened cheeks, and his eyes were filled with sorrow.

"Dad…" she repeated, moving closer.

Maggie's heart dropped at the ghastly sight sprawled below.

It was Mindy….

She vomited and gagged at the mangled form of her little sister. The lower half of her body was missing, her ribcage down to her lower abdomen was torn open, her spine was distorted and tweaked in unnatural directions, a huge chunk of her neck was gone, and her cranium was exposed. Mindy's lifeless body lie motionless, her cheery face now cold and horror-stricken. Maggie dropped to her knees and cried her heart out, cradling her sister's dead carcass. She couldn't hear herself screaming, wailing, and choking on her own saliva. Three minutes of pure agony and relentless mourning felt like an eternity.

Maggie quickly roused, cold sweat running down her forehead. She panted heavily and moved her right hand over to feel her rapid heartbeat. For a moment, she feared it would tear her chest open. She reflected back on the dream she had and wondered why...why these set of memories liked to terrorize her so much. It's like her subconscious was constantly reminding her not to be happy. And what's truly frightening is that an event that transpired almost three years ago can still feel like yesterday. It's not like she would ever fail to remember the death of her beloved sister. Maggie could never get over such a big loss and all the feelings and emotions that came with it.

"Depression is a demon that will never leave you alone, regardless of how you try to exorcise it."

She remembers her mother saying it to her many years ago.

The tent was a lot darker and colder than it was earlier. She also noticed that her iPod was still playing, its sound blaring throughout the area. Maggie turned off the music and almost flipped out when she saw what time it was. "Oh no! 7:20?! Dad's going to kill me. Oh well...nothing I can do about it now..." She sluggishly got her stuff together and left the circus tent.

Once she exited the amusement park, Maggie walked towards the edge of the cliff, overlooking the beaches and the dark ocean waters. The last gleams of sunlight peered wearily over the horizon, cueing the streetlights to activate. Nightfall was her favorite time of the day, she wanted to enjoy it for a little while.

By walking distance, it would take at least a half an hour to reach home. She didn't let it worry her, and was certainly not in the mood for one of her father's lectures. "He'll be fine" she presumed.

Along the way, Maggie thought of Mindy and the memories they had shared. Many were aggravating, some were more emotional than others, but most of them were filled with joy and good times.

She remembers making all the preparations needed for her thirteenth birthday party. Invitations were sent out to everyone in her grade, all except for Vendetta and Charlotte. Maggie's party was going to be held in her backyard on a Sunday afternoon. The backyard was adorned with colorful balloons, streamers, and banners. Several tables and chairs were laid out for the guests and chips, cookies, and punch were available for anybody who wanted some. Maggie sat at the table closest to the back gate, waiting for people to start arriving.

No one came.

The sun was almost done setting and the climate shifted becoming colder. She finally got tired of waiting and gave up. Maggie had remained in the same spot for five hours straight, not leaving once, even to use the restroom. She heavily sighed and moped, staring at the dead grass beneath her feet. "If they weren't gonna come, they could've just told me." She wanted to cry and take shelter in the darkness of her room. Maggie, of course, restrained herself from acting out the first option. Crying gets you nowhere and won't make any difference.

Just when she thought things could only get worse, Mindy came into the backyard carrying a bunch of dolls and stuffed animals. She set them down and ran over to give her older sister a big enveloping hug. "Those people are idiots…" she mumbled. "I'm not going to let you have a terrible birthday."

And it wasn't, all thanks to her.

Mindy ended up throwing her a giant festive tea party with her toys and setting off firecrackers that were initially for the Fourth of July. A family game night and a movie marathon were also included in the birthday package. Maggie was entitled to choose whatever games and movies she wanted. It wasn't the perfect birthday. There were previous ones that have turned out a lot better, but it still surpassed her usual standards and expectations. It was the most special and meaningful birthday she ever had.

Maggie allowed a single tear to trickle down her cheek. "I'm sorry Mindy…" she mused. "It should have been me that died that fateful day…"

Her thoughts were interrupted by menacing growls and claws scratching against the sidewalk pavement. Three filthy creatures about the size of wolverines could be seen huddling around something, backing it against the brick wall of the old video store. The smaller animal cowered in fear, crying helplessly in the face of its attackers. Maggie headed in the direction of the antagonistic fiends, gathering rocks and other items left around carelessly along the way.

The vicious monsters snarled and barked mercilessly at its victim, preparing to lunge at any second. "Back off!" Maggie yelled in defiance, catching the attention of the fiends. The opposers glowered and slowly inched closer, temporarily forgetting all about their victim. She suddenly didn't feel as confident as before and began nervously backing away. "S-S-St-Stay b-bu-back!" Her warning sure didn't come across as threatening...

Thinking up the most reasonable solution, Maggie fiercely started chucking rocks, only angering them more. She softly cursed under her breath, pondering on why she was risking her life for a petty stray. Many pets that inhabited Clamburg had gone missing over the years. Judging by the large number of animal remains found, they were most likely killed by fiends. She remembers Marion crying her eyes out when she found her cat dead and unrecognizable in an alleyway. The only way she knew it was him was by the gray collar worn around his neck.

She knew that impotent thing was dead the moment she laid eyes on it. So why couldn't she leave it be?

Maggie grew more and more frightened with every step she took. One of them began foaming at the mouth, startling her and making her drop her backpack. She was all out of ammunition to throw, which gave her the brilliant idea to look through her bag. All she could find were homework folders, a binder, paper, a pencil box, her journal, ipod, pack of cigarettes, a lighter, and spray-on sunscreen bottle.

She started having quick flashbacks of Mort's bonfire last June. One of his "experiments" that he attempted scared the crap out of Marvin. It was truly fascinating, but only to an extent. It got annoying once Mort kept relentlessly chasing him with it.

"But it just might work…"

Maggie swiftly grabbed the spray-on sunscreen and cigarette lighter, cautiously avoiding the possibility of burning her hands. Once she emitted a small fragment of light, she sprayed the components of the sunscreen bottle in the direction of the flame, creating a strong blazing inferno. The fire crawled and ascended at a quick rate towards the fiends, causing them to draw back and whimper. Eventually, the foul creatures retreated into the black of night, without any hesitation.

Her attention was brought back to the poor animal who was attacked previously. It was a small, frail, gray cat, no older than two years old. It had its left eye and right leg missing, its bulging ribcage and spine exposed, and short gray fur wet and matted. The cat limped towards Maggie, emanating a high raspy meow. She remained quiet and void of emotion, kneeling down and allowing the young kitten to crawl into her arms. "You're hopeless and gullible, even towards your savior." The cat stared thoughtfully into Maggie's eyes, brushing the top of its head against her arm. "But I'll help you-"

Collecting her backpack, she departed with the small cat down the murky forlorn passageway.

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