Disclaimer: I do not own Fairy Tail or the song Ikanaide.

AN: Based off of Ikanaide by Sohta. Because Mafumafu's cover was stuck in my head.

He stood in front of the station, thinking of ways to get her to stay.

She stood in front of the station, thinking of the farewells she'll be saying.

'Stay with me...'

'I'm leaving...'

He couldn't forget the way she looked in her yukata during the summer festival. He waited for her in front of the same station now that he thinks about it.

'She was late,' he recalled.

She arrived huffing in her blue yukata, her blonde hair in disarray. She was apologizing, something about helping a lost kid on her way, but he didn't hear any of that. He just stared at her, stunned. Even in her state she was still beautiful.

'I couldn't take my eyes off of you.'

They walked a lot that night and he thought she'd be full of energy. She always ran to every stall, admiring the colorful snacks and toys being sold. It was a tradition for her to buy every single sweet thing she could buy and he was ready to tease her about gaining weight. Then she would glare at him with such an adorable pout, forcing him to look away to hide the blush that was creeping up on his face. But she didn't do any of that. She walked silently next to him, gazing at their surroundings, drinking in every single detail as if... as if... she was never going to see it again.

'I'm leaving for Tokyo.'

She was smart. Undeniably smart. Ambitious too. He had always known, from the first time he met her, that she would be able to achieve anything she set her mind to. And this is just the first step. But that also meant she'll leave him.

'That's great Lucy.'

Because really, who the hell was he to get in her way?

'Thanks for being a great friend Gray.'

And so, here he is, about to watch his best friend, his first love, leave.

'I haven't even told her yet.'

The train pulls to a stop.

She gets on and gives him a sad smile.


'Don't go.'