I do not own the characters in "Jessie" or the story to "Requiem for a Dream", the story is set in the not too far future

Chapter 1: The Television Set

Jessie was left to look after the children, Bertram had quit his job because the stress got to him and the parents of the Ross kids went missing after an incident on their latest film. Through the years Jessie tried to raise the kids as if they were her own kids, but as they got even older they became harder to handle. She gave up after a while and spent a lot of her time watching TV, her hair lost its red glow and turned blonde which was her original hair colour. It became a habit in the penthouse for the television set to always be taken by Luke to earn some money for a reason that wasn't very clear to her. One day she was watching TV on the infomercials channel, one of the ads showed a man talking about a new diet that was "all the rage" at the moment. At the end of the infomercial they would bring on a guest who was on the diet and give them a prize, it became its own TV show in a way. Jessie continued to watch the show as it played

TV Host: And now it is time for our grand prize winner of the week!

Audience: WE GOT A WINNER!

TV Host: Our first winner this week is all the way from Denver, Colorado. He has his own exterminator business and has 5 kids in total. Will you please give a big round of applause to Bob Duncan!


Suddenly the TV was unplugged which meant that Luke was about to take it away once again, Jessie got up from the couch and began to walk away

Jessie: Luke, please! Not the TV again

Luke: Come on Jessie, please come on

Jessie walked straight to the broom closet that they had and locked herself in

Luke: Why is this such a big deal for you Jessie? You know you'll get the TV back in a couple of hours

Jessie said nothing as she locked herself in the closet and stared out the keyhole that the door had, Luke just stood there waiting for an answer that wasn't coming


Luke waited for two more seconds for an answer before he gave up and went back to the TV, the TV sat on a table that had wheels on it. As Luke began to push it away he felt a force pull it back, he looked behind it to see what it was only to discover the TV's table was on a chain that was connected to the wall

Luke: What the hell is this Jessie?! Do you want me to break the family's TV?! And I guess you also want me to break the wall as well?! All you want is the house to fall apart Jessie, and the first thing you do is this kind of shit! You'd do this to the kid that you helped raise since he was 12 years old?! Is that what you want?! HUH?!

Jessie: I'd never want to hurt you Luke, the chain is just in case robbers come in and try to steal the TV. New York is a dangerous place, hang on a second I'll get you the key

Jessie passed a key through the bottom of the door, Luke grabbed it off the ground

Luke: You have to stop playing games with my head Jessie, just come out, please?

Luke tried to open the broom closet door with all of his might, but was unable too much to his displeasure. He tried banging on the door but Jessie refused to open it


Luke walked over to the TV and unlocked the chain from it, as he began to wheel it to the elevator he stopped in front of the broom closet.

Luke: Jessie? Please come out of there Jessie

Jessie continued to say nothing, Luke waited for 5 seconds before giving up and taking the elevator and leaving the building

Jessie: Why can't things go back to the way they were, things were so much easier back then

~ Jessie's Requiem – A Story by SuperBatLanternFlash ~

The elevator reached the bottom floor where Ravi was waiting for him

Ravi: Shit dude, the TV is looking old. How do you know we're going to get enough money from it?

Luke: Since when were you so stressed out about these kinds of things, we got enough money last time so we should get enough money this time

Ravi: Alright, I'll take your word for it

Luke: Cool, now help me push this

Ravi: Alright

Luke and Ravi began to push the TV outside and through the streets of New York, there was always a guy in Central Park that took the TV and gave them a lot of money for it. Throughout time Luke and Ravi became addicted to different kinds or drugs and they found that selling the TV that they had would give them a lot of money. Even though they were rich and could have used their own money they soon found out that family members (including Jessie) would get suspicious, so they stuck to earning the money themselves. After an hour of looking they found the guy sitting by one of the rocks, the walked over to him and put the TV in front of him

Man: Ah I see you're back, didn't you sell me the TV four days ago?

Luke: Not from what I remember

Man: Look, this has been going in a patter for two months. You sell me the TV, I give you the money, the your nanny comes over and gets the TV back from me

Ravi: Has it really been two months?

Man: Exactly two months, when is it going to change guys?

Luke: Are you going to take the TV or not?

Man: Just this once, but next time give me something else. Something that your nanny won't want back

The man gave them the money

Luke: You got it man

Luke and Ravi started to walk away from the man who sat back and began waiting for Jessie to arrive. A few minutes later Luke and Ravi were sitting by the lake wondering what to do with the money

Ravi: I've been thinking about it. What if we use the money to purchase one of the most expensive drugs on the market, and then chop it up, and sell it for half the price?

Luke: We could make a lot of money from it, but we should up the price a bit. How much is the drug you were thinking of?

Ravi: Around $15,000

Luke: Well we have 200,000 and if we sell it for $10,000 and got a good market, think of how much more we could get

Ravi: Both for the selling and for ourselves

Luke: We'd be in easy street my friend

They continued to talk about how much money they could earn from what they were planning. Meanwhile on the other side of the park the man with the TV was talking to Jessie who had just arrived there

Man: Afternoon Jessie

Jessie: Afternoon "Spike". How's your day going?

Man: It's going the way it usually does. Do you want the TV?

Jessie: If you wouldn't mind

Man: Jessie, can I ask you a question?

Jessie: Of course

Man: We've gotten to know each other in the past two months and I've been thinking a lot on the subject. Why can't you just call the police on Luke and Ravi and have them teach them a lesson?

Jessie: I couldn't do that to the two of them, boys will be boys I guess

Man: Sure

The man gave Jessie the TV

Jessie: Thank you very much

Jessie took the TV back to the penthouse, set it back up, and turned it straight to the infomercials

TV Host: Three things is all I did to change my life, three things! And they can change your life as well

Jessie continued to watch the show while opening a box of chocolates to eat while watching. Jessie had put on a bit of weight during her time of not doing anything and soon it became a habit to just eat nothing but sugar and fattening food. As she sat there watching TV Zuri came down the stairs carrying a foldable chair

Zuri: I'm going outside again

Jessie: Where are you going?

Zuri: Just to sit outside the building, I can't think of anything else to do

Jessie: Why don't you hang out with Emma?

Zuri: I can't

Jessie: Why not?

Zuri: She's out with her boyfriend again

Jessie: Her boyfriend is that…Jared guy right?

Zuri: Yes, his name is Jared

Jessie: Well, be safe out there Zuri

Zuri: I will

Zuri walked to the elevator and proceeded to go outside while Jessie sat there watching the infomercials

~End of Chapter 1~