Chapter 3: Eggs and Grapefruit

Emma: And how exactly did you get chosen to be on television?

Jessie: They chose me from this list that they had of viewers

Emma: OK, but you still haven't told me about why your hair is Orange

Jessie: It was meant to be red, I want to wear this dress on the show and I wanted my hair to match

Emma: Right, well…good luck with that

Emma walked out of the room and went into her room, she started working on designs for clothes like she usually did. She began to think about the possibility of opening her own clothing business but did question how much free time she would have, while thinking about is she noticed that Luke was standing in the doorframe

Emma: What do you want Luke?

Luke: I just wanted to see what you were doing

Emma: Nothing, now go away

Luke walked into Emma's room and sat down on her bed

Luke: I didn't come in here to argue, I came in here to talk

Emma: About what?

Luke: I've noticed that you've been designing a lot and I was wondering if you were going to start a business soon

Emma: I may have been thinking about that, why are you talking to me about this?

Luke: Well Ravi and I plan on starting something that could earn us a big amount of money

Emma: So?

Luke: So, if you want you can get on board

Emma: What exactly is this plan of yours?

Luke: Well that big drug lord "Orange Peeler" has been spotted around the city and his hook up is really expensive, so if we get a big enough load of the drugs that he has I could sell them for a different price, have it so the drugs have easy access to buyers, and make a shit ton of money from it

Emma: It's a good plan. But why are you so interested in having me involved? We've never gotten along

Luke: I'll be honest with you, I know your boyfriend has a good connection with Orange Peeler so I was hoping you could help us out with getting the supply

Emma then went back to what she was doing before not showing much interest in what Luke had to say

Luke: Come on Emma, we can split the profit 50/50 and for you that means you can get your own business started. And since Ravi is also getting involved with people who work for Orange Peeler, the amount of money we'll get will be enough for 5 stores of your own

Emma began to think about it seeing as this could have a big amount of potential for her

Emma: Fine, I'll talk with Jared and I'll see if he can get some supply

Luke: Thank you Emma!

Luke then ran out of Emma's room filled with joy, he went back into his room where Ravi was waiting for him

Ravi: So what did she say?

Luke: She said yes

Ravi: Thank god!

Luke: All you need to do now is get in good with some people connected with Orange Peeler

Ravi: Shouldn't be very hard, I'll see if I can get the details soon

Luke: Cool

The two of them spent the rest of the night discussing how they were going to use the money. The next morning after Luke, Ravi, and Emma had left Jessie started reading through the diet book. For breakfast the book suggested that she should eat…

1 Hard Boiled Egg

½ Grapefruit

1 Cup of Black Coffee (no sugar)

Jessie bought the things she would need from a supermarket that wasn't far from her house, made the breakfast, and sat at the table. For a while she just sat there staring at the things in front of her, she began to think if this was the kind of diet that she could handle. She started with the egg and even though it took a few minutes to eat, for her it felt like 2 seconds had gone past. After the egg she moved to the grapefruit and soon found that eating the grapefruit took seconds as well. That left the coffee which took exactly 1 minute to drink. After sitting for another minute she made herself a glass of water and sat back down at the table, she found doing this very boring as time seemed to slow down. While sitting at the table she kept looking over at the fridge, it was almost as if the fridge was trying to talk to her, begging that she eats what it has to offer. Thinking about this made her stomach grumble which she tried to ignore. She figured maybe watching TV would try to distract her, so she sat in the lounge room and tried to distract herself. But while doing that she found herself looking around the room and seeing nothing but Cheese Danishes, Hamburgers, Chocolate, and Bacon with cooked Eggs. After seeing these things she decided to go outside, so she went into the elevator and decided that she should walk through Central Park. She reached the ground floor and found Zuri and Tony talking to each other

Tony: Hey Jessie!

Jessie: Hi Tony

Tony: Zuri just told me about the TV thing, that's awesome news. Plus your hair looks great

Jessie: Zuri and I are going to make it a little darker later today

Tony: Why darker?

Jessie: To go with my red dress

Tony: But with that hair you sort of look like Madonna

Jessie: This hair does not say Madonna, and neither does the weight I have but I'm currently on a diet

Tony: What diet are you on?

Zuri: She's on Eggs and Grapefruit

Tony: My mother was on that one once, best of luck

Jessie: It's not that bad

Tony: How long have you been on it?

Jessie: All day

Tony: It's only 1:00

Zuri: Well at least she's thinking thin, and that's really what matters I guess

Tony: You know my aunt once lost 50 pounds just like that *snaps finger*

Zuri: Like what?

Tony: It just left, poof!

Jessie: What did she do? Did she lock herself in a sweat box?

Tony: She did once but it didn't work. She went to a doctor who gave her pills that helped her want to eat less

Jessie: Sounds interesting, but I think for now I'll stick to Eggs and Grapefruit

Tony: Whatever you want to do

Jessie was about to walk out the door when she was suddenly stopped by Tony

Tony: Oh Jessie! This letter came in for you this morning

Jessie looked at the letter and knew that it was from the people at Malin & Block who were helping her get on television, she ran straight back into the elevator so she could go back to the penthouse room and fill out the paperwork

Zuri: I have a feeling this has something to do with the TV thing

Zuri ran with Jessie into the elevator to help her fill out the paperwork. Meanwhile in Luke's room Luke was sitting on his bed while Ravi was talking to someone on the phone

Ravi: Really?...And you're being serious?...That's awesome!...Alright I'll be there in a few minutes…ok…bye

Ravi hangs up the phone and turns to Luke who is still sitting on his bed wondering what happened during the phone call

Luke: So what's going on?

Ravi: I've gotten the details of one of the people who works with Orange Peeler, he said that he would be happy to have me help out and I should be meeting him in a few minutes

Luke: Awesome

Ravi went to Luke's bedroom door and was about to leave until he turned to Luke who was still happy with what he had just heard

Ravi: This is the opportunity that will change everything

Luke: It'd better be

Ravi left the room and went straight to the elevator, on the way he saw Jessie and Zuri in the dining room filling out the paperwork

Ravi: What are you doing?

Jessie: Paperwork, very important paperwork

Ravi: Ok then

Ravi then continued to walk to the elevator. Meanwhile at Jared's house Emma and Jared were snuggling together on Jared's couch watching TV, Emma then remembered Luke's deal and decided to do her part

Emma: Jared, you're still connected with Orange Peeler right?

Jared: The two of us are basically friends. Why?

Emma: Do you think that maybe you could get me some of his supply?

Jared: I suppose I could. Why?

Emma: My brothers keep bugging me about trying to get drugs for them and I need to get them off my back, I've actually started thinking about my own store

Jared: That's awesome

Emma: So I've applied for a job somewhere in town and I'm going to start doing some more designing, but I need to get my brothers off my back while doing it. Could you get me some of the supply?

Jared thought about it for a few seconds

Jared: Of course baby, I'll go and see what I can do in just a few minutes

Emma: Thanks babe, I love you

Jared: I love you too

The two of them started making out on his couch probably meaning that they would have sex again. Meanwhile back at the penthouse Jessie had just finished filling out the paperwork and was walking towards the mailbox with Zuri and Tony right behind her. One they got to the mailbox Jessie kissed the letter for good luck and mailed the latter, she stood there proud as Tony and Zuri clapped at her decision. Jessie then knew that for her this could be her big break, and everything seemed brighter for her

~End of Chapter 3~