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Tamaki had everyone come to his house to plan for Izumi to be persuaded into the host club.

"Man, we know that she now has a female friend we can't break that friendship!"

Everyone was around the regular table, Kyoya was bent down with his laptop typing at a high speed while Tamaki set in his "throne" and the twins on a love seat.

"I'm okay with her I guess" Kaoru said as he looked over at him

"Am I really the only one who sees the danger in her having friends outside the host club?!"

"From what I was told She had friends before we came to her life, so no it's not a danger. But I noticed something in because Tamaki is an idoi- very into the family in the club "thing". I wanted to ask the two of you if you have noticed how Hunny-senpai and Mori-senpai has been acting around Haruhi and Izumi.

Hikaru looked over at Kyoya and narrowed his eyes at him.

"Well we have been threatening her friend and when ever we and Boss fight over her they're always there to grab Haruhi from us" Kaoru said as both he and Hikaru thought the same thing. Well shit. . . . .

"Of course the neighbors would want to protect our daughter from our foster boys"


Looking over at Tamaki, Kyoya stopped typing and glinted hi glasses his way. "No I think that they act more familiar with Haruhi and Izumi" closing his laptop he stood up as to make his statement final.

"I'm going home"

"Tamaki seems that he a little angry about Izumi not joining the club not that I'm complaining I don't like her"

Tamaki turned in glossed his eyes over Hikaru and Kaoru nodded in agreement with his brother

"Maybe we can try again because it must be lonely if my daughter is only surrounded by family"

As he made his stupid plans I'm not saying his stupid an idiot yes but not stupid, the twins went along while Kyoya went home to do some research

*************************At her house********************

"-Amber please get off me!-" Haruhi yelled.

"-But I missed you and then you called him and not me I could so dress up as a guy and be your date to the party!-"

Glancing at Akira, she made hand motions at Amber with a very annoyed look, that had Hunny laughing and Izumi and a very stoic Mori grinning at her.

"Amber darling she asked me as a way to throw the Ootori's off." He is one of Izumi's older brothers, the oldest actually. He looks more like his mothers brother then he looks like his parents. Weird I know. He is tanned and has dark hair cut short in rough waves and dark brown that always twinkled in amusement.

Pouting and latching herself to Akira, Amber whined. "But I want to gooooooooo!"

"-Oh My God!-" Groaning she glared at Amber and sat down taking the whole cake Hunny had with him down with her since she finished her slice.

Shaking his head Izumi sat up and smirked at his brother.

"It's actually great to see you."

"I already said sorry didn't I?"

"Hunny!" Unlatching herself from her fiance and onto a very adorable thing Amber at all costs wanted to avoid the fight.

Throwing himself at his brother, Izumi almost landed a punch went Akira dodged.

"Amber! I still got usa-chan that you gave to me!" Hunny said pulling usa-chan closer to her face.

"-I know I saw it when I opened the door-" kissing him on his cheek, Amber grinnrd when Mori laughed at them in a mori like way. . . . . yea

Haruhi looked unimpressed at the brothers fight and decided to ignore them as well. Turning to face Amber she raise one eyebrow at the display of love.

"Oh shush -dear!- This boy here will forever be my love!" Amber glared at Haruhi.

"I thought I was your love?" She replied lazyly.

"He was born first!"

"Thank God, you were Hunny"

Huffing Amber rubbed her cheek against Hunny's getting a giggle out of him.


Turning to look at the boys, Akira and Izumi were neck to neck when Haruhi put down the cake and glanced at Amber and Hunny daring them to take the cake. Getting up she stopped both of their right fist and slapped them both on the left cheek.

Having stunned the two, she nodded as they fell to the ground opposite of each other.

"No fighting in the house. Dad is coming home early today and i don't want to explain why somethings are broken." Going back to her seat with the untouched cake in front of her, she continued to eat it as Mori helped the brothers up.

"i swea that she waers the pants in you guys relationship." Akira whispered to Izumi as the two stood next to Mori.

"You should see us at school then Aki-Nii" Haruhi staged whispered to him.

Having finished the cake of course with 1/3 of it being stolen and also avoiding Amber's attempt to win her back with promises of fruit salad. Haruhi sat watching the boys whisper to each other or. . . attempt to anyway.

"Now while the two of you do what ever you do, i'm going to take Hunny with me and go take a nap since he fell asleep trying to steal piece of my cake."

***********ABOUT 5 HOURS LATER**************

"Haruhi! It's you father. because I know that you have to take a test in 2 weeks I think we should go to Kyoya's water park!"


"Dear Daughter?" Grabbing his phone and pressing one on speed dial, Tamaki waiting for it to pickup.

"Oh NOOO! Mommy Haruhi isn't answering the door!" And then he heard the dial tone and stared at the phone.

"She could have left Boss"

"Or maybe Izumi kidnapped her?" Hikaru supplied with the idea that she was indeed a bad to Haruhi . . taking what's his. . .


When the door opened Haruhi looked at Tamaki and simply closed the door and opened it again, causing everyone to star at her as she wrote a note on a sheet of paper and taped it to the door closing it with an audible pop.

"Why would she close it back!"

Kaoru rolled his eyes at Tamaki and stepped up to the door reading the note.

"Attempt to kidnap me and I swear I'll call the police. Also no Izumi didn't do what you're planing to do, she went home. My REAL father doesn't want anyone in the apartment while he is gone (Not really he's home and he heard the stupidity) Stop yelling and disturbing my neighbors before THEY call the police and please it's like 8 at night. Goodnight and Goodbye.

P.S You're not my father."

Raising his eyebrows to his hair Tamaki knocked on the door again as the twins crumbled the letter up and waiting for the door to open clearly not believing one word she said because like they are the host club she wouldn't just leave them out there, but Kaoru realized that maybe she would.

But it seems that the host club keeps forgetting that Haruhi would indeed leave them if she didn't have a dept to pay. but she doesn't care about that anymore it could rise and rise but she has family that would pay it off no matter the amount because of what's going on behind the scenes.

**************3 Days later****************

In a vary dark and secluded place because it's cliche for the villains to be in a dark and scary secluded place. . . . ?

Yashio and Yuzuru were both sitting on opposites side of a large table when, a servant came in handling them both a piece of paper. Standing in the middles to voice her findings.

"The Hitachiin's Mother could not make it to this meeting as it seem she's in France doing a show tonight. And has a letter to shower her absents

"Dear Yashio and Yuzuru,

You two where always my favorite. i wouldn't mind jumping into the game since it seems that My children are already fascinated with her. Just remember that it seems this Haruhi is already receiving gift from the twins. Play fair boys.

From the one and only lovely, Hitachiin"

Folding the letter up and picking up another the servant cleared her voice

"The Haninozuka and Morinozuka's could not make it and has left a letter.

Dear Ootori-san and Suoh-san,

It seems as though you wanted to have a meeting concerning the commoner Fujioka Haruhi but we do not support your idea to attempt to make her one of you'r son's wife by mines of persuasion and power abusive. As you have stated that we have to a competition to see who would have her. I'm sorry to inform that Mitsukuni and Takashi already have fiances at there own choice of course. We hope to never hear of this plan again and to not bring it to our boys.

From, Haninozuka and Morinozuka house holds."

Yuzuru and Yashio smirked/glared at each other.

Folding the letter up, the servant left the room tapping into her palm smirking thinking off what they did not know, of what was coming to them. Turning the corner she nodded her head to a man dressed in black as all the guards were kneeling to her clearly frighten at her presence.

"-Call my brother Izumi, and tell him of what I found. Then call father and Mother.-" Pulling the wig off she pushed it into waiting hands as she glanced at the car window when she jumped in. "- And someone please help me take this damn makeup off. I look so old-"

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