Hi this is my first fanfic and is from Annie 2014 . Is about what happened after the movie. So in this fanfic the main characters are :

❤️Pepper -14 years old

❤️Isabella -12 years old

❤️ Tessie -10 years old

❤️ Mia - 6 years old

❤️Miss. Hannigan

The story is from the point of view Of Mia the youngest and Pepper the oldest . So when it's Mia's point of view I will put Mia POV and the same with Pepper - Pepper POV

I got some ideas from the story "After Annie " from nevergrowingup

And her Instagram is cameronmisshannigan . Definitely go and check her fanfic and follow her .

Chapter 1

Pepper POV

So after we finished rescuing Annie , said that he will adopt her. I am happy for her but I am sad because I will never find my family.

Then Annie invited all the girls to her new home and we all talked and laugh and we ate pizza. When we finished eating we say our goodbyes to Annie . Because Grace got a call from that she will be there in 5 minutes.

- I will miss you Annie - Mia said

-I will miss you too . Please text us every day - Tessie said

-Sure Tessie I will text all of you everyday- Said Annie

-We are all gonna miss you even Pepper - Isabella said

-Yeah , I'm going to miss you Annie- I said

-Aww Pepper , I will miss you too . -Annie said

So then Miss . Hannigan enter to Annie 's house and she told us :

-Girls we have to go - Miss Hannigan said

-What the heck is wrong with her, why she didn't say you BRATS ? -Annie said

-I do not know she has been nice to us that all day long - I said

-Maybe she is changing - Mia said

Then we all started laughing but Mia was serious

-Girls we have to go remember that we have a dinner with Lou- said

Then we all say bye to Annie and left with Miss . Hannigan in a cab

We were all quiet on our way back to home. When we enter to the apartment we went to our room then Miss Hannigan told us

-Girls get ready for the dinner remember that is at 8 pm - Miss Hannigan said

-Ok - we all said

- Oh , wait girls I have a gift for all of you - Miss Hannigan said

-Really ? - Mia said

- Yes and I hope you all like it - Miss Hannigan said

Then she came with some large white bags . Then she give one to each one and said to us to open it.

They were dresses and really fancy . Mine was Blue with Jewelry on top.

Isabella ' s was Black , Tessie 's was pink with some jewelry on and Mia 's was black with white .

-Thanks Miss Hannigan - Mia said

- yeah , thanks you so much - Tessie said

- Thanks Miss Hannigan- Isabella said

- Thanks , but how could you affort this dresses ? I said

- I sold the alcohol and with the money that I got I bought you these dresses . Go and try them on - Miss . Hannigan said

We all entered our room try on our dresses then Isabella and I put some make up on . And then Mia asked

- Can you put me some makeup please?- Mia said

- Ok I will put you just lipstick and eyeshadows- I said

After I finished putting make up to Mia I sat on my bed and Mia said

- I think I was right about Miss . Hannigan changing- Mia said

- Mia , people do not change that fast - I said

- Yes they can if they want to - Mia answered

-Mia I don't want to argue with you so lets talk about another thing- I said

-Pepper , what happened to your parents?- Mia said

- You hadn't tell us what happened to them Pepper - Isabella said

- Guys maybe she just don't want to talk about it - Tessie said

-Well it's really a long story .