Introduction to OC:

Name: Both names, Lynx and Alpha will be said. Lynx is Alpha and I want to make that clear so there is no problems.

Age: 18.


As lynx: She is usually in human form, wearing a blue denim jacket with a yellow tang top underneath and short black pants. She has brown hair and has two cat ears on her head. Most of her body is made of medal but she is a shape shifter and pretends to have skin. Occasionally she might change to a Evo which is a big sabertooth tiger with brown fur.

As alpha: He is either an almost identical looking Caesar in human form but when he's an Evo he looks like lynx. Eyes glow red in both forms.

Personality: Lynx can be shy with someone she just met. But she is tough and will defend any friend of hers even if she has to die for them. Lynx has a dark history which I may talk about in later chapters.

Any questions? Ask in the reviews. I need to start up this story.