AN: Not sure I really have the time to be starting a new fic, but hey, the muse can be fickle at times. I didn't even know RWBY existed until recently, but now that I's practically begging for a Bleach crossover. Hence, this fic. It's also a way to keep me writing when I'm plotting the sequels for my existing stories (CoF and Angel are both winding down).

The premise is going to be fairly similar to most others...namely Ichigo. But, I've made it a point of changing things up to make this one unique. You'll see what I mean.

Now, let's see how this goes.

Yang Xiao Long

Brilliant sunlight shone down on Vale, the capital of the Kingdom that shared its name. One of Four Kingdoms of Remnant, Vale was perhaps the most peaceful of the Kingdoms. Were one to look at the city, they would see a calm and sleepy city, where conflict was a distant memory. There was crime, most notably a recent rash of Dust thefts. But these crimes were ordinarily petty at best, not something that would lead to worry that would affect most of the people of Vale. Even the worry of all humanity in Remnant, the fearsome creatures that lived outside the walls of the Kingdoms, was not a worry in Vale. The dark and terrifying Grimm, horribly mutant animals that existed for no purpose beyond killing Man, were the bane of all those who lived outside the Kingdoms.

But in Vale, they were no threat to the happy citizens for one reason. The skilled Hunters and Huntresses of Vale, the best warriors the Kingdom- and some would argue, Mankind -could offer. Trained at Beacon Academy, arguably the most famous Academy in the world, these warriors had to be as good as they were. Fighting the Grimm was not something done with a faint heart. The monsters were easily capable of killing the majority of humanity, those who had never trained to fight them. This was why the Hunters and Huntresses existed...this was why Beacon existed.

And today, as the sun over Vale was eclipsed by a massive airship, was the day the new students of Beacon arrived at the Academy. This airship belonged to the academy, and was used to transport the new students to their new home. Unsurprisingly, said students were spending the time mingling with the classmates they would be sharing the year with. Two though, already knew each other.

"Oh I can't believe my baby sister is going to Beacon with me! This is the best day ever!"


"But I'm so proud of you!"

The pair of girls, sisters in fact, stood apart from anyone else. One was blonde, her long hair doing more to conceal her...generous...figure than her clothing. Her sister was the polar opposite, and would make one question if the two were truly related. Her short black-red hair was nothing like her sister's generous blonde locks. And her black dress, while short, was far more conservative- especially taking into the account the red cloak she also wore.

"I just want to be normal..." the shorter sister muttered, a slight tone of dejection to her voice.

"But you are special, Ruby," the blonde said, wrapping her arm around her sister and giving a short squeeze.

"Thanks Yang," Ruby said, leaning slightly into the hug.

"It's what I'm here for sis!"

Smiling at the way her sister was back to normal, Yang turned away and had her attention drawn to a news broadcast. An orange haired man was on the window, with a name beneath it...Roman Torchwick. She didn't really recognize him, not the name. But she did remember what her sister had told her, when she came home unusually late.

"That's the guy you beat up sis?" Yang asked, an eyebrow going up.

Ruby's pale face flushed, "I didn't beat him was his guards, actually. They weren't that good!"

"Or you're just too good of a fighter."

The pale face went even redder, eliciting a chuckle from the elder sister. Ruby merely elbowed her in the side, doing nothing to lessen Yang's grin. Huffing slightly, Ruby turned away from her sister and watched as the news was replaced with a severe looking woman. One whom she seemed to recognize, as the widening of her silver eyes indicated.

Wonder who that is?

"Who's that?" Yang asked out loud, before the look of the woman reminded her of something, "Isn't she the one who helped you out?"

"My name is Glynda Goodwitch."

"Oh. You didn't mention her name sis."

"You are among a privileged few who received the honor of being selected to attend this prestigious academy. Our world is experiencing an incredible time of peace, and as future hunters and huntresses, it is your duty to uphold it. You have demonstrated the courage needed for such a task, and now it is our turn to provide you the knowledge and training to protect our world."

As Goodwitch's image vanished, Ruby looked at her sister, "I didn't know her name."

"Yeah, she doesn't seem the friendly type."

Ruby giggled, before her silver eyes widened. Now that there was nothing, not even clouds, obscuring the windows of the airship, she could properly see outside. The girl's face showed wonder, as she looked down on Vale far below. She hadn't ever been this high before, and seeing the city stretching into the distance was quite the experience for her. Yang hadn't either, but as she walked next to Ruby, she didn't have quite the same level of awe on her face. More an amused smile, as she planted a hand on her sister's shoulder. Ruby never changed...

"We're so high up!" the younger sister crooned, "I can see Signal from here!"

After saying that though, Ruby's excitable voice did trail off somewhat. Yang noticed the change in mood, and squeezed her sister's shoulder. She always was emotional...cheerful most of the time, but if she got subdued...well, after years of practically raising her, she knew her sister well. And knew just as well that all she had to do was squeeze Ruby's shoulder. She preferred that to more vocal methods.

Can't take praise, this girl...

Ignoring that thought for the moment, Yang refocused on what Ruby was doing.

"I guess home isn't that far after all..."

Smiling comfortingly, Yang shook her head- well aware Ruby couldn't see it, "No, Beacon's our home now."

Sharing a moment of quiet, the two sisters looked out at their homes, old and new in the distance. A moment that lasted all of a few seconds before several things happened.

A teenage boy, scraggly blonde hair covering his pale face, held a hand to his mouth and stumbled away from the window. He heaved, clearly attempting to hold in vomit. Unfortunately, his rush to get away from the window managed to knock another teenager out of his way. This boy promptly stumbled into Yang, who lost her grip on Ruby...and managed to send her sister falling to the ground.

"Oof!" Ruby complained, falling to the ground.

For her part, Yang grunted, "Hey, watch it!"

Instead of acknowledging that shout, Yang saw the teen scoff, before sticking his hand out to help her sister up. Of course the scowl seemingly welded onto the other teen's face wasn't doing him any favors. He looked standoffish at best, something not helped by his brilliantly orange- far brighter than Torchwick's more subdued shade-mop of spiky hair. It was an odd combination, especially with the hand he was reaching out. Not to mention the odd black robe he was wearing. Yang had never seen an outfit quite like all over, aside from a white belt and what looked like a white undershirt. And then there were the wooden sandals of some sort. That couldn't be comfortable.

Jerky looking or not, at least he was gentlemanly enough to offer a hand to her sister.

Of course, Ruby was a bit...awkward...when it came to new people.

"Yo, you okay?" the teen finally asked, his voice as deep as one would expect.

Ruby shook her head rapidly, "Oh I'm fine! I just couldn't keep my balance, it was totally my fault and...umm...heh...heh...your hair is really orange."

An orange brow went up, "Yes? And it's natural, before you get any ideas. I get enough of that crap already."

Natural? That's a new one.

"Can't say I've ever seen such sunny hair before," Yang spoke up, eliciting a groan from Ruby.


"What?! That was a perfectly valid pun."

Electing to ignore the 'boo' in the background, the blonde instead turned to the teen. Who, scowl or no scowl, looked like he was holding in a laugh. Raising an eyebrow in a silent challenge, Yang got him to stop. Instead, his scowl deepened- if that was even possible on a human face -and he turned his head slightly. Sighing, the teen coughed softly.

"Look, I'm sorry I bumped into you. Won't happen again," he finally said, still looking off into the distance.

"I'm not angry," Yang replied, making Ruby blink...her sister's temper was as bad as her protective instinct, "just curious. I've never seen you can't be from Signal."

"That's because my old man trained me personally. Never been to a formal school, not since I was a kid."

"If you got into Beacon with self-training, your dad must've been a pretty famous Hunter. So, who was he?" the blonde asked, curiosity lacing her tone.

The teen scowled again, "Not a Hunter."

Yang and Ruby blinked at that. Not even a professional soldier, the only other option that seemed likely, could train someone on their own to get said someone into an academy like Beacon. So how did this guy's father, apparently not a Hunter, do that? Not to mention the fact that the boy was well-built, and clearly experienced. Nothing like Vomit Boy earlier, who had looked fairly average. And no, she wasn't checking him out...though now that she looked...

Okay, check out cute guy later. Figure out who cute guy is first.

"Okkkayyy..." Yang said dubiously, "Well, I'm Yang and this is Ruby. What's your name?"

"Ichigo Kurosaki," the teen, Ichigo, replied.

"Yep, never heard of you."

Continuing to surprise the sister's, the scowl actually got lighter. Like he was relieved that Yang hadn't heard of him before. Which was certainly odd, especially if his family wasn't some famous group of Hunters.

"Doesn't surprise me," Ichigo just shrugged, "the old man's a doctor these days, so it's not like we're out hunting H...Grimm these days."

Ruby just had a disappointed look, perhaps hoping to get some awesome story out of the other teen. Yang by contrast, narrowed her lilac eyes slightly. She had caught the slip-up, but didn't know what it meant. She had only ever heard Grimm called, well, Grimm. Nothing that started with an 'H'. If he had meant humans...well, this guy wasn't getting within a mile of her sister ever again. No one hurt Ruby and got away with it. Luckily for Ichigo, he seemed to realize the anger that Yang was currently suppressing. She could give him that much at least...he was observant, if nothing else.

"I say something?"

"Well, you just almost called a Grimm something starting with an H...I think I should be worried your family hunt humans or something," Yang replied, her eyes flickering red for a split-second, as her gauntlets flashed sunlight.

"Yang! He didn't mean that! Right? Right?" Ruby protested.

Ichigo just held a hand up, "Relax will you? My father calls Grimm 'Hollows' sometimes. I just slipped up since I'm not at home. I'd personally hunt down and kick the ass of anyone who hurt humans for no reason. Or Faunus for that matter. Jerks like that bug the hell out of me."

Not one of the little group noticed a pair of amber eyes widen nearby at the end of that sentence. Yang just relaxed, and Ruby let out a sigh of relief at the sight. Her sister noticed that, and was tempted to sigh in frustration herself. Ruby, fighter that she was, hated human conflict. Or at least, she hated conflict that couldn't be solved by hitting it over the head with her weapon. Yang could understand- she wasn't exactly the best herself, and did happen to enjoy knocking sense into idiots. But she was better at conversations and personal relationships too.

And, for now, she could just get to know this new guy. He seemed nice enough, scowl aside. That didn't mean she wasn't going to want to know why his father would call a Grimm 'Hollow' though. Neither her father or uncle, both of whom were very experienced Hunters, had ever mentioned the name.

"Well in that case, it's nice to meet you," she stuck her hand out.

"Yeah, nice to meet you," Ichigo replied, shaking the offered hand.

Ruby grinned beside her sister, glad the situation was defused. Yang knew that when she was around it made her a little more comfortable around the new guy. If the older girl hadn't been there...well, she probably wouldn't have even felt comfortable talking to Ichigo. Well, there was a way to solve that problem...but it would wait until they reached Beacon. Since they hadn't quite arrived yet, she waited for Ruby to at least try to strike up a conversation. Which she finally did.

"Why are you coming to Beacon?"


Not that the question got quite the reaction either sister was hoping for.

"If your father trained you, why are you coming here?" Ruby explained, patting the weapon mounted on the small of her back, "My uncle taught me how to use Crescent Rose! But I still have to learn things."

"There's your reason," the orangehead shrugged.


Ichigo sighed, though it was more a 'what am I going to do' than an annoyed sigh, "I can only learn so much from the old man. If I'm going to be a Hunter- I ain't doctor material -I need to learn more. Hence, Beacon."

"Hmm..." Yang mused, "Makes sense. Well, it'll be interesting to see how you fight!"

The eagerness in her voice got another raised eyebrow out of the male teen. Yang just grinned cockily, her hands twitching slightly. She enjoyed a good fight, perhaps too much. And whatever else he was, Ichigo looked like a good...fighter...

We've got there already? Yang thought, as she felt a shudder go through the airship.

Turning her head, she did indeed see that the airship had landed at Beacon. Lights came on, directing the new students towards the disembarkation points. Time to figure out how the year would go...

Ruby Rose

As she disembarked from the airship with her sister- and Ichigo Kurosaki who seemed to be sticking around, in his own words, because he had no idea where to go -Ruby's eyes widened. She was still jittery and nervous about Beacon. Yang's comforting words aside, she was not looking forward to seeing how people would react to the 'kid who got in early'. The girl had been serious when she said she didn't want to be seen as special. The attention was nice in its own way, but Ruby didn't want people thinking she had done anything to cheat her way in. She wanted to be treated like anyone else.

Yet, while that worry didn't vanish, it was eclipsed by awe.

"The view from Vale's got nothing on this," Yang spoke up.

"I'll admit, it's a lot more impressive up close," Ichigo agreed.

Ruby just nodded numbly, before something else served to distract her from the view of the impressive academy. Namely, the new students walking towards it. Now, where her sister would look at the- male -students with a perverse stare, Ruby wasn't interested in the bodies. She was interested in what was hanging off the bodies. Namely...

"Sis! Look!" she gushed, "That's guy's got a collapsible staff! And she's got a fire sword!"

The girl's fangirling over the weapons was cut short as Yang reached out with a sigh and grabbed hold of her hood though. Ruby complained, as she was dragged back to her sister and the taller boy, who was currently sighing with an exasperated look on his face.


Yang just sighed, "Easy there little sister. They're just weapons."

Putting her hands on her hips, Ruby couldn't believe her ears, "'Just weapons?' How can you say that sis! They're extensions of ourselves! A part of us, not to mention so cool!"

"Why not swoon over your own weapon then?" the elder sister dryly suggested, as neither sister noticed Ichigo shuffling uncomfortably in the background.

The sound of clanking came from Ruby, as she unfolded her custom built weapon. She was very proud of Crescent Rose...her uncle had said it was one of the best Scythes he had ever seen. And she had designed and built it all on her own! But that being much as she loved her own weapon, being able to see other weapons was something she didn't often do. Signal hadn't had new weapons for some time, and seeing more professionally built ones from the Beacon students was a new experience.

Not to was cool!

"Of course I'm happy with Crescent Rose," Ruby replied, cuddling her scythe, "I just like seeing new ones. It's like meeting new people...but better."

Yang clicked her tongue, as she pulled her sister's hood down, "Ruby, come on. Why don't you make some new friends on your own?"

Ruby pulled her hood down, and smiled shyly at her sister. She knew Yang was trying to be nice, but why did she need new friends?

"Why would I need friends when I have you?"

"Actually..." the blonde replied, "I have to catch up with my own friends. See you later!"

Before the younger sister even knew what was happening, Yang had rushed past her with a gaggle of her friends. Ruby blinked and spun around, thrown off balance by the sudden departure of the one person she actually knew here at Beacon. Struggling to stay on her feet, she felt her heart rapidly sinking. Yang had just thrown her to the proverbial wolves, and she couldn't even use Crescent Rose on these ones! It would have been easier to be thrown in an actual pack of wolves!

"Wait! Where are you going?!" Ruby complained, her head spinning, "Are we supposed to go to our dorms? Do we even have dorms?"

Feeling her feet slipping, the teen almost fell to the ground. She would have, if Ichigo hadn't caught her arm and yanked her to her feet, actually.

"You okay there?"

"" Ruby replied, "Yang knows I'm not good with people, and she just runs off like that?"

Ichigo just shrugged, "You seem perfectly fine to me. If anyone isn't good with people, it's me. Most people assume I'm a thug because of the hair, and I have to beat them senseless."

"I can't imagine why."

The new female voice interrupted the conversation before Ruby could say anything. Both teens looked behind them, and saw another young girl standing behind them. Barely the same height as Ruby- if not shorter, considering her heels -she had pure white hair, and an equally silver dress. Her face bore a haughty expression that had the other girl on edge though...Ruby wasn't exactly one to like arrogant people. They tended to yell at her.

"Who the hell are you?" Ichigo asked, getting a betrayed look from his companion.

Flicking her ponytail behind her head, the other girl scoffed, "You don't know who I am?"



"She's Weiss Schnee," yet another female voice spoke up.

Ichigo seemed more bemused than anything as he turned his head. Ruby, by contrast, felt her head spinning again. Not only had Yang left her alone with someone she barely knew- even if he was quite nice beyond his rough exterior -but now she was being swamped by other people. At least this girl looked nicer. Her clothing was somewhat reminiscent of Yang's, but a different color and less revealing. That alone helped Ruby's feelings, though her deadpan look wasn't quite as helpful compared to her sister's animated expressions. At least her bow was cute?

"Heiress to the Schnee Dust Corporation," the black-haired girl continued, "The largest producer of energy propellent in the world."

"Finally, some recognition!" Weiss said, a grin on her face.

"Also known for their horrible labor and questionable business practices."

Ruby couldn't quite keep a giggle from escaping her lips at the way Weiss sputtered when the other girl said that. It was funny! What was rather less funny, was Weiss scoffing and stomping off with anger clear in her figure. This semester was off to a wonderful start...

"Geez, wonder what crawled up her dress and died," Ichigo said, shaking his head.

"Welcome to Beacon eh?" Ruby replied, before she noticed that it was just her and the orangehead again, "Why does everyone keep leaving?"

The taller teen just shrugged. Ruby sighed again, and was tempted to just lay down on the ground and stay there. This was not turning out to be a good idea so far. At least she had someone to talk to, even if Ichigo wasn't the most talkative person out there. Shaking her head, Ruby sighed for what would hopefully be the final time, and forced a grin onto her face. Even if she was having a bad day, she would face it with a grin on her face. Letting something like this get her down? Yeah, that wasn't going to happen or her name wasn't Ruby Rose!

"Come on, let's go see..."

Before she could finish that sentence, the teen nearly ran into another teen. Vomit Boy, to be more precise. Now that he was off the ship, the blonde looked better. He still looked just as lost as she felt though...which was saying something.

"Yo," Ichigo said, walking up to the pair.

"Hey," the blonde replied, "You two lost too?"

"Of course not! I know exactly where we're at!" Ruby replied.

Both Ichigo and the blonde raised their eyebrows. The redhead just stuck her tongue out, finding it easier and easier to herself. Ichigo didn't judge anyone really, and the blonde just seemed calming to be around. It was an odd feeling to be sure.

"Well, I say we explore a bit," the blonde said, "Name's Jaune by the way."



Once the introductions were out of the way, the little group started wandering the grounds. Ruby didn't have any idea where they were supposed to go after Yang left her anyway...and Ichigo had said he didn't either. Maybe Jaune did, but at that moment...she didn't really care. It was nice to just walk and talk with the other teens. Maybe Yang was right, and this whole 'meeting people' thing wasn't as bad as she thought.

Aaannndd...then she remembered Weiss. It was probably luck that Ichigo and Jaune were so easy to talk to. It might also have helped that she was in a beautiful part of Beacon, with a little pond to her side.

"I'm just saying, motion sickness is a lot more common than people think," the blonde was saying.

"Sorry, Vomit Boy was the first thing that came to mind," Ruby giggled.

"Yeah yeah," Jaune said, though there wasn't any real bite to his words.

Ichigo just smiled ever so slightly, "It was still funny."

Jaune didn't even bother replying to that. Ruby, deciding that she wanted to break the ice in a way she understood, moved to where she wasn't standing right next to either boy. She reached behind her back, a grin forming on her face. This was where she was comfortable!

"Sooo..." she said casually, before unfolding Crescent Rose again, "I have this."

A squeak came from Jaune, who backed up quickly, "Is that a scythe?"

"And does it really need to be that big?" Ichigo added, eyebrow going up.

"It's also a customizable, high-impact sniper rifle," Ruby replied to the first question, before just sticking her tongue out at Ichigo.

"A what?"

Ruby cocked her weapon, "It's also a gun."

"Oh..." Jaune nodded, "That's cool!"

A blush crossed Ruby's face, smiling at the praise before looking at the other teens weapons, "What do you have?"

"I have this sword," the blonde replied first, drawing the aforementioned weapon, "and this shield too."

The sword and shield were fairly standard actually. A normal old longsword, and an admittedly interesting shield/sheath combination. Nothing special in the end though...which was odd to Ruby. Every other student she had seen so far had something special like her own Crescent Rose, albeit not quite as complex. Jaune though, had something that any old soldier could use. It was a bit odd, though she did like the weapon. It wasn't often that someone could get into a school like Beacon with something so simple after all.

Like it wasn't often that someone got in two years early. Maybe she and Jaune had something in common?

"Oh..." Ruby mimicked the older teen, "Do they do anything?"

As she asked that, she placed a hand on the shield...promptly making it bounce around, extending and retracting. Her eyes widened, as Ichigo ducked underneath the shield while Jaune struggled to catch it. When he finally did catch the thing, he retracted it and placed it back on his hip. Ruby couldn't help but breath a sigh of relief at that. The thing was more dangerous than his sword!

"The shield...contracts, so when I get tired of carrying it...I can just...put it away," Jaune explained, once it was back on his hip.

Ruby blinked, "But wouldn't it weigh the same?"


Ichigo laughed, "Well, at least it's smaller."

Jaune perked up, "Good point!"

"So did you build it?"

At that question from his female companion, Jaune blushed slightly. The redhead didn't know what to think about that. Every student at Signal built their own weapons...was it different where he came from? It would be odd...building your own weapon gave you such an advantage in a fight. She loved Crescent Rose too, and wouldn't ever feel as comfortable with another weapon.

"Actually..." he scratched his head, "It's my great-great-grandfathers. He used it in the war!"

"Huh," Ruby nodded, "Well, I like it. Not many people have an appreciation for the classics these days. I may have gone a bit overboard myself...heh...what about you Ichigo?"

The orangehead nodded, maybe a bit warily, as he reached over his shoulder and drew the weapon. Ruby felt her silver eyes widen, as her mouth formed an 'O'. For all that Jaune's sword was standard fare and ancient to boot, Ichigo's was...well, she didn't know how to describe it. Unlike a longsword, Ichigo's had a soft curve to it, nothing at all like the straight blade Jaune used, and unlike anything Ruby had ever seen. And she had seen a lot of weapons, considering how much they fascinated her. The curve wasn't the only odd thing though. It also had a red-cloth covered hilt. And the square guard had...crescent moons...engraved on it. The blue tassels on the end were a bit odd too. But...

On top of all that, the weapon almost...glowed...if that was possible. Was that his Aura? She had never been able to see one before!

Honestly, she had only one thing to say about this sword.

"Cool!" the redhead shouted, her eyes wide as saucers, "I've never seen a sword like that! What is it? What is it?"

Ichigo just blinked, " Zanpakutō."

"What?" Jaune asked, "Is that a Hunter thing?"

"My old man called it that," the orangehead replied, "It means 'Soul Cutter'."

Ruby was too busy examining the blade in great detail to care what the name meant. If anything, the name just sounded cool.

"So your sword is called Soul Cutter? Mine is Crescent Rose!"

The older teen couldn't help but smile at Ruby's enthusiasm. But he shook his head all the same. The girl frowned at that, wondering if she had said something wrong. It would be like her to put her foot in her mouth...even if she didn't know what it could possibly have been this time.

"Actually, that's the type of weapon," he explained, "Mine is named Zangetsu. Slaying Moon, if you want a translation."

If anything, Ruby just considered that name more cool. But she didn't have time to geek out over it, since Ichigo wasn't done talking. He replaced Zangetsu in it's sheath, and looked around. Ruby followed his eyes, as did Jaune. And all three of them quickly realized one thing. They were alone...not a single other student was around. The girl blinked slightly, before looking at her companions.

" you know where we are?"

"No, I was following you," Jaune scratched his head.

"Not a clue," Ichigo shrugged.

Ruby just sighed.

AN: And there we go. This is very much an experiment for me really. Both in the fact I've never written the RWBY characters before (being as I've only recently found the show), and the way I'm writing it. Namely, in the fact I'm doing what I've seen other authors do...have each segment from one dominate point of view. Normally I would go with every character in the scene, so this is a new thing for me. Hopefully it worked out.

And hopefully I got the characterizations's been a long time since I've had new canon characters to write, since I've mostly stuck with Bleach and Gundam, where I'm a lot more familiar with the characters.

I should also note that Ichigo has his family here. How they all ended up here, with Ichigo clearly still a Shinigami (Hollows and all) will be explained...but not right away.

I feel like I should note one more thing though: Pairings are already decided. I won't say who is with who, but suffice to say, anyone who will be paired up already has been in the outline. And no, Ichigo will not have every female within miles chasing pairing for him. Not a harem or threeway. Just getting that out the way now.

Let me know if this went well! Also, anyone know when Vol. 3 is coming? I figure it would be at RTX in August, but I don't know for sure...all I do know, is I'm not going past Vol 2 until 3 comes out. So this story may end up on hiatus, depending on writing speed and when Vol. 3 comes out.