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A boy of about Fourteen-years-old briskly strolled into the club from the main entrance alongside two other similarly aged children; another boy and a girl. Somehow evading all the bouncers, they navigated across the mass of dancing bodies centered around the dance floor glancing only for a brief moment at the bar-counter where a penguin plushie complete with bartender bowtie sad innocuously before they succeeded in finding an empty booth that they occupied shortly.

Ignoring the looks that were thrown their way by some of the dancers who eventually lost interest in what several young teenagers could be doing in a shady club that was frequented by affiliates of the criminal underground; Miles pulled a piece of paper out from his knapsack and placed it onto the table.

All three of them had serious expressions adorning their youthful visage; "Natsu… Are you guys sure about this?"

Expression turning sour; the teenaged boy with a feathered-hat nodded once, "Yeah, real darn sure about that. I confirmed it with the guys in the intelligence department; even their agents out in the field say the same thing."

Miles was silent with a focused expression after hearing that; after a few seconds, he turned to the last occupant in the room. "Lili, is it the same situation on your end?"

Lilium narrowed her milky-white eyes as she pursed her lips into a small frown; "It is quite true, the situation on my end is quite similar to Sir Natsu's. We don't know about Sir Mike's territory as nothing seem to have happened yet; but it is most likely that they have already managed to plant spies into both Atlas and Vale's Council at this point in time, Sir Miles."

One of the bouncers spotted the booth full of underaged children and approached it while they were having their conversation.

"Ahem, what are you pipsqueaks doing in the club?" Nameless Bouncer #1 asked as the three Milletians continued their exchange with Miles giving the other two several instructions to carry out.

"-it's not like we really need to do all this preparations though…" Natsu commented as they all took a long drink from their respective beverages, which were not bought from the bar.

"Oi, are you kids ignoring me? And is that drink brought in from outside? No outside drinks allowed in here!" said Nameless Bouncer #1

"Quite true Sir Natsu; but remember, we were not the ones who threw the first blow. They did; so in accordance to the ceasefire we had, we are well within our rights to retaliate with extreme prejudice until they surrender once more or we wipe them all out, same as how the war that turned this land into such a mess started."

Nameless Bouncer #1 was visibly red in the face now at being ignored and made to reach for the shoulder of the young girl before his world flipped itself upside down and turned into darkness.

"I guess that concludes what we came here to do then." said Miles as all three of them; who were in robes that imitated a bear, a yellow robe with a sewing of a green frog and a silver robe with an embroidery of a lily flower across the chest of the robe respectively, stood up and exited the booth stepping around the unconscious goon who was knocked out by Lilium.

"Now all that's left is to send Paragon what they wanted from us; a Declaration of War." as he finished, the crowd of dancers have long since fled out of the club away from the conflict and the guards of the club took their place in surrounding the three.

I am not happy, Mercury thought to himself.

He expected to waste the day away with television and a bag of potato chips when Emerald kidnapped him for a day around the town. Apparently, she decided waiting for Saturday cartoons at five-am in the morning was 'Lame' and 'childish' and not say, any 'self respecting grown man' would do.

So now here he is, in his little corner of the club, after being dragged to places, sipping his 'alcoholic' drink whilst being completely and utterly bored out his mind. With a bartender who refuses to serve alcohol to minors because it would be illegal of all things and a partner who he has absolutely no plans to murder horribly, damn the consequences.

"Are you feeling it now ~" Emerald, the green devil she is enjoying his plight. Sitting across him, grinning, watching him, holding his T.V remote which is strapped to a bomb.

"No, Emerald. No I am not feeling it. And do realise that if push comes to shove, I always hav-"

"You mean all of these remotes?" Emerald interrupted as she placed about five more remotes onto the table.

Eyes dilating in an instant at seeing his stash be brought out, Mercury's free hand shot out to reclaim his possession. Only to grasp around empty space as Emerald slid them all off the table and into a small sack she had.

Then, the battered body of a goon crashed onto their table. Stunned as they were, they looked at the direction where the goon flew from and edged to the balcony before peering down and seeing pure carnage. There in the midst of flame-covered rubble and broken bodies, three teenagers looking younger than them stood majestic as They gazed impassioned at the ruins around them.

From the back, men in black suits and rifles quickly flooded the floor and formed flanking formations bringing a lull to the battle. For a moment, Junior's men waited, they raised their guns and readied their swords. Then together, they fired as the swordsmen prepared to charge after the first volley ended. A curtain of concentrated bullets soared towards the trio, leaving no opportunity nor room to evade as their firing arc covered it all.

This was a practiced maneuver drilled into their very core. The setup required time to coordinate and required the target to remain within the kill zone but in return it could eliminate targets more stronger, harder, faster, overwhelmed through superior firepower.

They have felled Hunters on the likes of Glynda with this technique. Each and everyone of them a veteran of fighting, given top of the line equipment. In the end, it didn't matter after their Aura was shaved down by the bullets and those who survived were cut down by the sword wielders.

But these three were not Elite Huntsmen.

The girl, she daintily raised her slim leg a few centimeters above the ground. And then she gently tapped her foot back onto the earth. And the ground lost to her foot.

In hindsight from a normal human's perspective, it shouldn't have been possible unless one had a specialized Semblance. With a deceitful light tap, she created shockwaves strong enough that air was rejected from the spot where her foot landed from sheer force. Space seemed to ripple as the shock wave passed through the club faster than a blink of an eye. They watched in silence as the ground rippled as if it were a body of water being churned before it was torn asunder, bullets were rebound, debris were disintegrated and then the wave reached the men.

The lucky ones were turned into red mist without much struggle, a painless death for the mooks that did not have a part to play in the larger picture. Those who were unfortunate however, only had one or several of their limbs implode upon itself, some lost their eyes and bled from their ears others screamed as their torso blew itself open with the innards displayed to the world.

Mercury gripped the railing with both hands and struggled against the sheer power acting against him. A morbidly curious part of his mind wondered if he could ever attain even a fraction of it's power; it'd be one heck of an area clearing trick.

But he could not help but be awed by the raw strength displayed so casually while a much more primal part of his brain screamed at him to curl into a ball and hope that the white-eyed girl doesn't notice him. The scene seemed to last an eternity as the sight in front of him was seared into his memory; unknowingly giving him nightmares for days to come. The three stood daunting, unharmed although They were at the epicenter of the shockwave.

Then air returned and with it, sound. Pure noise unleashed upon them as though time reversed. He heard it all as a wave of sound so thick, that it brought him to his knees. Metal groaned and shrieked, glass shattered into a million pieces and more with each passing moment. He heard the gurgling of those few who held a scant few moments longer before they were finally granted reprieve, the whistle of bullets and debris being pulled in and lastly the cracking of earth as the tectonic plates broke and part of the bar caved in.

And through it all he barely kept consciousness, Emerald fared much worse as she had already collapsed early on, with only their distance from ground zero and their Aura to thank as the latter protected them from the worst of it. Yet even then his eardrums had burst in mere seconds, his skin was flayed by the air, his bones had cracked and his veins wrecked pain as it boiled when the pressure left him.

Seeming pleased with the destruction, she smiled, looking back to a kid in blue bear robes, "Think they'll get the message?"

He returned it with a grin of his own, "I'm certain they will, Lilium"He strolled towards the intact entrance.

She skipped over a meter wide gorge and made her way to him.

"Vae Victus, Hei Xiong. Hope you tell your masters to watch their steps, Ciao~" The last of them tipped his feathered-hat to the wreckage before pausing at the now destroyed empty bar-counter. He gave a wry smile before he turned away and followed as They casually walked off into town.

With that, Mercury's consciousness faded away. Both he and Emerald were only found much later by Hei Xiong and his entourage who only just returned after clinching a deal with another crime syndicate.

There was a large assembly of people in the warehouse that served as a venue for a meeting. The attendees did not have anything much in common; young and old; Faunus and Human; Civilians and those who were combat trained. All of them gathered here, under the same allegiance.

One amongst them, unremarkable among the rest save for the straw hat he wore upon his head, separated from the crowd and proceeded to a small area that could scarcely be called a stage.

He then coughed once clearing his throat; and proceeded to start playing a lute. After two minutes of random lute strumming; which caused the crowd to glare at him, he grinned sheepishly and went back to the crowd.

"Ahem!" An imperious looking lady, wearing only a miniskirt and a blazer exclaimed as she went towards the stage. "Fellow worshippers and heralds of Khorne, we gather here amongst ourselves to decide who is the best Bunny Girl of Playboy"

These words, seemingly out of context; were in fact, in a code where only real followers and members could understand. This was in fact done to root out spies and traitors within their midst; as they update the code randomly and also when they receive intel that attempts to infiltrate their organization are underway.

The lady looked out at the gathering below the stage, everyone had raised their left hands up in a thumbs up while making a circle with their right hand and placed both hands on their respective cheeks on their faces. Which was the correct reply to the code's challenge. Satisfied that there was no traitors amongst them, she made to begin what they were gathered there for.

Until a large explosion from the adjacent warehouse interrupted her. Narrowing her eyes, she raised one of the seven relic-weapons that their group used. "To disturb the peace in one of our meeting venues… They need to learn what how to keep the peace!" Loud cheers of agreement rang out as they each raised their own choice of relic-weapon, chosen from the seven sacred choices.

"For My L-err, Miles!" she cried out in righteous fury at having their peaceful meeting disturbed.

"For Miles!" they chanted, practically frothing at the mouth with righteous fury. That's a lot of righteous fury they have, like, wait, maybe it's technically self-righteous fury?

And then, the angry mob burst out from the doors and charged as one to their neighbouring warehouse where a fight was going on… Kind of ironic when the purpose of the organization was kind of a peacekeeping agency.

Some time Earlier

Looking up into the sky; a fuzzy brown owl slowed down it's approached as it perched on top of his head before raising one of it's legs gesturing to him to take the letter bound to it.

Petting the owl's head, he gave it a loaf of french bread; some bacon and peanut butter in a bag before unbinding the letter and started reading through it.

With barely a whisper; the near-silent flutter of feathers was the only sign that the avian comrade had left as it ascended once more into the verdant skies and left to continue its daily work.

Rolling up the message he had received, he threw it into his pouch and turned his attention back onto a most curious pair who was walking down the street side by side.

"So, who are you looking for Ruby?" asked a girl whose hair was a peculiar shade of reddish brown not commonly found around Vale

"I'm looking for Blake, a precious friend of mine, Penny." Ruby answered as they continued down the pavement continuing the conversation while looking for said missing friend.

"Ah, you mean the Faunus girl who was with you, Ruby?"

"Yeah, that's Bl- wait, Penny how did you know?"

"The walls have eyes and the floors have eyes too, Ruby-My-Bestest-Friend" Penny mysteriously replied while having an all-too wide grin.

"Eeeek~!" Ruby exclaimed as she was creeped out by her present companion's words.

"Should I have not said that? Penny asks out of curiosity as Penny looks at Friend Ruby." Penny queried as she cutely tilted her head to the side with an odd verbal tick.

"Heh?" Ruby answered, not knowing what suddenly came over her friend.

"Sorry, I don't know what in the name of Oum came over to my speech systems" Penny apologized subsequently after registering what she said.

"I-it's nothing?" Ruby then answered while shaking her head trying to get rid of what happened a moment ago.

As they reached the end of the pavement which led to a warehouse district, both of them sighted a small trail of smoke far in the distance.

They looked at each other before Ruby suddenly blurted out "StayhereI'mgoingthere" followed by vanishing in a burst of petals and a rush of wind.
Penny then raised an eyebrow as she followed with her own burst of speed.

Scaling the first warehouse that she reached, Ruby ran to the edge and saw an angry mob… wielding common day items fighting against a confused and somewhat equally angry mob of White Fang grunts.

Items like ladle-shield combos, a fishing rod and- oh wait some of them are wielding swords, and a penguin plushie could be seen in between the bodies of the Not-White-Fang-Mob as they flailed at the White-Fang-Mob and succeeded in pushing them back. Cries of "For the peace and prosperity of Vaaaale!" could be heard.

It was then that an unnoticed corner of the container area exploded and out from the dust two bodies came flying out leaving trails of smoke behind. Following them out from the shadows was an orange haired man, Roman Torchwick. Criminal Mastermind Extraordinaire.

Ruby saw the difficulty that Blake and that Blondie-Monkey-Faunus guy was having at getting up. "Hey! What do you think you're doing to Blake?!" she shouted at the criminal who was approaching the duo.

Some time even more earlier...

It all started when Sun gave an ingenious suggestion. "I mean, the only way to prove they didn't do it. Is to go to the place where they would most likely go to if they were to do it. And not find them there, right?"

"The only thing is, I have no idea where that would be." Blake frowned as she turned her gaze down.

"Well, while I was on the ship in my banana-box, I overheard some guys talking about offloading a huge shipment of Dust coming from Atlas."

"How huge?" Blake asked as her interest was piqued.

"Huuuuge. Really big Schnee company freighter."

"You're sure?"

The only response that Blake got from Sun was just a large grin as he leaned uncomfortably close into her personal space. And so, following the trial, both of them were led to several warehouses near the docks of the city.

After that, it was only a matter of following the bright lights and bustling activity as members of

the White Fang moved crates that had the Schnee Company Emblem on it out of the warehouses and onto several inactive Bullheads. All of which bore the White Fang emblem upon their flanks.

The both of them laid prone on the roof as they silently watched the members of the White Fang go about their job. "...You had a lot of trust in them being innocent, didn't you?" Sun mumbled.

"...No, I already knew that the current White Fang would do this. I just didn't want to be right. Didn't want to believe that the peaceful White Fang movement was now a truly a group of extremists that do not want to gain equality through peaceful means. But through spreading fear and violence." Blake said as she sighed tiredly.

"Oy! What are you slow pokes doing? We aren't really the most unnoticed bunch of thieves right now at the moment. So why don't you goons pick up the darn pace?"

"No, this. This can't be right. The White Fang working with a human?" Blake whispered to herself before she drew Gambol Shroud as she stood up. "No, not working with a human, but listening to the orders of a human?"

Sun was caught off guard when he noticed that Blake had already drawn her weapon "Hey wait! What are you doing?!" but it was already too late as she leapt off the edge and landed with feline grace before darting off into the shadows towards where the mass of Dust containers were most concentrated at.

Peeking out from the edge of the container, Blake could hear Roman berating a confused looking White Fang member who was holding a coil of rope in his arms. "No you idiot, this isn't a leash! Didn't your parent teach you the difference between a leash and a knot?" at the shaking of the goon's head, Roman breathed out a heavy sigh. "Good god, was I the only one properly educated by my adopted father on the different types of knots and how to make good kush?"

In less than a second later, Roman could feel his left arm being twisted behind his back and a blade, albeit the blunt side, placed upon his throat. "What th- Oh for fuc-"

"Nobody move! Hands up where I can see them and drop your weapons. Or your human leader's head goes rolling." Blake smoothly interrupted the swear with practiced finesse.

Seeing no one really taking her warning and instead drawing their weapons and surrounding her, Blake felt that she had no choice but to play the emphathy card. Releasing her hold upon Roman's elbow, her left hand reached over her head and grasped her ribbon. With a flourish, a tugged it loose and revealed her cat ears to the world.

"Brothers of the White Fang-nya. Why are you aiding this scum-nya?" at her question, the WF-members who had her surrounded glanced uneasily at each other for a moment before lowering their respective weapons.

"Heheh, no one told her what happened eh?" Roman chuckled at a joke that only he knew. "What are you talking about-nya?" said Blake as sternly as she could with that verbal tic.

"The White Fang and I-ny- what the. This thing is infectious. We're both in this joint business venture together."

"Tell me what it is, or I'll put an end to your little operation-nya" Blake interrogated Roman, knowing that she has struck fear into Roman's heart with her terrifying verbal tic-ny- holy shit even I'm doing it.

They were then buffeted by the wind as about a dozen more Bullheads came into view before strafing around the area. Just when Blake's attention was mostly on the Bullheads, Roman smirked as he shifted his cane so that it would point in between Blake's feet.

Blake's eyes widened and her muscles tensed in the instant she heard a clicking noise before an explosion engulfed the ground below her and propelled her away with a trial of smoke.

Diving urgently onto the ground some distance away, Blake barely had enough time to glance up before she saw Roman firing several more bursts and frantically dodged as the flares hit the spot she was previously at.

The second she came to the end of her roll, several more were already on their way towards her. Blake gracefully backflipped and managed to outpace the flares before from the smoke several shots that were hidden behind the first volley came at her.

Blake used her Semblance without a second thought, leaving behind an afterimage that gave her a burst of speed before she called for a tactical retreat putting obstacles in between Roman and her preventing him from having a direct line of sight for shots at her.

"Tch, the cat sure knows how to run." Roman made to follow Blake before a banana peel landed in front of where his foot was about to fall upon. Managing to shift his balance in time, Roman put his foot down as another banana peel was slid onto where his foot was going to find purchase. And this time it managed to made him slip.

Groaning as he tried to get back up off his back, another banana descended. This time from the heavens and it landed on his face. Roman pulled the fruit remains off his face as he growled "Gggrr, this is getting really annoyin-" but didn't get to finish his sentence as a pair of boots fell from the sky too. Seriously with all the stuff falling from the skies these days someone could get really hurt.

Or in this case have their faces kicked in when the soles of Sun's boots met face that which belonged to Roman pushing him back to the ground ending with Sun doing a forward roll and bleeding off his momentum with a cry of "Woohoo!" being heard.

Standing up from his crouch, the young Faunus turned around and frowned at Roman who had already gotten up with a pair of boot prints centred on his face. "Your fight is with me, leave her be." 'Man I sound so cool saying that!' Sun internally fistpumped as he delivered the words.

A coincidental Bullhead that was above them opened up its doors and then White Fang members who were already armed descended from the sky doing somersaults. That's really a lot of things coming from the sky.

"You aren't that bright, are you kid?" Roman taunted as a second squad of White Fang members who wielded swords landed behind Sun completed the encirclement. With an unseen signal they charged towards the blonde Faunus who was in front of them.

Sidestepping the lunge performed by one of his sword wielding adversaries, Sun locked the overextended swordsman's arm under his own elbow before burying his fist in the guy's gut and throwing him into the path of another attacker.

Taking advantage of his natural agility, Sun bobbed and weaved around the various blows. Blocking a blow with his left arm, his right hand reached down to his waist and he activated his weapon as he pulled it out just in time to block two blades that came down upon his back when it fully extended into a bo-staff.

He twirled it in both his hands before he swung the tip of the staff at the hand of an approaching grunt making the poor guy flinch and drop his sword. Taking advantage of the opening, Sun jabbed the man's torso with the staff in rapid succession before he hooked his weapon under the grunt's arm before flipping the man towards the remainder of the grunts knocking them all out from the force of the throw.

Before he could grin at how easily he dealt with all the grunts, the hairs on the back of his neck stood up before he turned around blocking the downward blow of Melodic Cudgel. "You're quite good with the bo-staff, kid." Roman commented as he increased the force he had on the deadlock pushing Sun back drastically. "Was it self taught? Or did someon-"

Cutting himself off, Roman removed the pressure he previously had on the Ruyi & Jingu Bang combo, he took a quick step back before a few more steps to the side. Dodging a surprise attack from Blake and her follow up slashes.

Smoothly avoiding the rest of her attacks, Roman slid into her guard with a well practiced maneuver before slamming the curve his Melodic Cudgel into Blake knocking her back.

"Really? I guess I fight dirty but a two on one sneak attack? That's really low even by my standards." he chuckled with a grin before his eyes narrowed and the frown disappeared off his face as he saw an angry mob engaging in melee combat with the a much smaller mob of White Fang members.

"Those weapons. Tch, I guess I have to get a little serious with you kids then." The words barely registered in both Blake and Sun's ears before Roman was in front of both of them, swinging his cane at in a non-stop flurry of blows that even Faunus had trouble keeping track of.

'F-fast! His too fast!' Blake thought in her panicked mind. 'It is almost like his at the speed of sound- Sonic Speed!.' Sun cried out in his mind while blocking the heavy blows.

He pressed them continuously as his weapon whipped at them from every conceivable direction, the front, from a low angle, from the side. He easily pushed them back until they were both near a warehouse before he suddenly lashed out with a kick that connected with Sun sending him hurtling through the glass window of the warehouse and into the storage area proper before Blake followed after him courtesy of an almost point-blank shot from Melodic Cudgel. Dust billowed as they crashed into a stack of crates, sending splinters and dust billowing about. Only the figure Roman was visible as he strolled through the fog of dust, the click of his footsteps accompanying him.

Taking a short leap, Roman trailed behind both of them as they quickly recovered from the short flight. They were already in the middle of a leap to split up when Roman tripped Sun with Melodic Cudgel before twirling it and pointing the tip of the cane at Blake's feet and blasting off another round that cracked open mid-flight and flash froze her legs immobilizing her.

After the ice had take hold of Blake's legs, Roman turned back to the yellow Sun who was trying to get back into a stance before he lashed out at the younger man's knee with the cane taking out Sun's balance once more following up with a knee to the gut that knocked the wind out of him. It ended with Roman kicking Sun's weapons out of his hands and loading a round that froze the Faunus' hands to the ground.

Blake had barely a moment to raise Gambol Shroud before Roman's boot impacted the flat of the blade with deceptively heavy force that broke the ice pining Blake to the ground. Hoisting his cane up in the same instant when the blade lost contact with his soles, he loaded one of the more explosive rounds he had before firing it.

The result was impressive to say the least. With a flare of red light and an oncoming roar of thunderous boom, a fireball the size of a pea impacted Sun, who in a moment of valiant sacrifice, managed to break off the ice that sealed his hands and threw himself to protect Blake.

The explosive force resulted in a yellow flash who on further inspection, turned out to be Sun's head on fire. The yellow blur was also transferring force to a black blur. Both blurs traversed the grand distance of five meters before they tore the wall down and continued onwards, albeit with less velocity.

Landing in a tumble of limbs and bruises; the two had separated themselves, blushing lightly with Sun's face glowing like the, well, sun, due to the position they ended up in before Roman followed them out of the warehouse.

"Hey! What do you think you're doing to Blake?!" Ruby exclaimed from atop the roof of the warehouse.

Raising an eyebrow "Oh, it's you again Little Red. Ain't it past your bedtime?" Roman mocked Ruby before he spared the two faunus a quick glance. "As for what I was doing to this little kitty cat and her monkey boyfriend, they are planning to interrupt something important of mine, or maybe, I interrupted them from something?" Roman quipped with a saucy grin before he turned his attention back to Ruby.

Only to find her at about half the distance of where she was previously and approaching at high speeds while twirling her scythe like an advancing tornado. Of blades. Really sharp blades. Would probably lop a limb off or something, if we didn't have Aura here.

Raising Melodic Cudgel, Roman braced the length of the cane with his offhand as Ruby hit it whilst spinning. When the Crescent Rose met the stupid-cane-that-could-also-shoot-dust shells, Ruby expected it to break and give way to her much superior weapon. Or at least be marred with scratches and indents that displayed the advantages of her Scythe. What she did not expect, however, was Melodic Cudgel bending as it it was some sort of an elastic weapon before all of the energy that Ruby had built up got absorbed into the cane and was transferred to Ruby's wrist.

With a loud twang, Ruby was sent off flying with a shower of rose petals. Clutching her now painful wrist, Ruby frowned as she scowled at her scythe which frowned back in confusion, as if it has done some dastardly deed. Shrugging as she patted her scythe and rubbed its shaft lovingly, Ruby prepared herself to charge back into the fray.

That was if she didn't suddenly get a faceful of explosive flares. Yelping in both surprise and pain, she barely managed to recover into a roll from the knockback. Shaking her head to clear out the cobwebs, Ruby managed to evade the next volley of flares by rolling to the side before a chill went down her spine as she felt unrestrained rage build up behind her. Or maybe it was just indigestion?

Turning around, she saw oh-so-innocent Penny glancing between her and Roman as her frown slowly but surely deepened. "You…. You just hurt Ruby! You're a bad person! Father told me to always stand up against bad people! Weapons Mode Engaged; Multiple White Fang targets spotted: Weapon load out; Electromagnetic Blades deployed, Phase Shift Activated! Penny Gundam, Launching!" With that said, a single non-descript sword seemed to materialise behind Penny before it spread in a fan-like shape into a dozen blades.

"I am the spawn-point of my sword." Penny chanted as she leapt off the roof, running towards the scuffle in front of her; the swords that hovered around her like the wings of an angel shot out at the registered targets, all of which are White Fang members and the wanted criminal Roman Torchwick. She dismissed the odd ragtag mob from the list of hostiles as they did not look like bad people. After all they had penguin plushies, like the ones that she receives from time to time.

It was only a matter of moments when Penny neutralised most of her targets before she gathered all of her blades together and made it revolve against both her arms. Raising her fists and pointing it at the largest pocket of White Fang grunts as the swords increase the speed of their revolutions, a cry of "Penny BEAAAAM" was heard before two beams of pure electricity blasted out knocking out all of it's targets and somehow miraculously not killing a single soul, but badly wounding many.

Startled, the White Teeth members saw the incoming flash and then, pure white-noise causing agony. Groaning in pain as some writhed and rolled on the floor, they wondered just how they were still alive as most of them have not awakened their Aura™. As if sensing their thoughts, Penny announced in a giggling girly voice;
"This beam is rated for kid shows, teehee~" Face turning serious again; she faced Red-haired Roman who was staring at her, slack-jawed. But who can blame him. After all, Penny is cute.

Kicking himself for being stuck in a stupor, Red-haired Roman let out some sort of howling whistle, as if a drunk squirrel calling for its pack.

With a squealing roar, a squadron of Bullheads who have horns painted on them, because, after all, a bull is not a bull without its horns, flew in low like a pack of sneezing hyenas with 'Flight of the Valkyries' blasting on the stereo mega-speakers of the lead Bullhead.

Red-haired Roman then jumped with a fabulous pirouette as he landed in the open bay of a Bullhead. Somehow managing to combine a scowl, a smirk, and a growl into one expression, he stared at the Fabulous Four with seething anger. "Curse you!"
With that, he gestured to the pilot and the bullhead he was on turned sharply and rose to escape.

Penny saw this with an Electronic Gimlet Eye™; scowling cutely, she took aim at the aerial vehicle. Through some sort of intervention by a bored random omniscient being, she hit a different bullhead and with a sparkle in the skies, a quiet shout about something something Team Rocket something was heard by those coherent on the ground.

"I'll let you get away this tiiiime! Retreat my minions!" Roman commanded as all the grunt White Fang members hopped onto their respective grunt Bullheads with a grunt and flew off into the evening night, grunting all the while like manly grunts, not grunt as in the sound but grunt as in the rank of a person in an organization; in case you were confused..

A small figure however, went unnoticed as he clung to the bottom of the lead Bullhead with a pair of plungers as it made it's retreat.

'Or at least that would be how I would narrate the events.' quipped Miles, who actually narrated everything after the bar scene in his own monologue.

After all the action tonight, Sun went missing when the authorities came to investigate what really happened in the warehouse area. Waving goodbye enthusiastically, Penny was allowed to leave first due to her special status. Meanwhile the rest of Team RWBY had gathered here after Ruby messaged them on the scroll informing them that she found Blake.

Blake silently looked away, avoiding eye-contact with Weiss after she came up to her, Remembering the words that she said just days ago.

'You want to know why I hate the White Fang? Even in my earliest memories I lived in fear; Fear that the White Fang will take another of those I love away from me; when I was little, my mother had brought my older sister out only for a walk in the small forest that skirted our family estate when they were attacked by White Fang extremists. The only remains found by huntsmen at the scene was my mother's corpse. And that. That is why I hate the White Fang.'

Mentally shelving the memory away, Blake gathered her courage; with a look of determination, she poured her heart out to Ruby, Weiss and Yang. She first began with her childhood; before how she eventually was inducted into the White Fang, to fight for the rights of the people.

All the way up to three years ago when their previous leader stepped down with the current leader enacting more violent tactics in making the humans treat them as equals.

"After all, everyone's equal when they're dead." Blake finished grimly before looking at each of them; giving them a small sincere smile. "I realized my mistake at trying to run from the issue that I was facing. To run from you guys; my friends. The time spent with you guys so far… It wasn't so bad either."

"Well… I know a way that you can make it up to us" Yang replied with a grin that did not bode well for Blake. Before she whispered her plan to both Weiss and Ruby and both of them sported the same,'I am not planning anything that would do you good' grins.

"Yes, you heard me correctly. The Beacon students came to mess up the operation. We managed to load most of the Dust so the operation would not be affected much." Pausing as he listened to the displeasure in the voice of his conversation partner, his face turned into a grimace as the rant increased in length and items before one of the topics mentioned caught his attention.

"Hm? So Hei Xiong's bar got trashed and all of the men who were present were found badly mutilated like they were hit by an explosive?" Roman clicked his tongue before frowning deeply, "Have you found out who did it?"

The person on the other side of the line only muttered something about stupid brothers who can't build information networks himself before telling him to check his scroll before ending the call. Not a moment later he receive a notification that a video file was sent to him over the shared network.

Running the video clip, it showed that it was a security camera recording, dated only two days ago. Nothing noteworthy happened; at least until the recording hit the second where one of the bouncers was flipped head over heels and got knocked out.

Quickly pausing the video clip, Roman tried to enlarge the image to get a clearer view of the booth occupants who flipped the bouncer but wasn't able to see anything due to the angle. Resuming the video, the crowd that were on the dance floor fled in a panicked mob out of the club.

When the occupants of the booth came into view though, Roman almost dropped his scroll in shock as his eyes focused on the face of one teen. It got worse as the video clip went on showing the three teenagers blaze through the grunts before ending it in a gruesome manner with most of the club destroyed; confirming his fears of who they were.

Quickly bringing up the call function, he redialled the number of his recent contact. The five rings it took her to pick up felt like an eternity and when she finally did. "Cindy! I-it's him! The old man! D-dad's in the video!"

"Dad? What do you mean by that Rome?" His conversation partner asked after pausing for a second in confusion at the contents of his outburst.

"Wha- What do you mean by that question?"

"...We don't have a father, Rome. We've only had each other and those others for years"

"Y- you don't remember Dad? Not at all?" to anyone who was watching, they could tell that Roman was having a panic attack.

"Calm down Rome, calm down and tell me what happened."

"How can you not remember anything about our father?!" Roman shouted into his scroll.

"That's because I made her forget about me." said a voice behind Roman.

Turning around Roman's eyes dilated as he saw who was it that was standing to the back of the Bullhead hanger as he dropped two plungers onto the floor before untying the plungers around his feet.

"Miles?!" Roman shouted.

"'Sup, you called?" Miles replied.

Several years ago…

The forest was silent save for the soft footfalls of an Ursa Major as it went about minding it's own business, gather honey or whatever it is that Grimm Bears do in their spare time.

Then a pair of bear ears emerged from a bush to the back of the Ursa Major; a second pair soon emerged from an opposite bush, it was followed shortly by a third, fifth and ninth pair.

They surrounded the Ursa Major, slowly closing in on their unwary quarry. With an unspoken signal, three children rushed out from the foliage positioned in front of the Ursa. All three of them held their own respective weapons.

The young girl with raven locks who was leading the charge wielded a large double-edged broadsword that was enormous for her size; a second but older girl with a similarly long mane of dark colored hair followed her closely whilst tightening the grip over a small ember orb in her palm; finally bringing up the rear, the third member of their cell was a ginger haired boy halfway into his teenage years, who twirled the mechanical staff in his hands as they approached the Grimm.

Ears twitching in irritation; the Ursa Major stood up to it's full height, shifting it's weight to its hind legs before released a furious roar as it charged towards the three children who were doing the same to it.

An instant before the two opposing forces clashed, the Ursa Major was blindsided from its flank by another three more kids covered in armor; who barely stunted the Grimm's advance by charging into the Ursa Major with their small tower-shields held firm in their hands before they lashed out at its limbs with a sword, a halberd and a mace.

Locked in a battle of two fronts, the Ursa bellowed out in rage before choosing to target the children with the shields; all three who exhibited a remarkable amount of teamwork as they darted to the side of the paw that descended towards them just a second ago.

It was then that the third team of children darted out from the shade unnoticed by the Ursa Major; as it's attempts to squash one of the shield-wielding kids, who had lost his balance after the Grimm pounded the ground, was invalidated by the ginger haired teen that attracted the Grimm's attention after he parried the blow meant for the off-balance kid with his staff.

The first of the children who charged out from the shadows reached the Ursa Major and did a small hop bringing him up to eye-level with the Grimm; before he proceeded to rain blows down upon the bear's vulnerable snout with his covered knuckles.

Capitalizing on the moment when the Ursa lost its concentration due to the jarring blows to its snout; the second of the third team slid past the Ursa in between the gaps of its hind legs before a glint of light showed that she managed to bind one of its forepaws to a tree with a length of wire, albeit clumsily.

The Grimm gave another ferocious cry as it tried to tear its bound limb free and almost succeeded when the last girl of the hunting party darted past the Ursa to the trees; leaving behind a rain of kunai that, mostly hit their mark, with the shield-bearing children blocking some of it which had missed and went their way.

Assaulted on all sides, the first signs that signaled something having gone awry was the Ursa Major turning much more ferocious; the second sign was when dark red slowly formed patterns into its ebony-white-mask before turning it crimson red. The last evidence was when the Grimm healed all of its wounds in a few scant seconds before its muscles bulked up along with the wire that restrained it snapping; and then it towered amongst the gathered would-be-hunters.

"Everybody get back!" the Ginger haired teenager cried out; all of them quickly split up pulling back a fair distance from the Ursa Major but still encircling it. "Buy me some time!" the young raven haired girl said as she drew her broadsword and focused her extremely volatile semblance onto the surface of the blade.

The Ursa Major seemed to have grown much more smarter as a sense of cool intelligence could be seen with how it studied its surroundings; taking in the weakness and strengths of the hunters who tried to and is still attempting to slay it.

It first discarded the team with the child-brawler, wire-user and ninja as a potential target, they were too swift and was more than likely able to outpace it if it ever tried to approach; it then discarded the possibility of victory over the children who wielded shields on one of their hands as it recalled that in their previous engagement the shield-bearers; though still young was still undoubtedly skilled enough in teamwork to buy enough time for themselves so that the others could attack it. That left only one possible target.

Turning towards the three that were closest to it, it saw that its target knew that it was coming for them. Putting its forelimb back onto the ground with a minor tremor; it did a mixture of a leap and a paw swipe as it entered drew close to the girl who was concentrating on her weapon.

Unleashing the ability of her semblance that she was building up when Ursa Major-EX took notice of them, the older girl released a sizable fireball that hit the Ursa head on. Though the force of the fireball was great; the Ursa Major-EX was only forced back by a few mere centimeters.

Dodging past the Grimm, the ginger haired teenager jabbed one end of the staff at the recovering Ursa before an explosive shot out of the tip causing an explosion. Rolling with the backblast, the teenager stood back up again after the inertia bled off.

The rest of their party then joined in, each assisting, or at least trying their best, at harassing the now ridiculously hulking(to their diminutive size) Grimm. The Grimm was then showered in poisoned kunai; blown up at point blank range again; stabbed and cut repeatedly and also had another of its limb bound once more.

It endured the kunai and bladed weapons as they barely pierced its fur; the explosion made it lash out in pain which freed its bound limb. Before it could rampage again though, it was sliced in half; again and again until it was just large chunks of flesh in a pile which eventually dissipated away.

The raven haired girl panted as the energy that covered the sword, which was practically eating light and drawing everything into it, dissipated.

Just then two teenagers landed near where the group was gathered at after leaping off a branch. "Well… That was anti-climatic wasn't it, Mike?"

"Shouldn't you be more proud of them that they managed to take down a mutant Ursa Major without help from us?" Mike replied as he went around checking the conditions of the younger children.

"Eh, I had full confidence in them the entire time. All of them did well; well other than Edmund losing his balance in the middle of the battle" the teenager in a white robe that had an orange undercoat with a blue muffler on quipped as he walked to the team that had the oldest members.

"You three did really well too, Rom, Cindy, Schwarz." he gave them a huge grin as they all returned the grin. "Thank you Dad/Father/Pops" calls were heard as the children along with the teenagers approached the teenager who they addressed as he started to rub their heads in sequence.

"You are really going to spoil them you know?" Mike lazily asked as he the scene made him smile. "Shush Mike, my family, my teaching methods." replied Miles.


Kitty-cat? Written by: DemonWarrior1029
"Nya-nya-nya " said most Glorious Blake-Waifu as she tried to appeal to Weiss and the other girls.
Blake posed in front of the mirror as she went and did cat poses as part of the dare and to request forgiveness from her friends.

Then suddenly, Weiss popped up her head and said "What are you doing-nya?"
Then she gasped and stared at nothingness at what she just did….

Blake? She just cutely tilted her head and winked to the audience.

After that somewhat Weiss-t of time, Blake roamed around the campus and met Professor Port.
"Good mor-nya!" She greeted.
"Hmph~ Good mor-nya." Port greeted cheerfully before pausing and after a moment; He shrugged, and went on his way passing by hallways of students who were mostly going around saying "Nya" with a confused look.

Later that day, a faculty meeting was underway. Port was gesturing wildly as he talked to his peers; It was then that something eventually happened. Port slipped and let out a deep Nya.
Ozpin raised an eyebrow in response while Glynda let her palm come into contact with her face in a reflex, born about by years spent in Baco-err, Beacon.

The next morning, Ozpin the great and wonderful sallied onwards to meet the Tin-man, Ironwood, in Ozpin's own office. Technically over video call. But he still made a journey following his yellow carpet.A carpet with years of coffee stains. But I digress.

As the hologram appeared above his table showing a man with Military Discipline™, Ozpin and the man both nodded at each other and with a synchronized action, rubbed their left eyebrows.
As both used nonverbal expressions to show their stress, they conversed about a different topic using words. Truly, they are the greatest of men.


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