Chapter 4

Pepper's pov

All the girls starred at me . I was shocked . So I stood up and grab the phone and we started to talk

? ᄌマPepper ? Man


?do I'm talking with Pepper Troya ?


?Well Pepper, tell me do you have a sister ?

?Yes but they separated us when we were little

?tell me the whole story Pepper

So I just told him the whole story and then

?well Pepper we have also a 11 years old that have also the same story as you , but why you don't come tomorrow at 6 pm at the Hospital of New York . In there we will take some tests of blood to see if you both are sisters

?ok so tomorrow at 6 in the Hospital of New York

?yeah be punctual please

?I will try bye


Mia ' s Pov

Meanwhile Pepper was talking , we where hopping that nothing bad happened to Pepper's sister .

- I wish that Pepper can find her sister - Tessie said

-I think we all wish that Tessie - Isabella said

- Yeah even Ms . Hannigan- I said

- yeah I wish she find her sister too . - Ms Hannigan said

-Pepper already took a while talking in the phone we should play something- I said

- What about if we all tell a story? - Tessie suggested

-yeah we all agreed - we all said

- I will go first - I said

- So this story is story is about me and my mom and what we used to do

. So me and my mom every Sunday we went for some pancakes they where so delicious. I always ordered them with butter and honey on them . And we talked about school, friends and funny things . Then from Monday to Friday if I finished HW we went for some ice creams.

My mom always ordered vanilla ice cream and I always ordered strawberry ice cream with some gummy bears on top . But then one day she didn't came to pick me from school so I went home and saw her in the floor I called 911 and told my neighbors but when the ambulance came they said that she was already dead . So know you can see that sometimes some things are happy but others are really bad

- Good story Mia - Ms . Hannigan said

- thanks - I replied

- now I will tell my story - Tessie said

- So as you may know I am an artist . But did you know who made me a better painter ? My Dad he was an excellent painter . Me and my dad spend a lot of time together seeing museums . So when I was little I really didn't like painting. My dad teach me first how to draw with chalk . So you wouldn't guess what I did . I started putting all over my face . And I almost ate one chalk . My dad punished me so when I was in my room . I just did not why I grabbed a pencil I started drawing in my walls . I remember drawing me and my dad also an ocean and some flowers when my dad entered into the room . I was so scared if he will punish me again,but then he came and saw and he smiled at me . So then he started taking me to art classes . So I think that just by my dad I'm a great painter .

- now my story - Isabella said

When I was little I loved animals . I went to Zoos with my mom and dad . So when i was 6 years old. My mom and dad made me a safari party it was so cool . I thanked them tons of times. But one day when we went to the zoo . They separated from me. Like they just went away. Then a woman and a man kinda adopted me , but they finished putting me in a Foster home . In the nights I tried to remember my dads and prayed that they will come to me . When I turned 9 I escaped from that Foster home and I went to look for my parents in the same house that we used to live . But I saw from the window mom and dad with a baby . They saw me in the window but I ran really fast. And then a police officer send