Contains spoilers from the manga up to chapter 101

Frightening, that was one word that could describe the moment the best. Zeno was dead, no, he wasn't. To figure out that he was immortal I felt kind of sad, for him. He had to live through the deaths of friends. He would one day watch us die. I had only had one person die in front of me, father, and it still haunts me to this day. I thought of another death though too, Su-won's. To me he was dead, the person that I grew up with and loved died that day. Now I had friends, comrades, allies, people I could trust. They were true to their word. After that day I now know things. I am no longer ignorant. I am no longer powerless. I have people I want to protect, and who will protect me. Sometimes a part of me was happy that day happened. I was glad that Hak was the one I could trust even when those I loved turned against me.

I opened up my eyes and a Ray of light shone into the small tent through the opening. Yun laid asleep beside me his chest moving up and down. He looked kind of like a small woodland animal completely innocent. I pushed the blanket off of me and left the tent, I grabbed my bow and quiver and headed towards the larger tent were all my friends slept. I was confused. should I wake them? After a battle like yesterday they needed rest. I pulled back the flap anyways looking inside the tent. Kija, Shin-ah, Jea-ha, Zeno were asleep bandages covered their bodies all except for Zeno but all of them looked beaten up. This made me even more sad, I couldn't protect them. Someone was missing from the tent...ahh how could I forget! Hak! This past events flooded back into my mind, he was among the injured he should be with them. Frantically, I searched the area for him only to find him asleep at the base of a tree not far from camp. His chest was bandaged and his body badly bruised. I could not help but feel sorrow. All a wanted to do was protect this person's smile, even thought I didn't know why. I reached down instinctively to brush some hair out of his eyes.

"Princess," He said, startling me. I moved my hand away but he grabbed it.

"Hak?" I asked my face flushing. I felt embarrassed. He caught me in the act. He looked up at me his blue eyes staring straight through my soul, I was nervous, WAIT, why was I nervous this is Hak.

"What are you doing?" He replied rather lazily, his wound didn't seem like bothered him at all.

"I," I started but then a flash of anger hit me. "Wait what are you doing out of the tent!"

Abrupt ending... Until next chapter