TAH_Hall: Hello everyone. Ik I haven't been writing for a while but, this is just a mini series that I started last night because I didn't want to go to sleep. And here it as.

Watching her from afar may seem a little creepy but Hay if your girlfriend but also fiance is surrounded by japans most influence families I think it's a reason to be a little. . . . . . . . . . . . creepy.

But of noooooo! Don't kill them, she says. Don't drown them, she says. Don't lock them in your basement for fun, She says. But my oh noooo! seems to be not real because when I said Don't go anymore I might have got slapped for that. But I still love her so.

So I think it's okay. But she loves me. I know she dose. Even when she around Them she still loves loves me. But plans are being made by 3 family's that my. . . Aha . . resources has told me and I'm not to sure that I can sit back anymore. And she knows so. I've got permission as long as I don't kill one of 'em.

They may be Japans most influence families but did they really forget about the World's most influence families. And then the one at the very top. They should really know such things right? They really shouldn't have made such plans. Oh my. . . this will be fun.

NT: Well here it is. Hope to R&R because it fore the fun.