I regret not going to Marine-ford war. I had to watch the whole thing from my base in Baltigo. I could have saved ace if I showed up. A boy of 20 with blond wavy hair and who's hat was black with blue goggle on the rim. His suit is blue and he looks like a noble.


"Sabo want to at least watch his execution." Dragon asked. "Fine." I say then I wonder where luffy is? Then I see whitebeard and three of his ships appear from the water. Then whitebeard creates which causes a tsunami. ( not one tsunami but two tsunamis.) Both where frozen as well as the sea surrounding the whitebeard pirates by Aokiji. Then one of the pirate was diamond and he threw a round piece of ice he got out of the frozen sea by punching it. Then oars Jr. Tried might have made it if it weren't for Kuma and Maria. Then I freaked out by what I saw next my little brother falling from the sky with other people. I looked away from the screen and looked at Dragon who's mouth is gaping. Then I turned back to the screen. Luffy challenges whitebeard. Which makes me and Dragon laugh out loud hard. I almost peed my pant I was laughing so hard. Then they announced that Luffy's dad was Dragon. After that a big wall came from the ground trapping the Whitebeard pirates except where oars had fallen. Then lava falls from the sky and so did cannons. One hit Luffy and Luffy fell in the water that was melted by one of the raining lava fists. Five minutes later I see Luffy in front of the three admirals and threw a wooden plank at them. Then Aokiji froze ant threw it back. Luffy started kicking it . Later Ace was about to be executed but the next part surprised me and Dragon Luffy use conquerors haki. Luffy saved Ace. Then their is admiral Akainu he taunted Ace got mad and fought him. I was screaming at ace to listen to Luffy. Then the next thing made me furious the admiral jumped over Ace and made his fist lava and aimed it at Luffy while Luffy was out of energy. Ace jumped in front of Luffy just in time then I saw ace die which breaks my heart but do you want to know what hurt more hearing Luffy painful wail then I left the room. But before I got out the door I saw a tear fall from Dragon's face. Now I'm outside bawling like a little girl.