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Providence; 9:57pm

Lynx was walking down the hall. The walls almost irritated her eyes as they were just blank but she continued on. She was about to turn a corner when she bumped into a soldier. The soldier looked at her entire body. Fixing his position as she spoke up.

"S-sorry sir."

She apologized as she stumbled on her words.

"Relax, I'm fine."

The voice sounded familiar and the man removed his mask.

"You're that guy from earlier."

"The names Calan. I apologize if I hurt you. Where are you headed in such a hurry?"

The blonde soldier, Calan, asked.

"Dr. Holiday's lab, can you point me in the right direction?"

Lynx asked as Calan explained the path to her.

She nodded and went on the directed path.

Calan would've stopped her but he knew she had to be doing something important to be up at this hour. Calan shrugged it off and continued on.

Lynx opened the door with the command of her nanites and entered the room.

"Wow, you're on time."

Holiday didn't look up from her computer.

"Was that an insult?"

Lynx walked over to a seat.

"No, I'm not used to people coming on time. However, I would like to know, exactly what sets off the Alpha nanite?"

Holiday glimpsed over at Lynx before returning her gaze to the computer.

"Well, anything that puts me in danger. Fighting..."

Lynx started to count the list on her fingers.

"-Control collars, sedition, poisoning, nanite absorbing. Anything that can cause se-."

The white walls flashed red as White appeared on the screen.

"We have a class 1 Evo rampaging in Brooklyn, New York. Report there in 1 hour."

White seemed to glare at Lynx but it went unnoticed. The screen became black again.

"Sorry, we will have to postpone this meeting till later."

Holiday got up and ran over to the door.

"Hey! What am I going to do?"

Lynx frantically asked as Holiday paused.

"Stay here and watch the place."

Holiday put on her coat and opened the door, running out into the hall and losing sight of Lynx.

She ran out to the ships. Six was already by his jet.

"Let's go!"

Calan shouted as he got in his own ship.

Everyone left in their ships as they flew towards New York.

Providence; 10:42pm

"How boring!"

Lynx looked at the terrain. This was what they called the 'petting zoo' however Lynx never saw anyone interacting directly with the any Evo's that were here. Only 5 or 6 were actually here. The rest had been cured.


A loud noise came from the door that was leading out of the forest. Lynx went up to it and commanded her nanites to open it.

There was nothing that could have made such a loud noise. It was just a white wall.

She closed it and went back to her spot. It was peaceful.

She was all by herself. So quiet, there were no sounds.

It was TOO quiet.

Thump, thump.

The door started again. Lynx thought it was nothing. Continuing on with the peacefulness.


The noise was a clear noise. It was metal colliding with metal. Lynx ran over to the door and once again commanded it to open.

It opened and to her surprise she found a metal fist in her face.


The fist destroyed itself and Rex stood.

Lynx looked at him curiously, his eyes were glowing an unnatural blue color.

"R-Rex? Something wrong?"

His mouth fidgeted, as if he was trying to speak however the muscles wouldn't cooperate.

Rex's eyes closed and he fell limp to the floor.


Lynx kneeled down to aid him.

"Rex, what's wrong!"

Lynx shouted his name but the unconscious boy didn't wake up.

Lynx stopped. It was pointless to continue. She stood up and pulled him up to eye level. She started to walk back to Holiday's Lab, Rex was leaning against her.

Lynx reached a steel doubled door. She commanded the door to open and it did so as she walked in, dragging Rex. She laid him down on the table and sat down on Holiday's chair. Her eyelids felt heavy, she knew she shouldn't but sleep overcame her as she drifted away to slumber.

Providence, 1:23pm

She moved her foot, forcing her to slide even further down into the wheeled chair. She turned over onto her side and lost the ground of the chair, falling off and hitting the floor.

Lynx woke up on the floor. She yawned and got up. Lynx went over to the computers and placed her hands on it. Red nanites spread all over it as the screens lit up and showed camera footage. The halls were empty. Had no one returned yet? Lynx sighed as she removed her hands. She wondered what time it was as she walked out of the Lab.

"Sir, someone's coming. What's our strategy?" A blue mechanical wolf asked the black haired men with his golden gauntlet. He smirked.

"We wait and then take her by surprise." Van Kliess turned on his heel and walked down the white halls.

"Sir, she's coming from the North." Biowulf said as the footsteps got louder.

"Really? Hmm, I guess my hearing is decreasing." Van Kleiss turned back around and met back up with his group. He smiled as a figure came into view.

Lynx turned a corner to face 4 Evos. A lizard, a wolf, a 4 armed girl and a man with a golden gauntlet. "The pack? What are you doing here?" Before she could say anymore, a hand covered her mouth and an arm wrapped around her neck. She turned her head slightly to see a black-spiked haired boy. His eyes were pure blue and emotionless. She tried forcing off the arm but it didn't budge. Two rather large fists emerged from her back and made her appear to have 4 arms. The metallic fists pushed Rex down and Lynx's eyes turned red.

"Good show, I guess they were right, you really are Alpha." Van Kliess said as Biowulf lunged, however, not even Biowulf was fast enough as the fist struck into his face and sent him flying into his boss. Breach sent multiple portals at the girl, hoping she would teleport away but Alpha dodged them all with ease. Breach was sent flying as well. Skalamander aimed and began shooting crystals at her. Alpha absorbed the crystals into her body and formed a protective casing around herself.

Rex took the advantage of the distraction and a metal sword morphed from his hand. He swung it upon the girl and the crystal shield shattered, scratching her back as well. A line of blood trailed onto the floor. "Come with us." Van Kliess gave a hand cue to stop.

"No, your going to use me as a weapon. I would never join The Pack for that kind of treatment." Lynx took the pain as secondary and lunged at Van Kliess with her 4 arms. Van kliess sighed as he placed his hand on her chest and left a mark. "You can't take me out that easily..." Alpha hit VK's stomach, sending him backward. Alpha readied to lunge again but the 2 extra hands deconstructed and even more blood than before, poured down her back. Lynx tried to hold in the pain but it hurt too much and she collapsed in her own blood. Rex looked down at her, deconstructing his B.F.S and picking her up.

Van Kliess nodded and started to head back down the white halls. Rex seemed to struggle with her weight but couldn't complain. He kept up well and once they were outside, he passed Alpha to Skalamander. Skalamander took her and placed her down into the Evo whales mouth. (Their transportation is an Evo whale.) The lizard did the same for Biowulf and Breach. The rest of the team loaded in and the whale headed back towards Abysus. VK noticed many Providence ships passing by. He smiled as he continued on.

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