A scream echoes from the empty room.


After the meeting, he only found two trembling guards and no prisoner. In a fit of rage, Roman threw a chair across the room, denting the weak plaster on the wall.

"W-we don't know boss… We came back from sending the tape and it was empty." said the scarred guard. Roman quickly got sick of looking at the ugly scar across the man's face, pulling out his 45' he shot the man two times in the chest. In no time he takes aim to the other one and says "The tape is going to get to Tukson tomorrow. You have two days to find her before you meet your friend's fate." gesturing towards the dying man. "Now get rid of him and start looking for the girl and Neo." The bearded man rushed to drag the soon to be dead man out, before Roman got any more upset by their incompetence.

Roman paced the room and began a to talk to himself "I can't believe Neo would do this to me. Her own father!" he punched the closest wall and walked further in the room. "Why'd you do this to me Neo? Why? Why!" he stopped and started to punch the wall, repeating the same question over and over again not caring about his now crushed his knuckles or the blood smearing the the dirty wall, chunks of plaster turned to specks as he reached the metal in edged into the stopped and gripped the sides of his head, tugging on his soft orange hair with all his might, blood from his hands dripped down his arm staining his pure white coat, he crouched down and started to hyperventilate. "Why'd you leave me like this? Betraying me just like Cinder. Leaving with… that… family. That was you last mistake sweetie, next time I'll put a bullet in you and I'll keep your ashes on my mantle, that way you will never leave me again." A maniacal smile spreads across his face before he fell to the floor laughing.

She woke up confused and disoriented. Where am I? flashes through her mind, body too tired to lift herself out the soft bed. She tries to recall how she had gotten there and it takes a few minutes before her memory begins to function. She remembers her time in the dirty white room, a dull ache flaring on her side reminded her burn and finally, she remembers what Sage and Neo did for her.

Blake takes a look around the place, and finds out the light was coming from the large window to her left. The walls are painted in a warm green and white ceiling has a simple round light fixture. She's in a king sized bed, under tan sheets covering her from neck down. At each side of the bed are wooden nightstands and she sees on the far side of the room a wardrobe with a large vanity mirror.

It was a while till somebody came into the room, when the door opened Blake noticed that it was Dr. Sage. He smiled "Oh, look who's finally awake."

"How long have I been out?" she asks weakly.

"Around twenty seven hours. Neo is usually the one to check up on you every hour, but I just got out of work and decided to give her a break. How do you feel?"


"Well you did experience some muscle deterioration and the I.V. I had on you earlier been barely enough to get you out of critical condition. I brought a few more from the hospital in case you still hadn't woken up."

"Thank you, really I'm so thankful for everything you have done for me." She says, with tears threatening to spill out of the corners of her eyes.

"No need to thank me. I was just doing my job as a doctor." He gave her a bright smile and she responded with the best smile she could manage.

After a few moments of silence she finally gets the courage to ask "Would you mind if I used your phone? I need to contact my father. He's most likely worried sick about me."

"Of course." He hands over his cell phone, she slowly input her father's number meanwhile Sage said "I'll go make you something to eat while you talk to your father." She nods and puts the phone against her ear.

After two rings her father answered.


The way he spat the word made Blake flinch slightly.

"Daddy?" She says, softly.

"Blake!" and some chairs are knocked over in the background.

"Hi daddy."

"Blake, dear, where are you? Are you okay?"

"Okay is a word for what I'm right now." She chuckles and continues "I escaped from Roman with Neo's help. Right now I'm healing. I should have called sooner but I've be asleep for twenty seven hours, apparently. When I got here I was too sick to even move."

"I'm so happy you are okay sweetie. Where are you so that I can send someone to come and get you? I can't go because Roman has had a team tailing me for a while."

"If you're being tailed then your phone is probably taped too. So if I give you my location there is a chance that they could get here before you. I think it's better if I wait till I'm well enough to walk around so that I can just get home myself."

"No, just stay where you are. If you're with Neo keep your ear to the ground and wait till Roman is dead before coming back. I'm going to find and kill the bastard myself."

She smiled softly. "Okay daddy. I love you."

"I love you too and make sure to call again soon."


The line went dead and a few moments later and Sage came into the room with a full breakfast. Gingerly, Blake says "I hope you don't mind me staying a bit longer until I get better."

He gave her a welcoming smile and answers "Of course not, just as long you don't mind my boyfriend trying to talk to you from time to time." They both laughed.

Maybe living here for a while isn't going to be so bad.

"I love you too and make sure to call again soon."

Tukson's words were followed by silence and of the familiar sound of a call cutting off. He turned his attention to Yang, who was frozen in place the moment he said Blake's name.

"She's okay. Neo saved her from Roman, she's in some sort of safe house."

The breath Yang didn't know she was holding becomes a long sigh as relief washes through her. Regardless of the good news, there's still a hint worry in her heart, one she's sure will be gone the moment she can hold Blake in her arms again.

"So are we hunting Roman down or what?" she says, already eager.

"Yes, let me go freshen up, after I come back we can plan out how to capture and kill the son of a bitch." he leaves.

Anxiously, she walked around the office, in the hopes to pass time. Yang was reminded of first time Blake brought her there, to announce her acceptance of Yang being her new bodyguard. Thoughts about the time chasing Blake down the mansion and their talks, go through her mind. I can't wait to have you back. She thought excitedly. Yang was so wrapped in her memories that she doesn't notice Tukson's return.

Now, instead of the messy black and gray mop that used to be his hair is now perfectly slicked back, instead of an overused and wrinkled gray suit he wore a fresh black one, his usual red tie tied perfectly against his white collared shirt. Yang can't help but think he looks like his old self again with the exception of the dark bags under his tired amber eyes.

"Let's go." he said obviously not wanting to waste any more time than necessary.

Yang nodded and walked alongside him to find the man that almost killed her Blake.



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