One piece fashion show

" I'm so bored" Luffy stated for the hundredth time that day. " We got it first time Luffy" Nami stated. Ussop runs through the kitchen doors .

"I just had an idea of what we can do today we can have a fashion show" Ussop said excitedly.

"That's a great idea b Ussop but who will host it?" Robin asked. "Franky will " Ussop replied. " Who will be the judges and who will be in it? "Robin asked. " Luffy, Zoro, and ,Sanji will be the judges and whoever wants to be in it. " How will people know we are doing this ? When is it ? What is the prize?" Robin asked.

" Flyers we will put on random islands. It will be in in two weeks on faz island where Franky can build the arena 800,000,000berri. They will have to pay to get in 400. Berri." Ussop said.

They start working on the flyers and each go in a little boat and go to two different islands and hangs the flyer. Goes back to the ship.

CSome where on an island. A person with long blond curvy hair he has a top suit and and a blue suit on. He sees a flyer on a wall that says fashion show hosted by the straw hats entrance fee 400 Berri prize 800,000,000 Berri it will be Friday the 12 on the island Faz all can come hostess is Franky and the judges are Luffy,Sanji, and Zoro .

The person takes it thinking I better show him this.

On another island. Hancock is walking and sees the flyer and thinks to herself I should go there.

Friday the 12th

Luffy is sitting in the seat assigned to him. A group in black cloaks come in and sign up. All four yonkos join and 9 of the 11 supernovas do as well. 2 warlords also join.

End. Of part 1 thanks for reading I had fun writing this part if you want others to join just tell me who you want me to add